2023 ADAC Summer Tyre Test Results Table

You are viewing the overall results table for the 2023 ADAC Summer Tyre Test tyre test. If you want to adjust the score weighting to suit your own needs, you can below.

Please note that the score weighting system is based on a percentage distribution between header categories, and then further distribution in the sub categories. The higher the % weighting, the more influence it has on the overall order.

For best results all of the high level categories should equal 100%, as well as each sub category.

This system is still in beta - if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to message us at instagram.com/Tyre_Reviews.

Dry Sub Group
Wet Sub Group
Comfort Sub Group
Value Sub Group

Test Data

TyreTotalDry BrakingWet BrakingWet Braking - ConcreteStraight AquaCurved AquaplaningNoiseTyre WeightWearValuePriceFuel ConsumptionAbrasion
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 37.7M 37.4M 36M 80.3Km/H 3.5m/sec2 70.6dB 8.3Kg 65700KM 1.67Price/1000 110 5.7l/100km 61.3mg/km/t
Michelin e.Primacy 36.7M 43.7M 43.8M 72.8Km/H 2.8m/sec2 69.8dB 8Kg 71500KM 1.73Price/1000 124 5.5l/100km 34.8mg/km/t
Giti GitiSynergyH2 39.4M 43.5M 43.3M 82.4Km/H 3.6m/sec2 71.8dB 8.9Kg 38600KM 1.94Price/1000 75 5.7l/100km 80.6mg/km/t
Petlas Imperium PT515 39.3M 43.6M 43.1M 79.3Km/H 3.3m/sec2 73.6dB 9.2Kg 47500KM 1.56Price/1000 74 5.9l/100km 72.6mg/km/t
Uniroyal RainSport 5 39.1M 36.8M 36.3M 86.7Km/H 4m/sec2 70.9dB 8.5Kg 33300KM 2.76Price/1000 92 5.9l/100km 93.2mg/km/t
Hifly HF201 39.8M 44.5M 42.9M 79.2Km/H 3.1m/sec2 70.3dB 8.6Kg 39100KM 1.64Price/1000 64 5.9l/100km 73.6mg/km/t
Cooper Zeon CS8 38.6M 35M 37.6M 80.9Km/H 3.3m/sec2 70.2dB 9.6Kg 31500KM 2.63Price/1000 83 5.9l/100km 97.7mg/km/t
Westlake Z 107 39.1M 41.4M 38.4M 84.6Km/H 3.7m/sec2 71.5dB 8.6Kg 27100KM 2.69Price/1000 73 5.8l/100km 92.2mg/km/t
Minerva Radial 209 40.8M 45.3M 44.8M 80.1Km/H 3.4m/sec2 71.2dB 8.3Kg 34600KM 2.14Price/1000 74 5.7l/100km 73.6mg/km/t
King-Meiler Sport 1 KM 39.6M 43.1M 43.4M 79.9Km/H 3.1m/sec2 71.1dB 8.8Kg 36900KM 2.03Price/1000 75 5.5l/100km 78.9mg/km/t
Tomket Sport 3 Series 3 38.8M 44.3M 44.4M 77.3Km/H 3.1m/sec2 71.6dB 7.6Kg 31500KM 2.13Price/1000 67 5.6l/100km 75.7mg/km/t
Laufenn S Fit EQ Plus 37.6M 39.5M 39.3M 78.1Km/H 3.4m/sec2 71dB 8.2Kg 25300KM 2.96Price/1000 75 5.8l/100km 96.8mg/km/t
Apollo Alnac 4g 39.3M 42.2M 40.6M 81.9Km/H 3.5m/sec2 71.2dB 8.4Kg 29700KM 3.03Price/1000 90 5.7l/100km 87.3mg/km/t
Landsail DH2 39.5M 38.1M 38M 77.2Km/H 2.7m/sec2 69.1dB 8.7Kg 27500KM 2.55Price/1000 70 5.6l/100km 96.1mg/km/t
Zeetex ZT1000 39.9M 39M 39.3M 79.3Km/H 3.1m/sec2 69.8dB 8.7Kg 23100KM 3.29Price/1000 76 5.7l/100km 112.6mg/km/t
Avon ZV7 39.4M 38M 39.3M 82.4Km/H 3.4m/sec2 71.8dB 9.3Kg 24000KM 3.75Price/1000 90 5.8l/100km 126mg/km/t
Radar RPX800 40.5M 39.1M 40.5M 79Km/H 3m/sec2 69.9dB 8.9Kg 27100KM 2.47Price/1000 67 5.8l/100km 101mg/km/t
Rotalla RH01 E Pace 40.1M 45.9M 44.2M 80.8Km/H 3.3m/sec2 70.7dB 8.5Kg 32900KM 2.19Price/1000 72 5.7l/100km 73.3mg/km/t
Berlin-Tires Summer UHP 1 G2 40.8M 54M 49M 75Km/H 3.1m/sec2 70.8dB 9.1Kg 33300KM 1.56Price/1000 52 5.7l/100km 80mg/km/t
Lassa DriveWays 40.2M 46.4M 44.1M 80.7Km/H 3.3m/sec2 72.3dB 9.1Kg 33700KM 2.91Price/1000 98 5.6l/100km 76.1mg/km/t
Evergreen DynaComfort EH226 41.4M 50.9M 49.7M 79.2Km/H 3.5m/sec2 70.5dB 9.1Kg 40000KM 2.55Price/1000 102 5.8l/100km 72.2mg/km/t
Kormoran Road Performance 39.8M 48.4M 45.7M 79.6Km/H 3.6m/sec2 72.1dB 8.3Kg 33700KM 2.26Price/1000 76 5.7l/100km 67mg/km/t
Double-Coin DC99 42.5M 59.3M 58.4M 70.3Km/H 2.7m/sec2 70dB 9.3Kg 64800KM 1.03Price/1000 67 5.6l/100km 45.9mg/km/t
General Altimax One S 40.2M 43.9M 43.3M 78.1Km/H 3.5m/sec2 70.4dB 8.3Kg 40800KM 1.57Price/1000 64 5.7l/100km 75.7mg/km/t
Norauto Prevensys 4 39M 36.9M 37.9M 80.3Km/H 3.7m/sec2 70.1dB 8.5Kg 35500KM 1.83Price/1000 65 5.8l/100km 94.3mg/km/t
Continental Premium Contact 6 35.9M 34.4M 35.2M 80.3Km/H 3.3m/sec2 71.4dB 8.9Kg 49700KM 2.31Price/1000 115 5.8l/100km 69.5mg/km/t
Fulda EcoControl HP2 38M 40.8M 41.1M 80.8Km/H 3.8m/sec2 71.2dB 7.9Kg 47500KM 1.89Price/1000 90 5.8l/100km 70.1mg/km/t
Michelin Primacy 4 Plus 36.9M 36.7M 37.7M 83.5Km/H 3.6m/sec2 70.5dB 8.6Kg 61300KM 1.96Price/1000 120 5.8l/100km 53.7mg/km/t
Bridgestone Turanza T005 37.3M 37.7M 39.1M 82.8Km/H 3.5m/sec2 72.3dB 7.7Kg 40400KM 2.75Price/1000 111 5.6l/100km 73.3mg/km/t
Nokian WetProof 37.8M 35.8M 37.3M 84.6Km/H 3.5m/sec2 70.6dB 8.3Kg 35500KM 2.45Price/1000 87 5.8l/100km 90.9mg/km/t
Falken ZIEX ZE310 EcoRun 37.4M 36.8M 35.8M 79.7Km/H 3.5m/sec2 71.9dB 9Kg 40800KM 2.18Price/1000 89 5.9l/100km 75.7mg/km/t
Continental UltraContact 37.1M 38.3M 38.7M 76.5Km/H 2.9m/sec2 71dB 8.2Kg 55900KM 2.02Price/1000 113 5.7l/100km 52.5mg/km/t
Kumho Ecsta HS52 36.7M 38.4M 37.6M 81.9Km/H 3.3m/sec2 71dB 9.1Kg 43500KM 1.89Price/1000 82 5.9l/100km 79.3mg/km/t
Hankook Ventus Prime 4 36.6M 35.8M 35.5M 77.6Km/H 3.2m/sec2 71.7dB 9.1Kg 42200KM 2.11Price/1000 89 5.8l/100km 67.6mg/km/t
Nexen N Fera Primus 38.2M 38.2M 37.9M 84.5Km/H 3.7m/sec2 70.7dB 8.4Kg 33300KM 2.58Price/1000 86 5.7l/100km 88.1mg/km/t
Kenda Kenetica Pro KR210 39.5M 40.2M 40.1M 84.1Km/H 3.7m/sec2 71dB 8.9Kg 35100KM 2.25Price/1000 79 5.7l/100km 87mg/km/t
Kleber Dynaxer HP4 37.3M 40.2M 39.5M 81.3Km/H 3.7m/sec2 70.3dB 8.8Kg 48000KM 1.83Price/1000 88 5.7l/100km 63.5mg/km/t
Toyo Proxes Comfort 37.8M 40.6M 38.8M 78.3Km/H 3.5m/sec2 70.4dB 8.3Kg 41700KM 2.01Price/1000 84 5.8l/100km 75.9mg/km/t
Viking Protech Newgen 40.3M 44.2M 41.5M 80Km/H 3.6m/sec2 70.6dB 8.3Kg 40000KM 2Price/1000 80 5.8l/100km 78.2mg/km/t
Debica Presto HP 2 39.4M 41.8M 41.7M 82.1Km/H 3.9m/sec2 71.1dB 8.1Kg 45700KM 1.77Price/1000 81 5.9l/100km 74mg/km/t
Dunlop Sport BluResponse 37.8M 41.5M 40.2M 82.5Km/H 3.8m/sec2 71.8dB 7.7Kg 36900KM 2.98Price/1000 110 5.7l/100km 80.2mg/km/t
Pirelli Cinturato P7 C2 37M 40.3M 39.1M 81.8Km/H 3.7m/sec2 70.5dB 8.7Kg 39500KM 2.71Price/1000 107 5.7l/100km 82.1mg/km/t
Sava Intensa HP2 38.2M 40.9M 40.9M 81.3Km/H 3.8m/sec2 71.5dB 8Kg 38600KM 2.23Price/1000 86 5.7l/100km 81.4mg/km/t
Semperit Speed Life 3 39.7M 37.2M 35.7M 81.8Km/H 3.8m/sec2 70.7dB 8.5Kg 40000KM 2.28Price/1000 91 5.8l/100km 79.3mg/km/t
Firestone RoadHawk 38.1M 41.7M 40.6M 83.6Km/H 3.8m/sec2 72.4dB 7.6Kg 38200KM 2.3Price/1000 88 5.9l/100km 68.7mg/km/t
BFGoodrich Advantage 37.2M 39.8M 39M 81.3Km/H 3.5m/sec2 72.3dB 8.7Kg 37300KM 2.57Price/1000 96 5.7l/100km 71.2mg/km/t
GT-Radial FE2 39.4M 41.1M 41.3M 81.5Km/H 3.5m/sec2 71.6dB 8.7Kg 35100KM 1.99Price/1000 70 5.7l/100km 83.8mg/km/t
ESA-Tecar Spirit Pro 39.5M 36.3M 36.2M 81.5Km/H 3.6m/sec2 71dB 8.4Kg 45700KM 1.47Price/1000 67 5.6l/100km 74.3mg/km/t
Barum Bravuris 5HM 41M 41.4M 41.9M 80.4Km/H 3.5m/sec2 72.4dB 8.3Kg 36000KM 2.39Price/1000 86 5.6l/100km 81.7mg/km/t
Premiorri Solazo 42.9M 58.1M 57.1M 71.3Km/H 2.8m/sec2 72.5dB 9.9Kg 37300KM 1.21Price/1000 45 5.8l/100km 74mg/km/t