Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9

Dry Grip 88%
Wet Grip 84%
Road Feedback 86%
Handling 75%
Wear 93%
Comfort 70%
Buy again 83%
Snow Grip 90%
Ice Grip 97%

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Given 78% while driving a Subaru 04 baja (225/60 R16) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
If you drive on a lot of ice studs are the way to go. I absolutely hate the noise of studs and these are a little better than average.
0 - tyre reviewed on November 1, 2020   
Given 90% while driving a Volvo 940 turbo (185/65 R15 T) on mostly country roads for 621 average miles
Super loud tires and you can really hear the studs at low speed. My personal thought is that the sidewall is quite flexy and especially on this type of setup there is a lot of "floating". These disadvantages are quite easily made up for by an excellent grip on snow and ice. As my Volvo is an RWD car and quite happy to get it's tail out, these tires are great for going uphill on both snow and ice in a regular Norwegian winter.
1 - tyre reviewed on October 30, 2019   
Given 100% while driving a Saab Automobile 9 5 Aero Wagon (205/55 R16) on mostly town for 800 average miles
I always buy nice winter studs for safety and non-stressful driving and these have been the best thus far! There are several significant hills in my town and lots of icy conditions throughout the winter season and I can drive confidently up and down the steepest hills without worry. Several of my friends have driven Hakkapeliittas for several years and swear by them and I expect to always seek out this brand first for future purchases. Yes, they do cost a bit more and for good reason; you get what you pay for and I do not have buyer's remorse at all. Why? The tough and well lasting carbide steel studs (and more of them per tyre/tire), the quieter "hum" of the studs on the dry pavement, and the aggressive pattern compared to all the other nice brands I've ever purchased. Relative to the price of your vehicle and the costs of an accident, the "extra" money for the Hakkapeliittas are really cheap insurance by comparison.
5 - tyre reviewed on March 1, 2018   
Given 95% while driving a Chrysler 200S AWD 2015 (215/55 R17 V) on mostly country roads for 500 average miles
Very nice set of tires. It’s incredible with the stud, First I bought without and it was a nightmare to brake in the mountains, so I exchange it with studded and I believe i’m In summer now! Incredible!
4 - tyre reviewed on December 20, 2017   
Given 17% while driving a Honda Ridgeline (245/60 R18 T) on mostly town for 101 average miles
I have only had the tires for a few days now so I have very little actual feedback. What i do know is that they are the loudest winter tires I have ever had. I have been a Nokian tire man for many years so I'm sure there is something wrong with this particular set of tires. The shop tried to balance them twice but they still shake the vehicle. I noticed when one of the tires was on the balancer that it wasn't round and had a high spot?? The shop is looking into it and i am confident that they will find out what is going on. Until then, unfortunately i will not run these tires. I have asked them to put a set of R2 SUV on s they have been around for awhile and have great reviews.
76 - tyre reviewed on September 26, 2017