Yokohama Geolander A/T G015

The new GEOLANDAR A/T G015 will be available in sizes ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches from July 2016

The GEOLANDAR A/T G015 was developed to support the active vehicle lifestyle of drivers by delivering superior performance on any road surface under any weather condition. The use of an optimized tread pattern and new compound increases the tyre's wear performance and traction performance on wet and snow-covered roads.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 87%
Wet Grip 82%
Road Feedback 70%
Handling 78%
Wear 83%
Comfort 88%
Buy again 84%
Snow Grip 90%
Ice Grip 81%

Tyre review data from 12 tyre reviews averaging 82% over 231,000 miles driven.

The Geolander A/T G015 is ranked 6th of 18 All Season Premium Touring tyres.

Latest Tyre Test Results

2022 Tyre Reviews All Terrain Tyre Test - 5th of 9 tyres

  • Positive - Excellent in the wet with short wet braking, good handling and high aquaplaning resistance, best comfort on test, low noise.
  • Negative - Limited grip in the dry and on gravel, high rolling resistance.
  • Overall - The Yokohama Geolander AT G015 is probably the most road biased looking AT tire in this test, and it had a performance to match its looks! It was one of the best in the wet, but did struggle a little in the dry. It was average off-road, but it was by far the most comfortable tire on test and had a low noise level. The real let down, as one of the newer tires on test, it had one of the highest rolling resistance levels, meaning it'll cost you more at the pumps. Still recommended though, a really good product for someone who only does light off roading.

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2018 Auto Bild SUV All Season Tyre Test - 7th of 10 tyres

  • Positive - Good lateral stability in snow, good in the dry, low noise.
  • Negative - Long braking distances in the wet and snow, high rolling resistance, low ride comfort.
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2022 Tyre Tests

  • 5th: 2022 Tyre Reviews All Terrain Tyre Test (275/65 R18)
  • 2018 Tyre Tests

  • 7th: 2018 Auto Bild SUV All Season Tyre Test (235/60 R18)
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    Questions and Answers for the Yokohama Geolander AT G015

    2022-04-17 - I just bought the geolander AT G015 215/65-16 for my Dacia Duster 1.5 diesel. I wan to ask you how they perform in sand? What should I expect?

    The G015 is a mild all terrain tyre, so compared to a specific sand tyre or MT tyre it might struggle, but it will offer improved performance compared to a regular road tyre.

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    215/65 R16 £88.89 - £114.40 (8 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    215/70 R16 £98.59 - £132.00 (6 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    225/70 R16 £119.99 - £134.50 (5 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    245/65 R17 £134.00 - £203.80 (15 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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    Top 3 Yokohama Geolander AT G015 Reviews

    Given 59% while driving a Nissan Qashqai (215/65 R16 H) on a combination of roads for 4,500 easy going miles
    After 4500 km front tires look like they have 20000 km. Left tires heave deep cuts with only a few km off reading. Great snow traction. Overall a disappointment especially compared with Michelin latitude cross that I had for 65000km
    Helpful 212 - tyre reviewed on May 26, 2017
    Given 100% while driving a Porsche Cayenne Turbo (225/70 R16 H) on a combination of roads for 45,000 spirited miles
    I thought I'd share my fairly extensive experience of these tyres (I'm on my 4th set of them) vs other ATs on this useful site as there's not much info from other users. Having tried the old AT-S GO12, ATKOs, ATRs, 693s, some Dunlop things, AT2, even a set of MTs, with significant mud, lots of rain, gravel, and lots of fast road in various SUVs. So these are very much more civilised on road than the older generation of AT tyres could dream of being. They harmonically cancel out their own noise through clever tread pattern design and you honestly can't hear them over road noise. They are quieter than a UHP road summer tyre in many cases. These reveal more sipes and drainage cutouts as the blocks wear so they don't try and kill you when they're half worn like many do (ATKOs for example ) They are really very decent in the dry - just the slight initial roll-over of the large blocks separating them from road tyres. Even on a powerful SUV these will not feel cumbersome at all. Great at clearing water and these new compounds used in these latest gen tyres are very very nearly as good in snow and ice as a winter road tyre is! Plus wear is great too. You are paying a really minimal price to have genuine all terrain grip in your SUV over normal road tyres which are awful on anything more than a basic gravel forest track.
    They are grand off road unless you mean to crawl through a foot of deep claggy mud. If you want to crawl through a half foot of normal mud - they're spot on - I've done it a thousand times but in the ridiculous stuff the full MTs are better. As for whether other ATs are better off road - the AT2/3, ATKO and KO2 have more sidewall adhesion due to the big square walls and the rubber grippy bits on the sidewalls and this can help you cross a rut better...but this is a rare thing really and those are dire on the road by comparison to these. They are a shade better in really bad mud too but other than that these are a fully featured all terrain option that i've used for many thousand of miles of muddy fields and other off roading. MPG will take a slight hit compared to road tyres but compared to other ATs it's top class. I wish they looked a shade more badass, although they look much better on the car than they do online. I'm interested to try the latest 2019 Conti AT but other than that I feel these are the most advanced modern AT money can buy. I have used them on RAV4, Lexus RX300 and now even a Cayenne Turbo. I you want serious mud-clearing, rut-crossing ability the AT3 or ATKO2 will be better but they're not nearly as good at handling, wet braking, noise, mpg etc, but make no mistake the level of off-road you can do with these is more than most folks will ever need. For example, i will regularly climb 20degree off camber grass/mud slopes with these with a fully loaded SUV, or climb up a cambered sheet ice steep slope. When i get out to open the gate I can't stand up on the ice - but these then drive off no trouble at all...Completely recommended.
    Helpful 63 - tyre reviewed on September 9, 2019
    Given 88% while driving a Subaru Outback (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 40,000 average miles
    Excellent in snow and mud. Comfortable and quiet.
    Helpful 18 - tyre reviewed on April 30, 2021
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    Latest Yokohama Geolander AT G015 Reviews

    Given 81% while driving a Ford F 150 (/65 R18) on mostly motorways for 20,000 average miles
    Extremely good in the wet and outstanding comfort, feel as good as my previous HT tires!
    Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on September 6, 2022
    Given 53% while driving a Ford F 150 (/65 R18) on mostly motorways for 6,000 spirited miles
    Road noise is typical for an A/T tire - not super quiet but not unusually loud. Not the most comfortable tire - not a soft ride. Lateral control is acceptable, but these are not performance/racing tires. Wet/rain traction on take-off is absolutely horrible. I don’t trust the tires in rain. At first I thought because they were new, but after thousands of miles try easily spin at a moderate take-off and rear breaks loose in corners even under light throttle. I have not tried them in the snow at 6000 miles on, and WON’T be trying - I will replace them now.
    Helpful 6 - tyre reviewed on August 7, 2022
    Want to know what the BEST AT tires are? Watch below!
    Given 84% while driving a Land Rover Discovery Sport (235/55 R19) on a combination of roads for 500 easy going miles
    I come from a set of Pirelli Scorpion Verde allseason (very comfortable tire, 90% onroad 10% offroad), but the Geolandar is more grippy in soft/mid offroad. It gives a lot of confidence. Very quiet tire on highways, good feeling on wet roads. On asphalt in good conditions, it performs as a good road tire. In comparison with Pirelli, they are less comfy on bumps onroad, because the sidewalls are stiffer. Not a great performer on wet grass (as the 80% of the A/T tires). Good performance in winter, as a good snow tire. I will for sure buy it again. Great job from Yoko. This is a great all purpose tire with very good capabilities in mild offroad and great comfort onroad. Price very good too.
    Helpful 4 - tyre reviewed on April 22, 2022
    Given 93% while driving a GMC Yukon Denali (285/55 R20) on a combination of roads for 5,000 average miles
    The best of the best tires for my GMC Yukon Denali 2013. Better than any other brand which is twice as expensive.
    Helpful 8 - tyre reviewed on January 6, 2022
    Given 72% while driving a Dacia Duster 4x4 (215/65 R16) on mostly country roads for 6,000 average miles
    I had to left review of these tyres since there is not that much reviews. Grip on the road is very good both dry and wet. Grip off road is fantastic mud rock crawling sand you name it. Puncture protection is on the same level like MT tyres never had any problem and i drive mostly off road with these tyres. I dont think you could buy better all terain tyre that is this good on road like off road. They are not noisy like some AT tires. It is same road noise like HT tyre. And i driven on BF K02 that had "maybe" little bit better grip off road((it is both on driver and vehicle to max difference between koo2 and GO15) but on road they arent close to perfomance of GO15 tyres. There is going be a little bit more fuel consuption depenting on driving style but it is mosly about 0.5-1L more on 100km. Where these tyre lack perfomance is on compacted snow. You are better with summer tyre on compacted snow than with this mostly because summer tyres wont have grip to get you going these will but they are as bad as summer tyres when it came to stopping. On compacted snow there is apsolute no grip just sliding all around and i tested them on 0C and 15cm of snow.There is some forward grip lattelar grip "none" in corners at 20km/h just starts sliding to side of road . On the other hand they are good when there is water,fresh snow,slush(regular winter condition) on the road lets say like budget winter tyre so no fear there. I must mention when they were brand new 10mm of thread they were quite good on compacted snow plenty of grip. It is not a thread thing but maybe as they age they loose some grip from high summer temp(40C) and off road abuse because compound of tyre was much softer brand new than they are right now. Another shock came when i tried them on snow covered off road path that i regulary use and they were brilliant both forward and lattelar grip. (i think they are good because surface isnt smooth like pavement and they bite for every bit imperfection on snowy road.) I have driven goodyear ultragrip 9 sava uhp 2 continetal ts860(premium winter tyres) so i can be objective about snow grip. A tried both with normal road presure 2.2bar and offroad 1.6bar no changes in result. Tyres 1 year old 10 000km 8mm of thread left on all four tyres. With all this said I would definetly recommend them because they are best all around AT tyre on the market right now. Definetly would buy them again.
    Helpful 10 - tyre reviewed on December 1, 2021
    Given 88% while driving a Fiat Fullback (245/65 R17) on a combination of roads for 58,000 spirited miles
    I put these tyres on a fiat fullback and had them for 58000 miles before selling them vehicle with 8mm of tread remaining. I found they handled as well on the road as the factory Bridgestone tyres. I found the snow performance to be brilliant, didn't have any issues in snow and even pulled other vehicles up hills. Overall I would say a fantastic all season, all terrain tyre which is Road oriented
    Helpful 8 - tyre reviewed on November 9, 2021
    Given 90% while driving a Mitsubishi L200 (245/65 R17) on a combination of roads for 40,000 spirited miles
    I got these tyres as a compromise to give me good motorway driving and allow me to park on construction sites without issues. I think the tyres have been fantastic. They perform brilliantly in snow and fill me with confidence when out on the road. I have got 45k out of them so far and expect them to last a final 5k before the new truck arrives.
    Helpful 11 - tyre reviewed on March 25, 2021