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Featured: The Best Winter Tyres for 2020

Here are the Tyre Reviews best winter tyres for the 2020 winter tyre season.

As usual, all these tyres have been picked based on data from Tyre Reviews testing, other tests from around the world, and user reviews - think of this as one big meta-analysis of the best winter / snow / studded tyres on the market. This video covers European, Nordic and North American winter tyres / tyres, and covers cars, SUV's and Electric vehicles (EVs.)

Featured: 2020 Tyre Reviews All Season Tyre Test

With the promise of one tyre to work in all conditions, all season tyres are a rapidly growing market segment.

To find out which of these all season tyres is best, and whether they can match a summer and winter tyre, the 2020 Tyre Reviews all season tyre test has tested nine of the best 225/45 R17 all season tyres on the market, and included a summer and winter tyre as reference.

Featured: 2020 Tyre Reviews Ultimate Summer Tyre Test

Do you want to know what tyre is best for every day, real world driving? In this test we take eleven of the very best 205/55 R16 tyres on the market, plus a well regarded budget tyre, to see exactly what tyre performs best in the dry, wet, comfort, noise and rolling resistance tests!

All season VS winter tires is a hotly discussed topic, and while we've done our own test at various temperatures, it sadly didn't include any ice testing, or things like wet handling and rolling resistance testing.

Fortunately, our friends at Vi Bilagare once again have us covered. During their Nordic winter testing in 2020, the magazine included an all season and "european" winter tire alongside their usual selection of Nordic friction and studded winter tires.

As the all-season and European winter tire were being tested from a Nordic perspective, they had a significant testing on ice, which is a rarity for an all-season tire.

The results... well, I’m sure you can guess how each of the four tire types performed on each surface, but it's really cool to see all this data from one source.

Sadly there are very few professional tire tests conducted in North America, however the magazine Consumer Reports does an excellent job of educating the market with a number of huge tire tests every year.

While the public data is limited, you have to be a member to see the full results, we thought it would be important to database the information we have to help our American audience pick the right winter tire.

The 2020 Consumer Reports Winter Tire Test has tested seventeen of the best winter tires on the market in the popular 215/60 R16 size.

2020 EVO UHP Summer Tyre Test

Every year, the British publication EVO Magazine conduct a UHP summer tyre test, with this years test covering the hugely popular 235/35 R19 tyre size, on a VW Golf GTI. This year, due to travel restrictions, the handling testing was conducted at MIRA in the UK, rather than the Continental facility in Germany.

The EVO summer tyre tests are particularly interesting as they're one of the few publications to really dig into the subjective handling of each tyre on test, as what good is a fast tyre if it's no fun to drive? This means, much like our own tests, the EVO test can help you understand which tyre will give you not just the best grip, but the most driving enjoyment too.

For the 2020 Auto Express all season tyre test, Auto Express tested six 225/45 R17 all season tyres using a VW Golf.

For their second winter test of 2020, the excellent Vi Bilagare have tested eight Nordic friction (studless) winter tyres.

As with the studded version, Vi Bilagare have performed a thorough test covering dry, wet, snow and ice, and should be considered one of the benchmarks for extreme winter testing in Europe. 

This test is particularly interesting as it has the new Michelin X-Ice Snow, Bridgestone Blizzak Ice, Pirelli Ice Zero FR and Nexen Winguard Ice Plus WH43 placed up against the established Nordic winter tyres from Continental, Goodyear and Nokian.

What's the best ultra high performance all season tire on the market? To find out, I test 7 of the most popular ultra high performance all season tires, and test them in dry handling, dry braking, wet handling, wet braking, noise and comfort tire tests, to see which is the top UHP AS tire.

2020 Studded Winter Tyre Test

For the 2020 Vi Bilägare Winter studded tire test, the Swedish magazine has tested 8 of the most extreme studded winter tyres in 205/60 R16.

As this is a studded winter tyre test, the testers placed much more emphasis on snow and ice performance, so if you're in a region that sees a lot of compacted snow and ice on the road during normal winters, this is a very useful test.

Can off-road tyres really out perform a full winter tyre, or even an all season tyre on snow?

The 2020 Auto Bild crossover SUV all season tyre test has tested 11 of the best all season tyres in the rather small 215/60 R16 tyre size, using a VW T-Roc. 

Auto Bild have also included a reference summer and winter tyre, so we can see the difference performances between the three tyre types, but sadly haven't shared which tyres were used as the reference tyres.

The 2020 Auto Zeitung has tested fourteen winter tyres in 205/55 R16, including new winter tyres from Bridgestone, Goodyear and Maxxis, as well as a low cost retreaded tyre.

While all the tyres were tested in the dry, wet and snow, sadly Auto Zeitung didn't include any handling data, instead just providing subjective feel scoring.

The 2020 Sport Auto all season tyre test has covered seven of the best all season tyres in 225/45 18, using a new BMW 3 Series.

Most of the tyres on test were also included in the 2020 Tyre Reviews all season tyre test, however as Sport Auto used a different size and vehicle, this test still makes for interesting reading!

If you're planning on undertaking a massive Nordic friction and studded winter tyre test, having the right facilities to conduct the test in is key. Fortunately for Test World, they own one of the best independent arctic testing facilities in the world which is why we're super excited to see this 21 tyre test, covering all the key friction studless and studded winter tyres on the market.

All tyres are in the popular 205/55 R16, and were tested using a VW Golf. There were some interesting new tyres in the test, including the first test of the studless Michelin X-Ice Snow.

The 2020 Auto Bild SUV Tyre test has tested ten crossover SUV / 4x4 winter tyres in the popular 225/55 R17 size, with a summer tyre included as a reference.

Of the ten tyres on test, the top four tyres were given the "Exemplary" award, which included the new Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+, the much improved Bridgestone Blizzak LM005, the new Michelin Alpin 6 and the Vredestein Wintrac Pro.

The test winning Goodyear had a good all round performance, with the testers noting the winter tyre felt precise and dynamic in all conditions. The Bridgestone LM005 performed well in the dry and wet to secure second place, while the joint third Michelin and Vredestein pair performed well in all tests, but either cost more to buy (Michelin) or used more fuel (Vredestein.)

Following on from the 32 tyre braking shootout, Auto Bild have taken the fourteen best all season tyres to the full test, and included a summer and winter tyre as reference.

As with the Tyre Reviews all season test, Auto Bild have ranked the new Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 as the best all season tyre, not because it was outstanding in one single area, but because it had a rounded performance in nearly all tests.

Every year, the German publication Auto Bild selects a tyre size, finds as many all season tyres as possible in that size, and tests them all in dry and wet braking, with the top 14 tyres proceeding to the full all season tyre test.

For the 2020 all season tyre test, Auto Bild rounded up 34 all season tyres in the common 205/55 R16 size, and a summer and winter tyre as reference.

Following on from the 52 winter tyre braking test, the top 20 winter tyres in 245/45 R18 have been put through the usual Auto Bild winter tyre tests, to discover the best performance winter tyre for the 2020 season.

Every year, the German publication Auto Bild selects a tyre size, finds as many winter tyres as possible in that size, and tests them all in wet braking. The top thirty tyres proceed to snow braking, then the top twenty overall to the full winter tyre test.

For the 2020 winter tyre test, Auto Bild rounded up fifty one winter tyres in the rather huge 245/45 R18 size, and a summer tyre as reference.

2020 Auto Express Summer Tyre Test

This year Auto Express have tested ten 205/55 R16 summer tyres using a VW Golf. You can be forgiven if this setup sounds similar, as it's almost the same test as the Tyre Reviews 16" summer tyre test.

As eight of the ten tyres on test match tyres we used in our test, but the overall results differ in places, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to look into what's different, and why that might be.

The 2020 ADAC SUV All season tyre test has tested seven all season tyres in the popular 235/55 R17, and include a summer tyre in the dry and wet, and a winter tyre during snow and ice testing.

ADAC usually hides all their data and just gives numeric scores, but this year have released braking distances for all four braking tests. This might be to back up their conclusion from this test, which is even the best all season tyres are deficient compared to a summer and winter tyre combination.

Tyre Reviews is a big fan of two wheels, and we gladly cover new motorbike tyre launches whenever we're invited to them. Sadly, our driving is better than our riding, which is why we leave the high risk motorcycle tyre testing to people who aren't highly likely to destroy the bikes and themselves trying to do a fast lap.

Luckily for us riders, the excellent British magazine Fast Bikes has tested five of the very fastest extreme performance / track tyres, using a Suzuki GSX-R1000R, wearing 120/70 R17 and 200/60 R17 "hoops".

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 has just been replaced with the all new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect.

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was just an update to include the Michelin Track Connect tyre pressure monitoring system, however the differences between the two tyres run much deeper.

The Cup 2 Connect has a new construction and a new compound which bring both improvements in driving enjoyment and lap time when compared to the original Cup 2.

The full press release is below, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments. And no, I don't know why this tyre wasn't called the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 3.

If travel restrictions lift, Tyre Reviews should be testing the new Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect before the summer is out.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 PC2

In a move that can only be described as "typically Pirelli", Pirelli have announced the replacement to the excellent Cinturato P7. Meet the new Cinturato P7!

Sadly as was the case with the new P Zero, working out which version of the tyre you're reading reviews on can be tricky. In the case of the new P Zero, the industry ended up calling the latest version the PZ4 P Zero, and in line with this, we'll be calling the new Cinturato P7 the C2, at least until a final name is agreed upon.

As for how you work out which one you might be buying today? The only way is to ask the tyre dealer.

The full press release is below, and as always, we'll update the site / YouTube as soon as we've been lucky enough to drive on the new Cinturato P7 C2.

Here at Tyre Reviews, we receive many different questions about tyres, but one question that comes up more than most asks if modern retreaded tyres, sometimes called "retread" or "remoulds", any good?

While we've not been able to test ourselves, tests from many years ago indicate that retreaded tyres don't perform as well as even a budget tyre. Car tyres typically aren't designed to be retreaded (commercial bus and lorry tyres are), so the retreading process can leave you with not only poor performance, but a product that could be classified as unsafe.

Naturally in the past few years there have been improvements in the car retreading process, and one brand in particular, King Meiler, has established a name for itself as "the" retreading brand.

To find out whether a modern retread can match a premium, or even a budget tyre, the Polish magazine "Motor" have tested the King Meiler HPZ against the premium Continental PremiumContact 6, and a much cheaper Debica Presto HP.

The excellent Swedish publication ViBilagare has just released their 2020 summer SUV tyre test. Testing seven of the most popular on-road 225/60 R18 tyres, ViBilagare also included the the mild all-terrain Continental CrossContact LX2 tyre as a very useful benchmark as to how much on-road performance you lose out on by fitting one of the very best mild off-road tyres on the market.

As motorhome, van and commercial vehicle tyre testing is new to the Tyre Reviews website, we thought we'd start with the best of the best, and cover the 2020 Auto Bild 235/65 R16 C test, which used a VW Crafter van to test eight cargo rated all season tyres, and included a summer and winter tyre as reference!

As this is an all season tyre test, Auto Bild not only tested the dry and wet performance of all eight tyres, but also the snow ability of each pattern. Read on below for the full results of what is, another fascinating test by Auto Bild.

If you like detailed and confusing tyre tests, you're in for a treat! The 2020 Sport Auto tyre test has tested ten 245/35 R19 tyres, using a Mercedes AMG A45 S, and is confusingly amazing!

Why is this confusing? Well, they've tested three different types of tyres in the single test! The first group is the more "regular" ultra high performance tyres, which includes the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, Nokian PowerProof, Vredestein Ultrac Vorti, Toyo Proxes Sport, and strangely, the Continental SportContact 6. They've also tested two "UUHP" tyres, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S and the new Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport (which is the group we believe the Continental SportContact 6 should be included in as the PremiumContact 6 is the rival to the Asymmetric 5), and three track day tyres, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, the unreleased Bridgestone Potenza S007 RS, and the Giti GitiSport GTR3.

Each year, the wonderful Swedish publication Teknikens Värld performs a summer tyre test in Sweden. Their 2020 test covers ten 225/50 R17 summer tyres, including the first test of the brand new Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2!

The unique Swedishness of the test means they don't perform dry handling, but instead the "moose test" which involves a sharp lane change at speed. Sadly, we can't database this, but you can see the results of the test in the commentary at the bottom of the page.

For 2020, the German publication Gute Fahrt has tested eight 215/50 R18 SUV tyres using a VW T-Roc.

As with the 18" test in 2019, Gute Fahrt have chosen not to publish their handling data, instead grading each tyres handling subjectively as "very good", "good" or "satisfying". Sadly as this doesn't really work with how the Tyre Reviews database system is set up, we're representing each of the ratings as a number, with 3 being "very good", 2 "good" and 1 as "satisfying".

The 2020 Auto Motor und Sport summer tyre test tested eleven 225/45 R18 ultra high performance tyres using a BMW 3 Series.

While the group overall was extremely close, the winning Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 and second placed Michelin Pilot Sport 4 were almost inseparable overall, with the Goodyear narrowly taking the overall win.

Ultra high performance tyre tests always make us happy, and Auto Bild do some of the best. For 2020, AutoBild have tested nine sports tyres in the staggered 245/35 R19 and 265/35 R19 sizes using a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG.

Like our UHP tyre test in 2019, Auto Bild have tested the very three best UHP tyres on the market, the Continental SportContact 6, Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport, and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, along with some of the other well know UHP tyres from Hankook, Vredestein, Falken and other brands.

The 2020 Auto Bild AllRad SUV / 4x4 tyre test has looked at the popular 255/55 R18 tyre size. While the tyre patterns included in the test are aimed at "soft roaders", which spend 99% of their time on normal roads, Auto Bild still went to the effort of testing the handling and traction on gravel of all ten tyres, along with traction on grass, mud and even sand!

Off-road performance is often an opposing quality to on-road grip, with dedicated off-road tyres performing well in loose surfaces such as gravel and mud, but poorly on-road in the dry and wet.  It's worth noting, as we found out with our off-road tyre test, repeatable off-road testing is extremely difficult, especially in mud, so these figures should only be used as a broad guide.

Following on from the fifty tyre braking shootout, Auto Bild have more thoroughly tested the best twenty 245/45 R18 summer tyres using a RWD BMW 5 Series.

The top three tyres should come as no surprise, with Continental, Goodyear and Michelin proving to be the most rounded tyres on test. 

The Continental Premium Contact 6 and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 drew for first place. As we found with our video comparison, both the Continental and Goodyear tyres offer sporty handling, good levels of comfort, and short wet braking. Both tyres also topped the Wear testing, and thanks to a reasonable purchase price, offered some of the best value on test.

The 2020 Auto Zeitung summer tyre test has been published, and as usual they've tested a really interesting mix of twenty tyres in the popular 225/50 R17 size.

As 225/50 R17 tyres generally bias towards comfort rather than outright sporty performance, AZ tested with the new brand BMW 3 Series, and performed the usual array of  thirteen dry, wet, comfort and economy tests.

The talented guys at ACE Europe have just released their first summer tyre test for 2020, and interestingly they've tested nine 215/55 R17 summer tyres from the mid range sector of the market!

2020 ADAC SUV Summer Tyre Test

Having already looked at the 2020 ADAC 18" UHP summer tyre test, the SUV version in 235/55 R17 is more of the same.

Of the twelve tyres tested in this popular crossover SUV size, Michelin once again take the top spot with the Primacy 4, thanks to an excellent all round balanced performance.

While ADAC doesn't provide its readers with raw data from their testing, their yearly tyre tests are some of the most influential in the world. This year they've tested sixteen 225/40 R18 car tyres, and twelve 235/55 R17 crossover SUV sizes. For the 225/40 R18 test, there are few surprises.

Continental and Michelin tie for first place with the PremiumContact 6 and Pilot Sport 4, two tyres we've seen perform extremely well in all testing. It's worth noting that the Continental and Michelin both scored the same in the wear testing, once again showing Continental have got on top of wear.

Every year the German publication Auto Bild performs the industries most comprehensive tyre test by putting a huge number of tyres through wet and dry braking, to find the best twenty tyres to progress through to a full tyre test.

For the 2020 summer season, Auto Bild have tested fifty tyres in 245/45 R18, which gives us an excellent overview of the UHP market for 2020.