2023/24 Tyre Reviews UHP Winter Tyre Test

The 2023 Tyre Reviews UHP winter tyre test was an unusual test for Tyre Reviews. Due to travel schedules I was unable to drive the snow part of the testing, and as these tyres have been tested before this year I wouldn't have usually run such a similar test again, but this one had the possibility of a real world wear test which is hard to say no to. 

The results, well they are very interesting and shine a new light on some of the products tested.

This test used a Ford Mustang to test the large 255/40 R19 ultra high performance winter tyre test, and the fact we tested wear means we could also test the tyres at a worn state, and due to the timing of the testing, there was the opportunity to test wet braking at warm and cooler temperatures.

This is a tyre test for the real geeks, so I'll be concentrating on the data heavily. 

Dry BrakingBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 41.7 MSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 43 M
Dry HandlingMichelin Pilot Alpin 5: 52.46 sSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 54.9 s
Subj. Dry HandlingMichelin Pilot Alpin 5: 10 PointsVredestein Wintrac Pro: 9.5 Points
Wet BrakingBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 27.6 MSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 33.4 M
Wet Braking - CoolBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 30.7 MSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 33.9 M
Wet Braking - WornBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 32.7 MSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 42.2 M
Wet HandlingBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 84.77 sSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 91.97 s
Subj. Wet HandlingMichelin Pilot Alpin 5: 10 PointsSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 5 Points
Wet CircleBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 11.81 sSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 12.43 s
Straight AquaBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 100.1 Km/HSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 87.6 Km/H
Curved AquaplaningBridgestone Blizzak LM005: 3.28 m/sec2Superia Bluewin UHP2: 1.22 m/sec2
Snow BrakingMichelin Pilot Alpin 5: 15.93 MVredestein Wintrac Pro: 16.43 M
Snow TractionMichelin Pilot Alpin 5: 7.93 sSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 8.8 s
Snow HandlingMichelin Pilot Alpin 5: 79.76 sVredestein Wintrac Pro: 82.56 s
Subj. Snow HandlingMichelin Pilot Alpin 5: 10 PointsVredestein Wintrac Pro: 9 Points
Snow SlalomMichelin Pilot Alpin 5: 0.352 m/sec2Vredestein Wintrac Pro: 0.326 m/sec2
Subj. ComfortContinental WinterContact TS 870 P: 10 PointsVredestein Wintrac Pro: 9.25 Points
NoiseSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 71.3 dBHankook Winter i cept evo3: 75.1 dB
WearMichelin Pilot Alpin 5: 31460 KMSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 16640 KM
ValueSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 4.19 Price/1000Bridgestone Blizzak LM005: 12.41 Price/1000
PriceSuperia Bluewin UHP2: 69.73 Michelin Pilot Alpin 5: 246.46
Rolling ResistanceHankook Winter i cept evo3: 7.84 kg / tVredestein Wintrac Pro: 9.3 kg / t


In the dry the Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 proved to be the best at stopping the car, impressively beating the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 which usually dominates the category. The Michelin did have the best subjective results when analysing the balance of the vehicle across the lap and during emergency lane changes.

Michelin jumped back to the front for dry handling, ahead of the Vredestein Wintrac Pro.


When it comes to winter tyres and wet grip, it's always been difficult to beat the Bridgestone Blizzak LM005, and this test is no different with the Japanese tyre having a large advantage over the second placed Vredestein and Continental pairing.

The Bridgestone still led in the cooler wet braking test, but it's advantage was smaller, and Continental jumped above the Vredestein. The order otherwise remained the same.

Usually worn wet braking is conducted with the tyres buffed down to the same tread depth. We didn't have the chance to do this, but as we had worn tyres from the wear test I wanted the data to see how they'd brake at their post-wear tread depth. 

The order was surprisingly similar, especially when you consider the Bridgestone had much lower tread depth compared to some of its rivals (more on that in a bit.) As this is an unusual way of doing a worn wet braking, the overall weighting of this test is very low in the final results. The worn depth of the tyres can be found in the wear section.

Bridgestone remained at the front for the wet handling test, with the Continental close behind, with both tyres leading the subjective scoring.

Bridgestone was the fastest around the wet circle.

The Bridgestone also had the best straight and curved aquaplaning result, rounding it out as undoubtedly the best winter tyre in the wet.


The snowmaster Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 proved once again it was the best in snow braking.

The Michelin also led the snow traction test, with the Hankook Winter I*Cept evo3 close behind.

The Michelin was also the best during snow handling with the subjective driver reporting it was also the best subjectively.


The budget winter tyre was best in the external passby noise test.


We always expect Michelin products to do best in wear, and we were not disappointed with their predicted tread life to 1.6mm being the best in test! However interestingly if you live in an area where there is a 4mm law for winter tyres, the Vredestein proved to be the best as it started with a higher tread depth than the Michelin and still had an excellent wear compound.

The wear was tested on a fleet of FWD Audi A6s, driven for 12,120km, and the wear was averaged between the two front tyres to calculate down to 4mm and 1.6mm.

TyreStarting Tread DepthTread depth at 12,120kmProjected wear to 4mmProjected wear to 1.6mm
Bridgestone Blizzak LM0058mm4.3mm11,375mm17,420km
Continental WinterContact TS870P8.5mm6.5mm17,500km26,000km
Hankook Winter I*Cept Evo 38.5mm6.4mm16,100km25,180km
Michelin Pilot Alpin 57.6mm5.9mm19,075km31,460km
Superia Bluewin UHP26.6mm3.3mm6,300km16,640km
Vredestein Wintrac Pro8.5mm6.9mm20,125km30,160km

Please note that wear is non-linear, tyres wear faster during the first few thousand miles. The tyres are measured at least ten times during the wear test and the projected wear calculations are made from the data points after the wear has stabilised, which is why the numbers above don't line up if you straight calculate it. 

In terms of purchase price, the budget Superia winter tyre proved to be very cheap to buy, less than half the price of the next cheapest product.

With wear and purchase price we can calculate one of the most important metrics, cost per 1000 km driven. Thanks to the exceptional mileage and low purchase price, the Vredestein Wintrac Pro had a clear advantage in this test. The budget tyre, which was so cheap to buy didn't offer much of an value advantage when compared to the tyres which actually offered grip in the dry, wet and snow. 

The big loser of the value category was the Bridgestone Blizzak LM005, which compared high wear with a high purchase price to make it significantly more expensive than the Michelin and Continental per 1000 km driven.

Vredestein sadly undid some of it's amazing value work by having the highest rolling resistance of the test, with the Hankook and Continental the only tyres to sneak under the 8kg/t mark.


So, the big question is, how important is wear? If it was a summer or all season test, it would be unquestionably important, and to the people who do a lot of miles on your winter tyres, then again it's important. But if you're a person who's winter tyres age out before they wear out, and you just want the best grip overall, then it's less of a thing for you.

In summary, if wear isn't important to you as your winter tyres age out before they wear out, the Bridgestone is still very hard to beat. In the final rankings I am including wear as I do think it's important to more people than it's not, so the winner of this test was once again the Continental Wintercontact TS870P proving that not only does it have good grip in all conditions, as we've seen in other tests, but also that it wears well too. 

That's not to say the Michelin and Vredestein aren't also great tyres from this test, the gap between the top three was incredibly tiny, and the Hankook once again proved to be a solid winter tyre.

1st: Continental WinterContact TS 870 P

Continental WinterContact TS 870 P
  • 255/40 R19 100V
  • EU Label: C/B/71
  • Weight: 11.26kgs
  • Tread: 8.5mm
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 223.80
Dry Braking4th42.6 M41.7 M+0.9 M97.89%
Dry Handling3rd53.01 s52.46 s+0.55 s98.96%
Subj. Dry Handling3rd9.5 Points10 Points-0.5 Points95%
Wet Braking2nd30.5 M27.6 M+2.9 M90.49%
Wet Braking - Cool2nd31.2 M30.7 M+0.5 M98.4%
Wet Braking - Worn3rd33.2 M32.7 M+0.5 M98.49%
Wet Handling2nd85.01 s84.77 s+0.24 s99.72%
Subj. Wet Handling1st10 Points100%
Wet Circle2nd12.02 s11.81 s+0.21 s98.25%
Straight Aqua2nd94.9 Km/H100.1 Km/H-5.2 Km/H94.81%
Curved Aquaplaning2nd2.37 m/sec23.28 m/sec2-0.91 m/sec272.26%
Snow Braking4th16.21 M15.93 M+0.28 M98.27%
Snow Traction3rd8.2 s7.93 s+0.27 s96.71%
Snow Handling2nd80 s79.76 s+0.24 s99.7%
Subj. Snow Handling2nd9.8 Points10 Points-0.2 Points98%
Snow Slalom2nd0.348 m/sec20.352 m/sec2-0 m/sec298.86%
Subj. Comfort1st10 Points100%
Noise2nd72 dB71.3 dB+0.7 dB99.03%
Wear3rd26000 KM31460 KM-5460 KM82.64%
Value5th8.58 Price/10004.19 Price/1000+4.39 Price/100048.83%
Price5th223.8 69.73 +154.07 31.16%
Rolling Resistance2nd7.97 kg / t7.84 kg / t+0.13 kg / t98.37%
Exceptional all round tyre with no real weakness, particularly strong in the wet and snow, low rolling resistance, good levels of comfort, low wear.
Higher cost.


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2nd: Michelin Pilot Alpin 5

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5
  • 255/40 R19 100V
  • EU Label: D/B/70
  • Weight: 11.21kgs
  • Tread: 7.6mm
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 246.46
Dry Braking2nd42 M41.7 M+0.3 M99.29%
Dry Handling1st52.46 s100%
Subj. Dry Handling1st10 Points100%
Wet Braking4th31.3 M27.6 M+3.7 M88.18%
Wet Braking - Cool4th32.9 M30.7 M+2.2 M93.31%
Wet Braking - Worn5th37.2 M32.7 M+4.5 M87.9%
Wet Handling3rd85.73 s84.77 s+0.96 s98.88%
Subj. Wet Handling1st10 Points100%
Wet Circle3rd12.05 s11.81 s+0.24 s98.01%
Straight Aqua5th92.4 Km/H100.1 Km/H-7.7 Km/H92.31%
Curved Aquaplaning5th1.87 m/sec23.28 m/sec2-1.41 m/sec257.01%
Snow Braking1st15.93 M100%
Snow Traction1st7.93 s100%
Snow Handling1st79.76 s100%
Subj. Snow Handling1st10 Points100%
Snow Slalom1st0.352 m/sec2100%
Subj. Comfort2nd9.75 Points10 Points-0.25 Points97.5%
Noise3rd72.4 dB71.3 dB+1.1 dB98.48%
Wear1st31460 KM100%
Value4th7.83 Price/10004.19 Price/1000+3.64 Price/100053.51%
Price6th246.46 69.73 +176.73 28.29%
Rolling Resistance4th8.45 kg / t7.84 kg / t+0.61 kg / t92.78%
Best in the dry, best in the snow, very low wear, good comfort.
Average wet performance, mid pack rolling resistance, higher cost.


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3rd: Vredestein Wintrac Pro

Vredestein Wintrac Pro
  • 255/40 R19 100V
  • EU Label: D/B/72
  • Weight: 12.68kgs
  • Tread: 8.5mm
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 172.34
Dry Braking3rd42.1 M41.7 M+0.4 M99.05%
Dry Handling2nd52.87 s52.46 s+0.41 s99.22%
Subj. Dry Handling3rd9.5 Points10 Points-0.5 Points95%
Wet Braking2nd30.5 M27.6 M+2.9 M90.49%
Wet Braking - Cool3rd31.6 M30.7 M+0.9 M97.15%
Wet Braking - Worn2nd32.9 M32.7 M+0.2 M99.39%
Wet Handling4th86.57 s84.77 s+1.8 s97.92%
Subj. Wet Handling4th9 Points10 Points-1 Points90%
Wet Circle4th12.09 s11.81 s+0.28 s97.68%
Straight Aqua3rd92.8 Km/H100.1 Km/H-7.3 Km/H92.71%
Curved Aquaplaning4th2.3 m/sec23.28 m/sec2-0.98 m/sec270.12%
Snow Braking6th16.43 M15.93 M+0.5 M96.96%
Snow Traction5th8.36 s7.93 s+0.43 s94.86%
Snow Handling6th82.56 s79.76 s+2.8 s96.61%
Subj. Snow Handling6th9 Points10 Points-1 Points90%
Snow Slalom6th0.326 m/sec20.352 m/sec2-0.03 m/sec292.61%
Subj. Comfort4th9.25 Points10 Points-0.75 Points92.5%
Noise5th73.7 dB71.3 dB+2.4 dB96.74%
Wear2nd30160 KM31460 KM-1300 KM95.87%
Value2nd5.71 Price/10004.19 Price/1000+1.52 Price/100073.38%
Price2nd172.34 69.73 +102.61 40.46%
Rolling Resistance6th9.3 kg / t7.84 kg / t+1.46 kg / t84.3%
Very good in the wet, exceptional value with best wear and lowest cost per 1000 km by a considerable margin.
Worst snow performance of the test but no more than 5% behind the best. High rolling resistance.


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4th: Hankook Winter i cept evo3

Hankook Winter i cept evo3
  • 255/40 R19 100V
  • EU Label: C/B/73
  • Weight: 11.47kgs
  • Tread: 8.5mm
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 185.85
Dry Braking5th42.9 M41.7 M+1.2 M97.2%
Dry Handling5th53.18 s52.46 s+0.72 s98.65%
Subj. Dry Handling3rd9.5 Points10 Points-0.5 Points95%
Wet Braking5th31.6 M27.6 M+4 M87.34%
Wet Braking - Cool4th32.9 M30.7 M+2.2 M93.31%
Wet Braking - Worn4th34.6 M32.7 M+1.9 M94.51%
Wet Handling5th87.85 s84.77 s+3.08 s96.49%
Subj. Wet Handling4th9 Points10 Points-1 Points90%
Wet Circle5th12.32 s11.81 s+0.51 s95.86%
Straight Aqua4th92.6 Km/H100.1 Km/H-7.5 Km/H92.51%
Curved Aquaplaning3rd2.32 m/sec23.28 m/sec2-0.96 m/sec270.73%
Snow Braking2nd16.11 M15.93 M+0.18 M98.88%
Snow Traction2nd7.94 s7.93 s+0.01 s99.87%
Snow Handling4th80.48 s79.76 s+0.72 s99.11%
Subj. Snow Handling4th9.2 Points10 Points-0.8 Points92%
Snow Slalom4th0.342 m/sec20.352 m/sec2-0.01 m/sec297.16%
Subj. Comfort4th9.25 Points10 Points-0.75 Points92.5%
Noise6th75.1 dB71.3 dB+3.8 dB94.94%
Wear4th25480 KM31460 KM-5980 KM80.99%
Value3rd7.29 Price/10004.19 Price/1000+3.1 Price/100057.48%
Price3rd185.85 69.73 +116.12 37.52%
Rolling Resistance1st7.84 kg / t100%
Very good in the snow, lowest rolling resistance on test, low purchase price, good value.
Average wet performance.


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5th: Bridgestone Blizzak LM005

Bridgestone Blizzak LM005
  • 255/40 R19 100V
  • EU Label: C/A/73
  • Weight: 11.89kgs
  • Tread: 8mm
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 216.22
Dry Braking1st41.7 M100%
Dry Handling4th53.09 s52.46 s+0.63 s98.81%
Subj. Dry Handling2nd9.8 Points10 Points-0.2 Points98%
Wet Braking1st27.6 M100%
Wet Braking - Cool1st30.7 M100%
Wet Braking - Worn1st32.7 M100%
Wet Handling1st84.77 s100%
Subj. Wet Handling3rd9.5 Points10 Points-0.5 Points95%
Wet Circle1st11.81 s100%
Straight Aqua1st100.1 Km/H100%
Curved Aquaplaning1st3.28 m/sec2100%
Snow Braking2nd16.11 M15.93 M+0.18 M98.88%
Snow Traction4th8.34 s7.93 s+0.41 s95.08%
Snow Handling3rd80.32 s79.76 s+0.56 s99.3%
Subj. Snow Handling3rd9.5 Points10 Points-0.5 Points95%
Snow Slalom3rd0.344 m/sec20.352 m/sec2-0.01 m/sec297.73%
Subj. Comfort2nd9.75 Points10 Points-0.25 Points97.5%
Noise4th73.1 dB71.3 dB+1.8 dB97.54%
Wear5th17420 KM31460 KM-14040 KM55.37%
Value6th12.41 Price/10004.19 Price/1000+8.22 Price/100033.76%
Price4th216.22 69.73 +146.49 32.25%
Rolling Resistance5th8.58 kg / t7.84 kg / t+0.74 kg / t91.38%
Best in dry braking, best in the wet, good in snow.
High wear leading to expensive cost per 1000km driven, high rolling resistance.


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6th: Superia Bluewin UHP2

Superia Bluewin UHP2
  • 255/40 R19 100V
  • EU Label: C/C/72
  • Weight: 11.8kgs
  • Tread: 6.6mm
  • 3PMSF: yes
  • Price: 69.73
Dry Braking6th43 M41.7 M+1.3 M96.98%
Dry Handling6th54.9 s52.46 s+2.44 s95.56%
Subj. Dry Handling3rd9.5 Points10 Points-0.5 Points95%
Wet Braking6th33.4 M27.6 M+5.8 M82.63%
Wet Braking - Cool6th33.9 M30.7 M+3.2 M90.56%
Wet Braking - Worn6th42.2 M32.7 M+9.5 M77.49%
Wet Handling6th91.97 s84.77 s+7.2 s92.17%
Subj. Wet Handling6th5 Points10 Points-5 Points50%
Wet Circle6th12.43 s11.81 s+0.62 s95.01%
Straight Aqua6th87.6 Km/H100.1 Km/H-12.5 Km/H87.51%
Curved Aquaplaning6th1.22 m/sec23.28 m/sec2-2.06 m/sec237.2%
Snow Braking5th16.36 M15.93 M+0.43 M97.37%
Snow Traction6th8.8 s7.93 s+0.87 s90.11%
Snow Handling5th81.04 s79.76 s+1.28 s98.42%
Subj. Snow Handling4th9.2 Points10 Points-0.8 Points92%
Snow Slalom4th0.342 m/sec20.352 m/sec2-0.01 m/sec297.16%
Subj. Comfort4th9.25 Points10 Points-0.75 Points92.5%
Noise1st71.3 dB100%
Wear6th16640 KM31460 KM-14820 KM52.89%
Value1st4.19 Price/1000100%
Price1st69.73 100%
Rolling Resistance3rd8.02 kg / t7.84 kg / t+0.18 kg / t97.76%
Lowest noise on test, low rolling resistance.
Worst grip in the dry, wet, and snow. Highest wear on test meaning even with the cheap purchase price, it's cost per 1000km driven is still similar to the tyres with grip.

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