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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Uniroyal RainSport 3 (269) 84% 92% 78% 78% 64% 83%
Uniroyal RainSport 5 (25) 75% 87% 68% 72% 71% 73%

Peugeot 207 SW Outdoor Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Uniroyal RainSport 5 given 90% (205-55-16-V)
Driving on mostly country roads for 800 spirited miles
Having used rainsport 3s for the past 2 years or 42.000km it was time for a change. I always change at 2 year interval October or November with 40-45k kilometres on average. I reside in northern Greece and the last time round I fancied the idea of an all season Tyre but after the fitters recommendation ended up with the uniroyals. The rainsport 3s were a revelation in winter and commendable in the summer. I always fit premium tyres and the rainsport 3s were left wanting a little bit for grip in scorching hot tarmac.
The rainsport 5s in question are on initial impressions (1200km so far) a bona fide premium Tyre in the dry, gone are the days of the soft sidewalls. The Tyre provides excellent turn in and high speed stabillity. In the wet is still king though I have never tried nokians. Don't be fooled reading tests that other premium are equally good in the wet. In deep water and poor road surfaces the uniroyals offer a sense of security above anything else.
They are also less noisy but for some reason maybe unrelated to the tyres the fuel consumption is marginally higher.
Also the experience from the 3s taught me that in very light snow to they are drivable I am not suggesting they are as good as all seasons but they provide some traction and don't have the typical wooden feel of summer tyres.
All things considered a great Tyre.
tyre reviewed on 2019-11-20 08:34:46
Writing about the Uniroyal RainSport 3 given 86% (205-55-16-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 12000 easy going miles
First time with the Uniroyal Brand Well impressive wet & dry grip seem the same. Bit niosy on rough country roads.
Pulled 600kg load of logs out of a field with mud up to the calipers.
Should be good for 25k miles which is a surprise for a 'sticky tyre.
tyre reviewed on 2015-11-26 16:37:05
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