What's happening to the Michelin Pilot Super Sport?

Update: The replacement for the Michelin Pilot Super Sport has been announced - the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

With the recent release of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4, a great deal of discussion has been generated about the fate of the much loved Michelin Pilot Super Sport.

Is the sun setting on the Pilot Super Sport?

Michelin have so far remained relatively quiet on the subject, but with certain smaller Pilot Super Sport pattern tyres already being replaced with the Pilot Sport 4, new N rated Porsche sizes being announced in Pilot Sport 4, and EVO magazine incorrectly reporting the Pilot Super Sport range is finished, the online communities are full of mixed information!

In order to clear things up, we've been speaking with Michelin to find out exactly what's happening with everyone's favourite performance tyre.

Where does the Pilot Sport 4 sit?

- While Pilot Sport 4 replaces the Pilot Sport 3, it’s an improvement on the Pilot Super Sport, not a “new” Pilot Sport 3, in design and technology. In comparative testing in 18" sizes, Pilot Sport 4 outperforms the Pilot Super Sport in 99% of everyday situations, with the added benefit of 10-15% improved wear. The other 1% is on a dry track where the Pilot Super Sport would outperform the Pilot Sport 4 by a couple of tenths of a second around a long track. For more track focused track drivers we will expand the range of Pilot Sport Cup 2 over the next few years.

What is happening with the Pilot Sport 3?

- The Pilot Sport 3 will continue to be produced in smaller sizes, and where we have the tyre as OE (original equipment) fitments for years to come, so it won’t disappear completely.

So the Pilot Sport 4 replaces the Pilot Super Sport?

- No, the Pilot Super Sport will continue to be made in sizes where we have some OE fitments, with some of those in production for many years to come.

But what about the N rated Pilot Sport 4 tyres which have been announced?

- During the Porsche homologation process extensive modifications have been made to the Pilot Sport 4, which means it's a different looking and feeling tyre to the aftermarket Pilot Sport 4 tyre.

Will the N rated Pilot Sport 4 tyres be more like the Pilot Super Sport?

- Yes, as with all Pilot Sport 4, their DNA is purely based on Pilot Super Sport, so the N rated versions will be a great addition to the N rated range. Please note at this point the N rated tyres launched will be focused on new and future Porsche models, not existing vehicles.

Will the Pilot Super Sport be replaced?

- Yes, there will eventually be a replacement model, which will continue the Pilot Super Sport design ethos, and improve the performance of the tyre. As with every tyre we will improve the performance and move forward.

I have a Porsche, what tyre should I fit?

- When in warranty, Michelin can only recommend fitting N rated tyres. Once out of warranty, consult sites like TyreReviews and internet forums to find what is working well with the community. Work is always continuing with Porsche at OE level, so more and more fitments will hopefully follow in time.

What sizes will be continued in the PSS?

- The list is ever evolving, if you have a question regarding a specific size of Pilot Super Sport please ask in the comments below and we'll reply with the answer.

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