Terms and Conditions

Tyrereviews's services
1. Tyrereviews offers all users the ability to access the contents of the Tyrereviews website for free. Registered users (hereinafter referred to as "members") have the additional ability to publish their own reviews (e.g. reviews of experiences with tyres; or articles containing opinions, discussion of or information about tyres and services) on the information platform at http://www.Tyrereviews.com.
2. Only members over the age of 17 may participate in the surveys.

Members' obligations
1. Each member agrees not to provide false or misleading information
2. Members agree to not publish any contents that
  * Are advertisements or aimed at personal gain.
  * Are exclusively lists of product information disguised as reviews.
  * Are irrelevant to the product being evaluated.
  * Are biased, deliberately false, offensive, derogatory, libellous, morally objectionable or pornographic, or that otherwise constitute a punishable offence.
  * Violate the rights of third parties, especially patent rights, copyright, trademark rights, ancillary copyright or brand name rights.
  * Contain viruses or other computer programs that impair the functioning of other computers.
  * Are surveys or chain letters.
  * Contain referral links or other profit-generating links or codes.
  * Include nonsensical or deliberately inappropriate text.
  * Serve the purpose of gathering, saving or using personal information of users, in particular for business purposes, without the users' express consent. This applies as well even when contents have not been published.
  * Serve the purpose of spreading political, religious or ideological beliefs.
3. Members are responsible for ascertaining that they posses all rights to contents made available for publication, and grant Tyrereviews the unlimited right to use the contents made available. This also includes editing, copying, transmission, publishing and development rights, as well as the right to transfer the rights of use to third parties without entitlement to compensation. Members are allowed to publish content that they themselves enter onto the website.

Accountability for contents
1. Each member is accountable for the contents made available by him or her.
2. Tyrereviews reserves absolute right to modify or delete any contents published on the web site.

Tyrereviews is only liable for deliberate acts and gross negligence, as well as for the breach of significant contractual obligations (in this last case, however, only for typically foreseeable damages). The Product Liability Act remains inviolate.
Hyperlinks, advertisement banners, product information and corporate information and the like do not constitute a recommendation from Tyrereviews of third parties. Tyrereviews assumes no liability for their contents.

Changes to the General Terms and Conditions
The General Terms and Conditions of Tyrereviews that are applicable are those that are in effect at the time of use. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Tyrereviews website.

All rights reserved. The opinions posted on Tyrereviews are the responsibility of their authors and are in no way an expression of Tyrereviews' views.