Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport Range - Launched

The new Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport range is here, and it's the most exciting thing to happen in the world of tyre in years!

Comprised of three all new tyres, the SuperSport range is Goodyear firmly announcing they’re once again taking the maximum performance segment seriously, and taking the fight directly to Michelin and Continental for the battle of the best performance tyres available.


The new SuperSport range sits above the more comfort bias UHP tyre, the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, and splits the very top of the performance segment into three new tyres.

Meet the SuperSports

The first tyre in the range, and the tyre which will be by far the biggest volume seller is the new Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport. This is a tyre aimed to take on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S and the Continental SportContact 6 in 18” and above, and can be fitted to everything from a VW Golf GTI to the Ferrari 488. The SuperSport aims to provide excellent dry and wet performance, while still offering low levels of noise and high levels of comfort. Like all the new tyres, the SuperSport draws on Goodyear's racing pedigree with a stiff sidewall design for sharp steering, and a massive outer block tread design to provide excellent dry handling, while still keeping industry leading wet performance with a clever multicompound design.

Next up in the range is the Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport R. The SuperSport R is the extreme performance track day tyre, and is focused on ultimate steering precision and grip for track bias vehicles such as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

To help the tyre react as quickly as possible to steering inputs, the SuperSport R has "bridge" technology which links the outer tread blocks along the grooves for added stiffness. This adds a high amount of outer shoulder stiffness which means better steering feel and speed, something track drivers covet! The SuperSport R will be available in 18" to 21" and from 205 to 305mm wide fitments. 

Finally, at the top of the range is the Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport RS. This is aimed directly at Porsche drivers, and is already OE approved on the Porsche 911 GT2 RS as Porsches preferred extreme track tyre. This tyre has even less tread grooves, which to put more rubber in contact with the ground, an even stiffer construction, and most importantly a motorsport bias compound. This is not a tyre you’d want to be using in the winter, but when you're on an all out hot lap, this is the tyre to be on, with Goodyear claiming it's around 3-4 seconds a lap quicker than the SuperSport R, which should make it the fastest tyre available to buy.

The Launch

The launch event held at Ascari had a wonderful collection of high performance cars showing off the new range.

We’ve already covered the Asymmetric 5 in depth here, so go watch that video if you want the most detailed review of the replacement to the Asymmetric 3.

The SuperSport has yet to be tested in the real world, so this was a first drive experience. We had the opportunity to drive the SuperSport in the dry on a 670 bhp Ferrari 488 and in the wet on a much less powerful but much lighter 215bhp Renault Alpine A110. In both situations the new SuperSport excelled, with the key takeaway being how direct the steering was and how much information the tyre gave you, a welcome change from many modern performance tyres. Tyre Reviews will be testing the SuperSport in a big group test in June, so be sure to keep an eye on the site for that!

The SuperSport R was showcased on the incredible Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Once again the steering speed and feel was the outstanding quality of the SuperSport R, but it also allowed you to push on lap after lap without and real signs of fading. Perfect for a track tyre you can use on the road.

Sadly the SuperSport RS wasn’t part of the launch event, however Tyre Reviews was given some exclusive access to film the new tyre, with a video coming very soon!


All in, the new Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport range is a triumphant return for Goodyear to the top of the performance car market, and I personally can’t wait to see how the SuperSport performs against all its key rivals later this year – Goodyear are very confident in their new products.

Congratulations to Goodyear for once again given us petrolheads something to be excited about.


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