Autobild Trackday Tyre Review

In February 2005 the hugely respected Autobild magazine conducted a track day tyre test comprising of the 5 market leaders.

While a little dated this review gives us an excellent insight into the various levels of performance offered by trackday rubber. The following tyres were tested (not in results order)

- Kumho Ecsta V70a
- Michelin Pilot Cup Sport
- Pirelli P Zero Corsa
- Toyo Proxes R888
- Yokohama Advan A048

Autobild used various tests to judge the tyres performance and backed it up with the raw data from the logging. The results were:

Dry Handling

Measured from a corner Apex speed
1) Michelin (111.2 km/h)
2) Kumho (111.0 km/h)
3) Toyo (110.8 km/h)
4) Yokohama (109.7 km/h)
5) Pirelli (108.0 km/h)

Dry Braking

Measured in metres stopping distance
1) Kumho (34.3 m)
2) Toyo (34.5 m)
3) Pirelli (35.4 m)
4) Yokohama (35.7 m)
5) Michelin (36.6 m)

Aquaplaning resistance

Measured in speed at which the car started aquaplaning
1) Yokohama (73.3 km/h)
2) Michelin (70.3 km/h)
3) Toyo (64.9 km/h)
4) Kumho (61.9 km/h)
5) Pirelli (61.6 km/h)

Wet Handling

Measured from a corner Apex speed
1) Pirelli (74.2 km/h)
2) Toyo (73.6 km/h)
3) Yokohama (72.6 km/h)
4) Michelin (72.5 km/h)
5) Kumho (71.7 km/h)

Wet Handling #2

Measured from the time to circle a wet skinpan
1) Pirelli (19.80 seconds)
2) Michelin (19.85 seconds)
3) Yokohama (20.15 seconds)
4) Toyo (20.22 seconds)
5) Kumho (20.23 seconds)

Wet Braking

Measured in metres stopping distance
1) Michelin (50.4 m)
2) Yokohama (52.2 m)
3) Pirelli (53.9 m)
4) Kumho (55.7 m)
5) Toyo (60.1 m)

Given the intended purpose of track day tyres is dry high performance running Autobild gave the following overall result once they'd considered cost and apparent treadwear:

1) Kumho Ecsta V70a
2) Michelin Pilot Cup Sport
3) Toyo Proxes R888
4) Yokohama Advan A048
5) Pirelli P Zero Corsa

Commenting on KUMHO's success, European motorsport manager Steve Thompson said: "The V70A is one of the most versatile tyres in our range and can be used for anything from tarmac rallying to hill climbing. This win proves what we have been saying for some time: the V70A is the ideal tyre for the serious track day enthusiast."

As always, if you have any thoughts on how your track day tyres are performing we'd love to hear them, simply click "submit" at the top of the page and fill in your details.


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Having timed myself on a couple of these (Toyo R888 and Yokohama A048) it's quite strange how a tyre can feel so different but produce such similar laptimes. Unless you're going to race I believe the cost and availability of the tyre should be the primary factory in your purchasing, not outright speed.
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