Michelin e.Primacy - Launched

The new Michelin e.PrimacyIn December 2020 Michelin announced the new Michelin e.Primacy, and now in March 2021, it is widely available for purchase in the UK market. Designed to sit alongside the hugely popular Michelin Primacy 4, the new Michelin e.Primacy has some incredible statistics both for electric vehicle (EV), and internal combustion (IC) drivers who want to save money, range, and have an interest in protecting the environment. 

The new Michelin e.Primacy is the first tyre to be carbon neutral at point of purchase, and has the lowest rolling resistance in its class. It is built on the core Michelin principle that a tyre should perform all the way to 1.6mm, which avoids early changing of tyres, reducing the environmental impact and saving the customer money. Impressively, it is still capable of passing the EU wet braking test after 30,000 km, a distance at which some competitor tyres might be already past the legal tread depth limit!

New Technology and Features

The new e.Primacy includes a myriad of new technology designed to lower the rolling resistance of the tyre, without sacrificing key safety qualities such as wet grip, or subjectively qualities like passenger comfort. The tyre is fitted with lighter, slimmer belting, an energy passive compound, an energy airshield, cool running sidewalls, and a u shaped tread groove (see end of article.)

All these new technologies result in a tyre which has the lowest rolling resistance of its premium summer tyre class, which means it can deliver an extra 7% range for an EV, or for IC engines, it can save around 174 kgs of co2 over the tyres life, or 21 litres of fuel every 15,000 kms. This saving is effectively giving you a free tyre every 30,000 kms driven!

The new tyres EU tyre label result of A rolling resistance and B in wet grip mean it has a label score that less than 1% of the tyres on the market can achieve.

The Michelin e.Primacy will be initially available in 56 sizes, covering 15 to 20 inches, and is perfect for electric vehicles such as a Tesla, or regular vehicle owners who have an interest in protecting the environment.


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