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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R (2) 100% 20% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Toyo R888 R (24) 94% 67% 87% 90% 66% 66%

Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2 given NAN% (325-30-21-)
Driving on track for 1000 spirited miles
Early review. I actually think that I like these better than the MPCS2. I'm surprised cos I thought that it would be a 50/50 split. The Dunnies definitely seem grippier in the dry and therefore inspire more confidence to brake very late and dive bomb those corners. The dry grip is superb. If they last as long as the Michies or even almost as long and have acceptable wet grip then I am a new convert. I really don't care about comfort !
tyre reviewed on 2019-03-10 02:30:15
Writing about the Toyo R888 R given 41% (265-35-19-W)
Driving on track for 200 spirited miles
This is a slow tire. I'm not sure how this tire is getting so many positive reviews. Maybe it's good for a lightweight vehicle or in smaller sizes. But I think it's no good for modern heavy cars which typically weighs more than 1400kg, or in bigger sizes. Grip is low and your laptime will suffer. This stand no chance against the track-focused tires, such as A050 GS, 03G, because it's quite a bit slower than some road tires, like RE-71R. Also, this tire is pretty heavier than other tires in same size which may contributes its slowness.
tyre reviewed on 2019-02-07 11:55:34
Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R given NAN% (325-30-21-W)
Driving on track for 350 spirited miles
Dry Grip 10/10
I had a chance to get a set of Pilot Sport Cup 2 R N0 on 991.1 GT3 RS and drove it on the Nordschleife. It looks like the Corvette Spec'd PSC2 ZP (i.e. shaved and more aggressively patterned PSC2), although this one is not a runflat tire. Anyway, it has a tremendous amount of grip and gives you extremely planted feeling. There are no other street tires feel like this one. Granted, I've used only two tires on the ring with this car, but they are Trofeo R and PSC2 N2. But this is a mile better than PSC2 N2 and maybe a half mile better than Trofeo R, which puts this tire on par with real slick tires.

These planted feeling is extremely important when you're on the Nordschleife, because it is very scary track (due to its bumpiness and unforgiving layouts) and this scariness acts as the biggest limiting factor on your laptime (well at least for me). Thanks to its tremendous grip, I was able to reach 7:12 BTG with this tire (and 7:10 composite lap) within 9 TF laps (3 laps in a row, break, repeat). Conditions on that day (surface/air temp, traffic) was very good but it was so big improvement over my previous personal best BTG time with this car, which was 7:19 (with Trofeo R).

Consistency and resistance to the heat build up is pretty similar to regular PSC2, which is very good. Warm up speed is not on par with very fast tire but it’s okay.

Wet Grip 1/10
Well, the regular PSC2 was never a good tire on a fully wet track or highway. Typically, the high performance summer street tires are the best on this regards, and these sorts of tires (streetable track) are much worse than them (in every aspects, including grip, resistance to hydroplaning, etc), especially if it's actually raining.

However, PSC2 was more resistant to hydroplaning, compare to the regular streetable track tires or its previous gens (PSC+ and PSC), thanks to its much deeper and wider groove. It wasn't exactly on par with the high performance street tires but you have no problem following the regular traffic, even if it's raining heavily (hence standing water here and there), as it has similar resistance to hydroplaning with low performance comfy tires.

PSC2 R reverts back every improvement in this respect and make it worse. Now, it's basically one of the worst tire you can have, if the surface is anything wetter than slightly moist. If it's raining heavily and there are many pools of water on the road, you will have hard time to keep up with trucks, let alone the fast cars. I can't believe this tire is street legal, for both dry and wet performance.

Road Feedback N/A
If it means reading every uneven surface through the tire and steering system, I can't really say about this one, because 991 has an electric power steering and every EPS-equipped cars do not have same level of road feedback that is available on hydraulic systems.

Handling 10/10
Well. I don't care about wet performance, so I'll go with dry grip on this one.

Wear N/A
I only drove it for 9 laps on Nordschleife (about 3 of them were either warm-up or cooling laps) and a few hundred km on Autobahn. It wasn't enough to wear it out completely, hence I can't really say about its tread life or heat cycles. However, the tread on this one looks pretty much like shaved PSC2, so I don't expect it to last as long as the regular PSC2 does.

Comfort 5/10
I'm pretty dull at this area, because all of my cars have had these sort of tires for the last decade or so, thus I became very insensitive about the noise and comfort long ago. I guess it's about an average among these sort of tires because it didn't feel particularly harsh. But again, I'm not sure as I don't care at all.

Buy again 7/10 (if price goes down somewhat similar to regular PSC2, 10/10)
I'm not sure about its longevity, so I'm also not sure about the running cost. But if it's close to half of regular PSC2, shorter lifespan combined with greater purchase price will push the running cost significantly higher, and that is beyond I'm willing to pay (I've gone through 15-20 sets of tires per year usually). However, I'm willing to pay somewhat more at least once in a while, since it felt so good. If I have an unlimited budget, I'll probably always use this tire, but then again, if I have an unlimited budget, I would have a 911 RSR not GT3 RS.
tyre reviewed on 2018-11-20 12:45:09
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