Falken Linam VAN01

The Falken Linam VAN01 is a Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Vans.

Tyre review data from 4 tyre reviews averaging 52% over 36,100 miles driven, and 1 tests with an average result of 8th.

Dry Grip 63%
Wet Grip 43%
Road Feedback 60%
Handling 53%
Wear 37%
Comfort 60%
Buy again 53%

The Linam VAN01 is ranked 5th of 6 Summer Touring tyres.

Tests Included


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Worst Result


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Latest Tyre Test Results

2019 ADAC Van 215/65 R16 C Tyre Test
8th of 16 tyres
  • Very low wear.
  • Very weak in the wet.
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2019 Tyre Tests

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205/65 R16 £121.00 - £129.13 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/65 R16 £125.15 - £125.15 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top 3 Falken Linam VAN01 Reviews

Given 88% while driving a Vauxhall Vivaro (205/65 R16) on mostly country roads for 100 spirited miles
Confidence inspiring tyres.
Covered over 100 miles on them in mostly wet conditions.
The old tyres with approx 3mm tread were always spinning on roundabouts when accelerating from stationary.
Conversely these tyres are sticking to the roads well, I have had only 1 small spin on the left tyre. Considering the state of the road surface and my acceleration, this is acceptable.
Compared with other vans, I have found the Vivaro to be quick to spin front tyres and sometimes under steer.
Therefore it is good to have tyres which are grippy and responsive for a reasonable price.
Can’t comment on road noise/mpg - it’s a van so it is noisy and seems to average 33mpg whatever.
I would definitely buy this tyre again.
Helpful 23 - tyre reviewed on November 22, 2023
Given 31% while driving a Peugeot Expert (225/65 R16) on mostly town for 21,000 average miles
I replaced my worn front tyres with these at the advice of the garage. My van previously had Michelin Agilis 51 that had covered aprox 35k miles.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend these tyres. They were on in the dry, but as soon as it rained these had no grip and it was difficult to put traction down when coming out of junctions. I also did not feel confident in their stopping ability, especially in the wet.

After only 21k miles they had worn down to 3mm. As my rear Agilis had now worn to 2mm (at 55k I’ll add) I decided to change all 4 tyres at the same time. When I ran the numbers I calculated the cost per 1k mile was actually higher with the Falkin than the previous tyres, and with a dramatic decrease in ability.

I would strongly recommend someone to look elsewhere for tyres. There price now means they aren’t even so ‘midrange’ as they use to be, getting close to the cost of premier tyres.
Helpful 10 - tyre reviewed on January 14, 2024
Given 77% while driving a Toyota Hi ace swb van (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 12,000 average miles
These are good van tyres, had some khumo ones on my have before these that I wore out in less than 10k miles, these grip as well wet or dry, have stiffer sidewalls, and aren't even halfway through the tread at 12k miles, they are even pretty quiet.
Helpful 56 - tyre reviewed on January 7, 2018
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Latest Falken Linam VAN01 Reviews

Given 24% while driving a Vauxhall 1.4 auto mk3 (205/65 R16 T) on mostly country roads for 3,000 average miles
Wheel spinning in all gears in damp or slightly wet roads. Wears out after 3000 miles. Do not buy except maybe for non driven wheels ie rear wheels on front wheel drive may be ok.
Helpful 59 - tyre reviewed on May 11, 2017