Continental ContiVanContact 200

The Continental ContiVanContact 200 is a Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Vans.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 73%
Wet Grip 58%
Road Feedback 67%
Handling 73%
Wear 30%
Comfort 57%
Buy again 27%

Tyre review data from 6 tyre reviews averaging 55% over 97,020 miles driven.

The ContiVanContact 200 is ranked 4th of 5 Summer Touring tyres.

Latest Tyre Test Results

2019 ADAC Van 215/65 R16 C Tyre Test - 5th of 16 tyres

  • Positive - Very low fuel consumption.
  • Negative - Weak in the dry, slightly weak in the wet.
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Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
195/65 R15 95T XL   B B 72 8.88kgs
205/65 R15 99T XL   B B 72 9.76kgs
215/65 R15 100T XL   B B 72 10.51kgs
195/70 R15 104R   B A 72 11.24kgs
215/60 R16 103T   B A 72 11.36kgs
215/60 R16 99H XL   B B 72 11.15kgs
235/60 R16 104H XL   B B 72 11.86kgs
195/65 R16 104T   B A 72 11.20kgs
205/65 R16 107T   B A 72 12.55kgs
205/65 R16 107T   B A 72 12.25kgs
215/65 R16 109R REN B A 72 13.10kgs
215/65 R16 109T   B A 72 13.43kgs
215/65 R16 109R   B A 72 13.87kgs
225/65 R16 112R   B A 72 14.11kgs
225/65 R16 112R REN B A 72 14.60kgs
235/65 R16 121R   B A 72 16.45kgs
235/65 R16 121R   B A 72 16.06kgs
235/65 R16 115R   B A 72 14.81kgs
235/65 R16 115R   B A 72 15.06kgs
185/75 R16 104R   B A 72 11.76kgs
195/75 R16 107R REN B A 72 12.39kgs
195/75 R16 107R   B A 72 12.08kgs
205/75 R16 110R   B A 72 13.32kgs
205/75 R16 113R   B A 72 14.69kgs
215/75 R16 113R   B A 72 14.11kgs
225/75 R16 121R   B A 72 17.00kgs
225/55 R17 109H   B A 72 13.01kgs
225/55 R17 101V XL   B B 72 11.34kgs
215/60 R17 109T   B A 72 12.79kgs
235/60 R17 117R   B A 72 16.23kgs

Questions and Answers for the Continental ContiVanContact 200

2020-10-07 - Are these tyres asymmetrical?

ContiVanContact 200 is an asymmetric tyre.

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ContiVanContact 200 Prices

Size Price Range  
205/65 R16 £112.00 - £123.36 (19 Prices) Compare Prices >>
215/60 R17 £138.10 - £150.65 (9 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/55 R17 £112.80 - £163.08 (20 Prices) Compare Prices >>
Available in 14 tyre sizes - View all.
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Latest Continental ContiVanContact 200 Reviews

Given 64% while driving a Volkswagen Transporter (215/65 R16) on a combination of roads for 0 easy going miles
These were factory fitted to my new 2016 T6 LWB van. Which has been custom converted to a camper. When the tyres were new all good. As they wore on the front mainly on the edges and scalloped. Then on , I have kept the front pressure up like around 51psi as per tyre sticker. Wear has evened out at no loss to performance in my opinion. I'm over 60 and driven heavy vehicles most of my life on Australia. This is my first van. So I mostly do highway running and touring. I don't throw it onto corners and stick to speed limits mostly. Its a wide tyre and designed for the tar. As I like to head off onto the gravel and find a grassy campsite. I have just replaced the tyres with Maxxis MCV3+ which seems to be a bit more aggressive for unsealed surfaces. Anyway, my Contivan 200 were recently replaced at 70,600km. Probably had about 5000 left in them. I doubt , I would buy them again. But ok , did the job on the tar in all conditions Yet, nothing to write home about. Lasted well though.
0 - tyre reviewed on November 10, 2021   
Given 41% while driving a Volkswagen Transporter (215/60 R17 T) on a combination of roads for 13,000 average miles
Factory fitted from new on my 69 plate Transporter kombi. This is my fourth Transporter over a period of approximately 12 years and I can honestly say these continental tyres are the worst I've had. Tread wear is totally unacceptable. The outer edges of the front tyres look almost bald at 13000 miles but with 6mm depth still to go. Any incline start in the wet causes the front wheels to spin. When I had the vehicle back from my local VW dealer with what I thought was a droning wheel bearing noise, I was informed that the rear tyre edges are suffering from 'stepping' which is causing the noise. I personally feel this tyre design is faulty and not fit for purpose. I am currently looking at alternative brands because they are that bad, even though there is possibly another year's use in them.
0 - tyre reviewed on February 6, 2021   
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Given 43% while driving a Volkswagen Transporter (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 20,000 average miles
These tyres were fitted as standard on my vw t6 and when new were a great tyre on wet or dry road conditions,i have now covered 20k and can honestly say these are now dangerous they seem to have a flaw whereas they wear heavily on the outer edge,mine and other transporter drivers,with the heavy downpours we have been experiencing lately ive now found the wheels slipping on the wet upward stretches on Exeter to Launceston rd A30,needless to say they are all being changed tommorow,wont be buying again.
0 - tyre reviewed on September 1, 2020   
Given 61% while driving a Mercedes Benz Vito (225/55 R17 H) on a combination of roads for 20 average miles
These Conti Van Contact 200 fitted to my Mercedes Vito were great in every way.......
For the 20,000 miles or so they lasted.
There is plenty of depth left, but none of the all important grip.
I would definitely use them again, if they were free, but paying full price for tyres to last just over one year is just not on.
5 - tyre reviewed on January 10, 2020   
Given 54% while driving a Mercedes Benz Vito (225/55 R17) on mostly country roads for 24,000 spirited miles
Had these on an ex demo Vito, 17000 miles, fronts look like they had been round the TT circuit for 6 months, lasted till 22 thou before they were actually dangerous, rears lasted 28 thou.
Were poor in the wet, back would step out on Islands with half worn tyres, reasonable ride and fuel consumption, absolute garbage on grass and mud, like grooved F1 tyres, aquaplaned alot on motorway.
Replaced with Dunlop van and WAY better, can drive on grass with an empty rear wheel drive van now, got stuck twice with the contis, better on Islands, do not aquaplane, and can feel grip. Will not be buying the contis as they only lasted 22 thou, and shat my pants in the wet on town tarmac, done that on the Dunlops in 2 year and about half worn front, and Scottish tarmac A roads are rough.
0 - tyre reviewed on December 13, 2019   
Given 66% while driving a Volkswagen Transporter (205/65 R16) on mostly motorways for 40,000 spirited miles
Verry good on dry and wet road but wear is huge. 35.000km and they have just a 1mm of profile. I switched rims rear to front and front back so i could made to 35000km.
10 - tyre reviewed on June 26, 2019