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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Continental Sport Contact 3 (243) 88% 80% 81% 77% 62% 74%
Rotalla RU01 S Pace (21) 83% 75% 72% 70% 77% 77%
Landsail LS588 UHP (83) 81% 76% 70% 68% 74% 79%
Goodride SA37 (21) 73% 66% 63% 61% 56% 65%

Audi Audi A6 Avant 3.0 TDI Quattro Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Goodride SA37 given 57% (245-40-18-W)
Driving on mostly country roads for 12427 average miles
Last year bought 4x tyres for 4WD.
Start OK in year 2018, but 2000 km later started to feel vibration - result > tyre jumping along the grooves in wheel balancer.
To warranty = new tyres. Put them on and 2000km was ok. Drived 12 000 km (year total). Tyre worn maybe 1 to 1,5mm. So this far -very good result, despite the warranty case. And with this - good grip in dry and wet (even speeds 180 km/h +), and very good grip, tyres lasted well, low noise level.

Then winter and this year 2019 put them on. Almost first kilometers - vibration again. Went to first tyre shop to balance rims - everything ok. Started to look at car axle drive - yeah, few parts needed to be changed, but after the change still vibration and started massive tyre wear. I don't know, 1000 km = 1 mm wear? That was crazy. Went to dealer to 3D wheel alignment. They regulated front wheels a bit but everything was almost ok. And still - massive tyre wear and tyres started to loose grip. Milled asphalt - I couldn't hold the steering wheel > car was all over the road. Ant the noise - omg. Like driving with mud tyre. Tyre looked fine but this year I could drive 8000 km and result was (tyre had 8 mm when new, 6,5-7 mm when I put them to storage after 12000 km) and this when I threw them away 1,3 mm was left. So worst case = 6,5 mm to 1,3 mm in 8000 km = that is crazy. At this level, there was no point to send them to warranty - pointless waste of my time.
And rear tyres - inner sides worn to staircase damage. When you look at side - tread is like staircase (stairs).

Yes - when new - good grip, good feedback, good handling (8 out of 10). But crazy worn level. Tread worn to stairs. Lasted 20 000 km total and were worn to 1,3mm. And within these 20 000 km, maybe I got 5000 km without any vibration etc.
So the result - I WILL NEVER BUY THESE TYRES AGAIN. Maybe tyre width (195 to 225 maybe lasts), but 245 tyre width this brand is garbage.
Replaced them to another company brand. Went to car dealer 3D wheel alignment - everything was superb, no adjustments needed at all. And ride is smooth, without any vibration, no tyre worn at all and i have done already 3500 km with new ones.
So again, Goodride SA37 - worst tyre ever. Keep away from it.
tyre reviewed on 2019-09-11 07:12:40
Writing about the Rotalla RU01 S Pace given 53% (255-35-19-)
Driving on mostly motorways for 1500 average miles
After less tha 15.000 Kilometers the car sarted to "rumble". It turned out that a big bubble had appeared on the inside of 1 tyre. I was lucky it did not explode. Never ever buy these tyres, they are dangerous!!!
tyre reviewed on 2018-10-11 09:14:39
Writing about the Continental Sport Contact 3 given 50% (255-45-19-W)
Driving on for 10000 easy going miles
Almost down to the indicators after 10k on an Audi A6 Allroad and not driven hard. About half motorway miles. Tramlines alarmingly on road markings and odd cambers.

Would not buy these again.
tyre reviewed on 2017-10-30 09:50:33
Writing about the Landsail LS588 UHP given 63% (255-40-19-W)
Driving on mostly motorways for 1000 spirited miles
I drove on Pirelli Pzero before. The Landsails are definitely more comfortable and quieter but the handling and grip is worse. For the money they are really good BUT.

I have an annoying vibration from my rear tires. I have had the tires rebalanced twice but the vibration persist! It's incredibly annoying due to pore quality. The rims are Audi oems and didnt vibrate at all with the Pirellis.
tyre reviewed on 2017-07-15 07:41:16
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