Landsail LS588 UHP

The Landsail LS588 UHP is a High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 81%
Wet Grip 77%
Road Feedback 70%
Handling 68%
Wear 76%
Comfort 80%
Buy again 71%

Tyre review data from 81 tyre reviews averaging 75% over 824,255 miles driven.

The LS588 UHP is ranked 70th of 190 Summer High Performance tyres.

Latest Tyre Test Results

2021 Auto Bild UUHP Summer Tyre Test - 8th of 9 tyres

  • Positive - Very low rolling resistance.
  • Negative - Limited wet grip, very long wet and dry braking distances, bad handling and poor aquaplaning resistance.
  • Overall - Not Recommended.
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2015 Test World Summer Tyre Test - 8th of 15 tyres

  • Positive - Short braking distance in the wet and dry
  • Negative - Handling not good enough in the dry. Very weak aquaplaning resistance.
  • Overall - The Landsail LS588 UHP were surprisingly unbalanced. Braking in the wet was excellent, but handling very unstable. In addition, the tyre copes worse than the others with emergency manoeuvres and is quite susceptible to aquaplaning. On dry pavement they again quickly stopped the car, but had very slow response to steering. Lateral grip and stability are too weak for the optimal performance of a sharp manoeuvre at high speed. Because of their softness they demonstrated a high level of comfort, effectively absorbing road irregularities.
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Questions and Answers for the Landsail LS588 UHP

2017-10-09 - What pressure should I run these on , currently driving a Ssangyong Acton Ute

The tyre pressure for the Landsail LS588 UHP is vehicle and load specific. The correct tyre pressure for your vehicle can usually be found on a sticker in the door shut of the driver's door, or in the manufacturer's handbook.

2018-01-15 - Do these tyres offer rim protection?

Looking at the pictures of the Landsail LS588 UHP, it does not look like they offer rim / curb protection.

2019-06-07 - Do these tyres offer rim protection?

I'm unsure, sorry

2020-06-03 - Is this tyre sutable for Honda vezal 2018 RS Model

Providing you can find the right size and load index, yes it is.

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Top 3 Landsail LS588 UHP Reviews

Given 80% while driving a Volkswagen Scirocco 1,4 TSI 160hp (235/40 R18 H) on mostly country roads for 2,000 average miles
I bought these tyres for 240euros.I am very happy because i think that it is best value for money.I do not know for how many kilimeters will be in good condition.Low noise tyres and very comfort set.
427 - tyre reviewed on September 4, 2016   
Audi S4 (245/35 R19 W) on a combination of roads for 7,000 spirited miles
Amazing tires and wallue great grip and all surface with Quatro it’s a great tyres and wear is amazing even on track
63 - tyre reviewed on August 20, 2018   
Audi (225/35 R19) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
My car is not a sports car.It is an audi a6 avant 3.0tdi.So its a big heavy car.Wheels are pretty big 19inch.So i go to the local tyre place and ask for two tyres.Just under 400 pounds WHAT?.So i start doing a little research and up pops landsail ls588.In a blind tyre test it did ok against all the big names.I bought four tyres for 220pounds.Ive been to germany twice cruised at 150mph.Tyres are nice and quiet and have lasted well.My question is where in this day and age can you put your high price tyres through their paces .You cant too much traffic so why would i spend nearly a grand .I love fast cars and yes if i were living where there was little or no traffic and i had a porsche of course i would spend the money.But for day to day driving around town and the occasional road trip there great.
58 - tyre reviewed on October 21, 2018   
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Latest Landsail LS588 UHP Reviews

Given 30% while driving a (255/40 R19) on mostly motorways for 3,000 average miles
I had these fitted on the front by the previous owner. Initially, they felt just fine. Dry grip was quite weak, but it didn't bothered me on this car. I also noticed a rhythmic vibration once I was over 120 km/h, but I thought that maybe the tires were not balanced quite right or maybe the alignment was off. While driving on the highway, i had a sudden puncture. Thankfully nothing dangerous, but it did damage the rim slightly. What was curious was that the entire inside of the tire had just come apart. A very strange way of failure, but I thought that maybe I had hit something. When I went to the tyre shop, I had new Pirelli Pzero fitted. When the other Landsail was taken from the car, I saw on the inside the very same defect as the one that punctured !! The tires were not underinflated and I have not hit absolutely anything. This was a very, very dangerous type of failure, that happened on both of the tires. This is unacceptable in my opinion. Once I had the replacement Pirelli's fitted, I also noticed an improvement in road noise. Please avoid the Landsails. There are plenty other better budget tires.
2 - tyre reviewed on August 6, 2021   
Given 86% while driving a Audi A4 1.9 TDI (235/40 R18) on a combination of roads for 20,000 spirited miles
I've been absolutely amazed by the performance of these tyres on my Audi quattro. The grip is excellent even on wet or snowy roads, they handle well and lasted a long time. Brilliant value.
1 - tyre reviewed on May 19, 2021   
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Given 51% while driving a BMW 335d (255/30 R19) on a combination of roads for 0 spirited miles
OK tyres except when it comes to handling. They're way too soft even with a such low profile and slow responsiveness. Last set i had wasn't that bad so they must have done some changes. Can't recommend to anyone who likes spirited driving and higher speeds
4 - tyre reviewed on April 15, 2021   
Given 42% while driving a Suzuki swift sport (205/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 2,000 spirited miles
I ran these on my fiancé’s swift sport as they came with the car and had 0 confidence in the car. At high speed the grip just wasn’t there, swift sports are known to be good handling grippy cars and going between mine with Michelin PS4 tires on the difference was noticeable. Mine would dart about as it should and inspired confidence, his didn’t really like turning in, there was a vagueness to the steering. Again we swapped the tires out and the difference was night and day. Do not buy these.
1 - tyre reviewed on March 24, 2021   
Given 91% while driving a SEAT Ibiza 1.6cr TDi (215/45 R16 W) on mostly country roads for 25,000 average miles
I had 4 fitted in March 2019 so 2 years and 25000 miles later the fronts still have 4.5mm and the rears almost 6 mm. I tow a caravan and trailer so the tyres get plenty of punishment, they cope well in the wet and dry and are quiet given I live in rural Lincolnshire and the roads are shocking these tyres perform brilliantly and at half the price of the Goodyear's previously fitted they represent great value. For a so called budget brand I have nothing but praise for them they suit my vehicle and at £65 a corner fitted I will continue to use them as long as I own the vehicle.
0 - tyre reviewed on March 7, 2021   
Given 73% while driving a Ford Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TCDI (235/40 R19 W) on a combination of roads for 5,500 average miles
When i bought my car in march 2020 the place i bought the car from fitted 4 LS588 tyres as part of the sale. I have been fairly surprized by these as they are far better than i was expecting, comfortable, low noise and handle pretty good, you really have to push them for them to let go and even then, they are predictable. Downside to these tyres, 5500 miles on the front and they are down to 4mm, rears are at 7mm. I swapped them round front to back to try and extend the life. I don't think i'd buy them again purely because they wear to quickly, if they lasted abit longer then i would buy again without a problem. Car is a 2016 ford mondeo estate diesel
3 - tyre reviewed on February 1, 2021   
Given 83% while driving a Volkswagen up! (205/40 R17) on mostly country roads for 4,000 spirited miles
Running on a tuned 120hp VW Up.. Previously had a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4's which I wore through in under 10k - I drive my car hard - so wanted to go for something a little cheaper this time. Apart from a little less feedback through the wheel, these tyres are awesome - more than enough grip in dry and wet even when throwing the car into corners way quicker than I should be. No tramlining or anything negative to say - not sure about wear yet however, but if they can do better than the Michelins I'll be happy
5 - tyre reviewed on January 9, 2021   
Audi (245/45 R18) on mostly country roads for 6,000 average miles
I have being running 588 landsail tyres however i wont be doing so anymore , I took them off to replace with winter tyres for the winter and noticed the new landsails i put on this summer have gone out of shape on the inside seems the wire bands have broke on 3 out 4 tyres , they look perfect on one side but when you roll them around these is a big inwards dent and capping is starting to lift , these tyres would have caused an accident if they had not being swapped for the winter set and only after 6k kms Bought from and as usual they dont want to know after 15 days of purchase I wont be dealing with them again or buying landsails.
5 - tyre reviewed on December 21, 2020   
BMW (265/35 R18) on mostly country roads for 500 spirited miles
I could not believe this Chinese tyres can do much more if not the same as premium tyres... This how tremendous technology gone so far on budget price tyre... My previous tyre are hankook ventus v12 evo 2 with 275/40R18 and now changing to landsail ls588 uhp 265/35R18 (available size in local store)... Initial impression after 500miles... The handling in dry absolutely stunning if compared to this price range with almost 50% cheaper than the v12 evo 2 the peformance is hard to beat, in wet heavy tropical rain thunderstorm in Malaysia is where this tyre shines the most! I'm disagreed with "2015 Test World Summer Tyre Test" that said this tyre have bad aquaplaining resistance, infact this tyre have far more superior aquaplaining resistance, handling limit in dry also predictable, stable in highspeed, of course the limit can reach early than hankook v12 evo 2 that can hold up the cornering much longer before loosing its grip but ls588 still manageable, progressive and not loosing grip out of sudden... This tyres also have good road respond and rigid sidewall then v12 evo 2 which is too soft and amazingly far more quiter than the evo 2... Definitely great set of tyre for daily run n fun spirited drive... Definitely will buy again!
9 - tyre reviewed on October 23, 2020   
Given 76% while driving a Audi TT RS (255/35 R19 W) on mostly town for 8,000 spirited miles
I had two LS588 fitted during my last MoT. I'm an enthusiastic driver and was hesitant to switch from Toyo but they are a fantastic road tyre. Very good for road noise and reassuring in the wet. Would recommend the LS588 to anyone, especially those who just need tyres and aren't performance orientated, simply because they're so impressive all round.
17 - tyre reviewed on September 25, 2020   
Given 27% while driving a Nissan 350z (225/45 R18 W) on mostly motorways for 500 average miles
Bought some LS388 from my local tyre shop they were absolutely terrible every change of direction Felt like the side wall was super weak and was flexing side to side when straightening up felt dangerous. Swapped to a new set off what was on it before Which have transformed it back to how it should be planted to the road. Buy cheap buy twice!
8 - tyre reviewed on September 12, 2020   
Given 94% while driving a Mercedes Benz E Class Estate (245/40 R18 W) on mostly motorways for 35,000 average miles
I had them on the front axle on my 2010 Mercedes Eclass E250cdi estate. Done over 35000miles,mostly motorway miles, no problem in the rain,and I found them very quiet also. I have replaced them now with 2020 Landsail ls588 uhp version for about £140 a pair balanced and fitted on.One negative thing I will add that my car rear wheels are bigger 265/35/18,and when I purchased them first time in 2016,on the rear tires both inside walls have cracked within one year. So, for me only the front tires have done the job right 245/40/18.I do recommend them as an cheaper alternative, they lasted 4 years and over 35000miles.
2 - tyre reviewed on August 27, 2020