Winrun R330

The Winrun R330 is a High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Dry Grip 79%
Wet Grip 66%
Road Feedback 68%
Handling 70%
Wear 73%
Comfort 77%
Buy again 65%

Tyre review data from 29 tyre reviews averaging 71% over 414,804 miles driven.

The R330 is ranked 95th of 199 Summer High Performance tyres.

Latest Tyre Test Results

Are Budget Tyres Finally Good Enough? 8 Cheap Tyres VS 1 Premium Tyre - 4th of 9 tyres

  • Overall - The Winrun R330 had a mid pack objective performance, but subjectively it was an easy tyre to drive with understeer balance. It was also one of the cheapest of the group and had the second lowest rolling resistance.
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2015 Australian Motor 235/35 R19 Tyre Test - 8th of 8 tyres

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Questions and Answers for the Winrun R330

2023-06-19 - I have a Lexus GSF and interested to see if there is any or much road noise transferred into the cabin. Do these tyres offer a relatively smooth driving experience or more firm?

The noise and comfort of the tyre was graded in this test.

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Size Price Range  
195/60 R15 £48.40 - £48.40 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R17 £52.78 - £52.78 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R18 £58.46 - £58.46 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
235/45 R17 £55.40 - £55.40 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
275/30 R20 £77.53 - £77.53 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top 3 Winrun R330 Reviews

Given 99% while driving a Daihatsu Perodua Myvi (205/40 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 0 average miles
.. i'm using Perodua Myvi SE 1.5 and just came to try these cheap tires on my 17" te37 wheels .. and .. suprisingly .. it is better compared to TOYO T1R on my previous set of tire .. great grip on dry/wet road.. doesnt give much noise .. excellent cornering at 80km/h ++ .. going to buy it again for sure .. safety comes first ..
Helpful 458 - tyre reviewed on November 27, 2015
Ford (255/35 R19 W) on a combination of roads for 1,300 spirited miles
I had Fallen FK722 on the car and they were terrible in the wet and they split on the rear. The Winrun R330 really surprise me with how good they are and how much better they are and how much better the wet performance is
Helpful 222 - tyre reviewed on March 25, 2017
Given 80% while driving a BMW 1 series (245/45 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 20,000 spirited miles
Was unsure of these but after 15-20k miles later, will definitely buy again. Very good value, highly recommend!
Helpful 131 - tyre reviewed on September 22, 2016
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Latest Winrun R330 Reviews

Given 80% while driving a Ford Mustang gt (305/35 R20) on mostly country roads for 4 spirited miles
Use these tyres as my run around and put my r888r on for summer they are a good value tyre fills the gap perfect
Helpful 6 - tyre reviewed on October 2, 2023
Given 21% while driving a Lexus IS200 F SPORT (225/40 R18) on a combination of roads for 2,500 average miles
If you are into aqua planing, tail sliding and having your family car unsafe then these are the tires for you!! Wet grip is horrible and found myself whilst driving like a granny still losing grip and sliding at roundabouts, don't even bother cornering in the wet!. I have these on 255/35/18 on the rear and 225/40/18 in the front, my worn out Pzero's handled better and regret the day I purchased them, I guess you get what you pay for. Tires have bad longevity as I have had them for 6 months and the fronts are worn by about 9mm, under no circumstances purchase these tyres.
Helpful 8 - tyre reviewed on May 31, 2023
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Given 78% while driving a Volkswagen Tiguan Sport 2.0 TDI 140hp (225/45 R17) on for 0 easy going miles
Very quite handled ok wear don't no yet I got 4motion grip really good wet and dry
Helpful 9 - tyre reviewed on May 6, 2023
Given 77% while driving a Toyota 2006 Avalon (195/60 R15) on for 0 miles
I've gotten these tyres a few weeks ago. I previously had Sailun touring LS tyres. These handle better, much better grip and definitely much better ride. I would use these over the touring LS any day. I believe the Atrezzo elite was a close competitor. Some may say the atrezzo elite was better, but I don't share the same view.
Helpful 8 - tyre reviewed on April 13, 2023
Given 53% while driving a BMW 118d (205/50 R17) on mostly town for 7,000 easy going miles
I have never felt more unsafe - bought two run flats for rear to match final cycle for front. I have had four sets on back for one set on front. Back end of car feels loose like on ice or mud, roundabouts in wet are frightening. Car is well maintained, runs and steers in a straight line, though I will get alignment checked in a day or two. The old worn out Potenzas fell far more tight and safe than these cheap, rubbish tyres from PRC. You get what you pay for and back to Potenza for me. My Wincrap tyres are about three months old, have done about 10k, and I’ll happily see them gone.
Helpful 13 - tyre reviewed on January 14, 2023
Given 87% while driving a Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 jtdm 200hp (225/45 R17) on mostly town for 650 average miles
Goid tyre. Soft and road noise good. Water no problem and dry road very good.
Helpful 15 - tyre reviewed on May 3, 2022
Given 86% while driving a Holden Commodore VE (225/45 R18) on a combination of roads for 0 spirited miles
Hi. I’m running 245/45/18 xl on my Holden be sv6. Best tyres I ever bought and they are a good price the grip in the wet and dry is awesome sticks to the corners like glue I find very little road noise from then and car handles awesome would buy them again anytime best tyres I bought
Helpful 29 - tyre reviewed on October 26, 2021
Given 78% while driving a Mazda cx5 (225/55 R19) on a combination of roads for 8,000 average miles
I was quite surprised as never heard of this Tyre brand before, I used the Toyo brand before this and must say the Winrun Tyre are pretty impressive, especially the price
Helpful 39 - tyre reviewed on July 1, 2021
Audi Q7 (275/45 R20) on for 21,000 easy going miles
Audi Q7 2009 22000 klms so far on these winruns fitted 9-19 has had 2 rotation allign and balance check tyre pressure monthly they won’t last another 5000 klms + they have big chips missing everywhere very poor build previously got 36000 klms from Bridgestones and 32000 klms from Michelins on this car
Helpful 57 - tyre reviewed on June 3, 2021
Given 10% while driving a Toyota Landcruiser (285/60 R17) on mostly town for 150 easy going miles
Vibration city. 3 x wheel balances to all tyres could not salvage. Hands went numb holding steering wheel. Winrun sales rep said no problem with tyres. Is that because they are supposed to rattle the car? I thought my 200 series landcruiser could handle most conditions. Winrun proved me wrong.......
Helpful 52 - tyre reviewed on May 27, 2021
Subaru Impreza (205/50 R16) on mostly country roads for 2,000 spirited miles
Better than expected! I was in the market for used tyres as an emergency buy but the opportunity arised for these brandnew WinRun. First 500Km i was a bit scared of what might happen since i tend to drive fast, curb faster and 99% of my daily driving is done on secondary roads with poor or dirty asphalt. Sometimes gravel, maybe on a weekly basis. Right from the beginning i was surprised at how well they behaved while curbing, not only because of the great grip but the most surprising aspect was how robust the sidewalls are. They don't flex at all and the car behaves splendidly. In the wet, since reviews were poor for this tyre i was a bit concerned but having them installed in December 2020 i still had time for a few weeks of below freezing temps and road ice. And of course, lots of rain! They behaved quite splendidly and i'm not giving them a 10 for "Wet Grip" simply because i'm afraid someone will crash because of my positive review. Î drive a 4 wheel drive car, symmetrical and i'm sure that makes a difference in the wet but i've had Bridgestones before and they were not even closely as good as the WinRuns. Strange? Yeah, for me too. They're now just above 3000 Km and are still behaving as they were when new. Wear seems to be stable, i have them a bit over-inflated but the only thing i would complain is that they're noisy. Anyway, not much of a problem for me because i drive listening to the car and the road. Radio is aalways off. Great tyres! Would love to try Pirellis and will do so if i can afford them when the time comes. If not, it'll be WinRun all over again.
Helpful 26 - tyre reviewed on April 19, 2021
Given 44% while driving a Peugeot RCZ GT 156THP (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 4,000 easy going miles
These are the tyres have to be the for wear that I have purchased I have only done about 4,000 km and already they are down to 7mm and 9 mm and I am not a hard driver at all, do not purchase these tyres they are a waste of money
Helpful 19 - tyre reviewed on March 2, 2021