Linglong Sport Master

The Linglong Sport Master is a High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tyre review data from 4 tyre reviews averaging 79% over 61,700 miles driven, and 4 tests with an average result of 13th.

Dry Grip 78%
Wet Grip 70%
Road Feedback 75%
Handling 75%
Wear 70%
Comfort 98%
Buy again 85%

First On MarketNovember 2020
Wheel Size16 - 22"
Width185 - 315mm
Profile30 - 55
Rolling ResistanceB - D
Wet GripA - C
Noise (dB)68 - 72
Winter RatingNot Winter Rated

The Sport Master is ranked 47th of 201 Summer High Performance tyres.

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Latest Tyre Test Results

2024 ADAC Summer Tyre Test
15th of 16 tyres
  • The Linglong Sport Master receives an overall satisfactory rating in driving safety. On dry roads, it provides only sufficient steering feedback and achieves an adequate rating in handling at the limit, with a tendency to oversteer during sudden evasive maneuvers and a slow stabilization time. Its braking performance on dry roads is also rated as satisfactory. In wet conditions, although the Sport Master achieves a good rating in braking distances, it only manages a satisfactory rating for aquaplaning resistance and handling, offering medium grip and suboptimal integration of longitudinal and lateral forces, leading to a satisfactory wet performance rating. Environmentally, the Linglong has a satisfactory impact, with satisfactory predicted mileage and good wear. Its efficiency is rated as good due to low fuel consumption and relatively low weight, but its sustainability, particularly for the tyre produced in China, is considered adequate.
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2023 AutoBild UHP Summer Tyre Test
16th of 21 tyres
  • Short wet and dry braking distances, low rolling noise, low price.
  • Very low mileage, strong understeering dry handling, moderate comfort.
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2023 AutoBild Sports Car Summer Tyre Test
12th of 13 tyres
  • Inexpensive sports tire with low rolling resistance and quiet rolling noise.
  • Moderate grip on wet and dry roads, limited safety reserves in the event of aquaplaning, delayed steering response and understeering handling on wet and dry roads, longer wet and dry braking distances.
  • Conditionally Recommended.
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2024 Tyre Tests

2023 Tyre Tests

16 inch
205/55R16 94 W XLCA69
205/55R16 94 Y XLCA69
205/55R16 91 VCA68
17 inch
225/50R17 98 Y XLCA69
225/45R17 94 Y XLCA69
225/50R17 94 VBC68
215/55R17 98 Y XLCA69
205/50R17 93 Y XLCA69
215/45R17 91 Y XLCA69
18 inch
255/35R18 94 Y XLCA70
245/45R18 100 Y XLCA69
245/40R18 97 Y XLCA69
225/40R18 92 Y XLCA69
19 inch
235/35R19 91 Y XLCA69
20 inch
245/35R20 95 Y XLCA69
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Top 3 Linglong Sport Master Reviews

Given 60% while driving a Kia Motors Rio (205/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 1,000 spirited miles
I'm driving a Kia Rio 1.4 Hatchback in Brunei. The roads are quite bad, very uneven with occasional potholes. Bought a used car and it came with almost worn-out Bridgestone Turanzas. Unsurprisingly, the Linglongs perform worse than the worn-out bridgestones. The purpose was to fit cheap tyres for daily duties so it serves the purpose.

Dry Grip - Decent but not confidence inspiring. Turn in is slow and it's not progressive, no warning it could just under steer but mind you this is under very hard cornering that one shouldn't be doing in a Kia Rio anyway. Steering feel is a bit vague and doesn't communicate well when you load up the tyres. For daily running and occasional heroics around a roundabout or back roads, it's fine. But it's definitely not a sports tyre.

Wet Grip - Average and definitely not confidence inspiring. Straight line aquaplaning risk is moderate. Can comfortably cruise at 80 to 100kmph on rainy highways. It does get a bit sketchy when you hit patches of standing water, you do tend to feel like you lost steering. Currently do not possess enough courage or suicidal thoughts to push any harder. I would take it easy on these tyres in the rain.

Comfort - Recommended 100%. These tyres are brilliant is this aspect. It's very low road noise compared to bridgestones and they round off potholes and undulations very nicely. It says sport master but it's definitely a comfort master.

Overall - it's fine for a daily runner who's objective is to just drive comfortably for cheap. Do not expect any sort of sporty driving characteristics from the tyre. I cannot tell how it will wear yet but probably won't last long. But it's so cheap, wear doesn't matter anyway. If you prioritize driving fun and wet driving safety, it's better to upgrade to a better brand. But if you are tired of life, your car and just want to spend less as possible for you to get from Point A to Point B, this is the tyre for you.

Why didn't I buy some other tyre.. honestly :\
Helpful 31 - tyre reviewed on October 23, 2023
Given 77% while driving a Audi A4 2.0 TDI 140 SLine (225/50 R17) on a combination of roads for 4,000 miles
Ling long sport master Very good tire for it's price. Easy can compare with Sava uhp, matador, kumho. Very good grip on dry, ok on wet road, a little bit understeering on high speed in corner. Overall you easy can drive on them for 3 season if you drive less than 15tkm per season
Helpful 32 - tyre reviewed on April 23, 2023
Given 80% while driving a Volvo S90 R Design (245/40 R20) on a combination of roads for 700 average miles
Very good tyres for that range of price. Dry and wet grip performance are quite good for a budget tyre. The wear i will see, only have 1000 km with them. Volvo S90 T8 Plug-in R-Design with a weight of 2150kg, 245/40R20.
Helpful 32 - tyre reviewed on April 18, 2023
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