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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Michelin Alpin A4 (53) 88% 95% 91% 88% 94% 93%
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 (113) 95% 91% 87% 88% 72% 85%
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 (238) 93% 90% 86% 88% 79% 81%
Firestone Firehawk 900 (5) 78% 80% 85% 85% 88% 90%
Nokian Hakka Blue 2 (2) 80% 90% 70% 80% 0% 90%
Vredestein Sportrac 5 (98) 88% 85% 84% 83% 86% 84%
Michelin CrossClimate 2 (103) 87% 82% 74% 72% 85% 84%
Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3 (7) 80% 80% 77% 78% 78% 85%
Bridgestone Adrenalin RE003 (89) 91% 78% 83% 87% 71% 74%
Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response (103) 88% 84% 84% 77% 76% 80%
Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 (80) 87% 81% 78% 79% 74% 77%
Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 (65) 84% 79% 81% 81% 76% 75%
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance (246) 86% 84% 76% 78% 73% 85%
Nokian WR D4 (68) 83% 82% 78% 79% 66% 83%
Kumho Ecsta PS31 (61) 82% 78% 75% 79% 74% 78%
Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2 (90) 84% 78% 78% 77% 76% 80%
Michelin Energy XM2 (50) 81% 74% 73% 74% 86% 73%
Michelin Primacy HP (199) 85% 75% 77% 74% 77% 76%
Continental Premium Contact 5 (116) 87% 82% 76% 77% 58% 78%
Three A P606 (47) 79% 73% 69% 69% 72% 76%
Toyo T1R (288) 83% 69% 75% 75% 63% 70%
Bridgestone DriveGuard (26) 84% 83% 77% 74% 47% 69%
Accelera Beta (11) 80% 59% 59% 53% 94% 75%
Pirelli P Zero Runflat (41) 83% 69% 76% 74% 58% 66%
Landsail LS288 (36) 74% 60% 65% 61% 68% 70%
Pace PC10 (11) 75% 61% 57% 60% 75% 66%
Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS (6) 85% 73% 80% 65% 63% 53%
Landsail DH2 (25) 69% 55% 56% 52% 57% 61%
Durun A One (22) 69% 48% 59% 48% 48% 51%
Event WL905 (129) 59% 30% 41% 39% 60% 49%
Triangle TR968 (68) 54% 32% 40% 38% 61% 38%

BMW 325i Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 given 92% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 500 average miles
Only done a few hundred miles on these (can’t comment on wear) but so far really impressed. Mix of average and smooth/spirited driving.

Ideal mix of firmness/compliance. For a family car anyway. They replaced runflats and I was worried they might be over-squishy, but they just aren’t. They’ve transformed the car and it feels both smoother and more sure-footed at the same time, with more predictable behaviour under load.

Not too noisy, and seem decent for rolling resistance.

Plenty of grip in the dry, but the wet traction and stability really is remarkable – including in some pretty deep standing water. Probably the best tyres I’ve experienced for wet grip if not on the same car. You don’t have to be throwing it around to tell the grip is just ‘there’, which gives a lot of confidence – including braking. A world of difference to a couple of hire cars I’ve had lately with (branded) eco tyres that just felt horribly aloof and skittish in the wet.

For ref I’ve got the 91 load (as recommended) -not 94/XL.
tyre reviewed on 2024-07-08 08:24:20
Writing about the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance given 46% (225-40-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 20000 average miles
This tire is so horrible that I finally motivate myself to write a review in public in order to save people's money or even life. 3 years ago the rear tires were worn so changed from pc6 to this thing (front remains as pc6 even till now). By the way, I have never been a fussy person and always keep low profile; I actually never thought I'd one day write anything about rubber that touches road in public. Anyway, back in 2021 when I got the discounted egp and brought them to my garage, the guy told me after he changed the tires he tested drive quite some distance because he "still couldn't figure out where the wobbling came from." He suspected his craftsmanship at first but he also cast doubt at the new tires, "but they are gy they are supposed to be good...," he also murmured. Told him I'm not pro I just need tires that run fine and took my car home. Unfortunately, gradually I began to understand what he tried to say.....this soft profile like many have reported is very discouraging and rendered zero driving pleasure. The old-school inline-6 can easily hit 200 km/h and still got room to raise its speed, but with this egp in the rear this never happened again. Not because of power loss but the feeling at 200 was just horrible. Even around 120-160 the wobbling dissuades me from any steering other than slight lane change steer. I feel like I'm done if there comes any incident that requires me to react bigger. These tires are only suitable for granny's panda. Last summer the tire puncture alert suddenly came on when I was on road. And what a surprise, guess front pc6 or rear egp ;) unbelievable quality that rear tire got puncture when the 7-year-old front didn't. While the worst yet to come. Couple weeks ago so unlucky when I left for the office it started to snow, but not blizzard snow here is always mild. Passing through a lane that linked to a roundabout where I drive everyday, a mild 40km/h was not possible for the car to stop at the roundabout so the nosy abs kicked in and staggered the car, and eventually kissed the front car. I was frightened and lost confidence in my car, thinking the brake was malfunctioned. But brought her to the garage and they say the brake was just great. So it was tire. Yet this darn thang never happened when I got 4 pc6 on road, btw I was aware of snow and there is neither piled snow nor ice, just a snow fall started, melted once it touches ground that kind. In the end I tried to confirm it myself, I fingered the surface of the tires, felt obvious difference, that pc6 was abrasive while egp was slippery, especially in cold days ~0 degC. Don't ever think gy can bail itself out from me by saying "hey but it was snowing", or "hey it was 0 degC you were supposed to use winter tires!" Such a high-end brand producing a product with such marginal capability, shame on you. In contrast, why conti's summer products didn't screw me eh? Conclusion: this stuff is only for people without any slightest fast and furious element in his gene. Otherwise its marginal capability will mislead you and has you encounter accident sooner or later.
tyre reviewed on 2024-01-24 14:10:34
Writing about the Toyo T1R given 86% (225-45-17-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 150 spirited miles
Love my tyres, sadly they don't make them any more so buying them to replace is looking round single tyre sales at various yards or ebay etc. but they've been excellent. noticeably not as good in heavy rain, as they are in the summer hot sticky roads etc, but amazing overall.
tyre reviewed on 2024-01-16 20:07:37
Writing about the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 given 83% (225-40-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 12000 spirited miles
When I fitted them for the first time, on one of my cars it felt like it's reborn. Amazing handling, grip and feedback. I was astonished. The only bad thing is that only after a year and a half and about 20k kms, I have torn the internal structure and they have become impossible to balance, started to give vibrations at random speeds and had to replace them. Surprise surprise. I have replaced them with exactly the same ones. It's only because I admit that my driving didn't help. I always attack the corners with the maximum possible speed. And don't have much regard for speedbumps. I could see that only the edges of the tires was looking worn and the rest looked still great. They looked like they were driven hard on a racetrack. So I'm sure it's my fault that they have disintegrated inside so quickly. Probably the hot weather here (Dubai) didn't help much too. I am not sure how they handle in the wet, but I don't really care, haha.
Overall astonishing tyre. Will recommend 10/10.
tyre reviewed on 2023-10-24 12:16:54
Writing about the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 given 90% (225-45-17-)
Driving on track for 500 spirited miles
Excellent wet grip. Because of these tyres i won two timeattack events this season in wet. Also good in dry but overheats quickly.
tyre reviewed on 2023-09-23 00:43:15
Writing about the Continental Premium Contact 5 given 93% (205-55-16-)
Driving on mostly town for 10000 spirited miles
+: 1)Komfort 1)Soft 2)Road Grip 3)Braking distances 4)All is well in the wet 5)A little better for premium. //// -: 1)Noisy 2)Easy to cut 3)swinging 4)easily deformed 5)no choice R17-R18
tyre reviewed on 2022-09-01 12:18:58
Writing about the Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3 given 83% (225-50-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 6000 spirited miles
After 10 000km, about 1mm wear (20%) for 75% highway, 25% mountain roads dynamic driving. With High temperatures (40degrees C) the tire feels composed. Only weaknesses are hard braking (ABS tends to engage sooner) and large turns at high speeds. Otherwise all good! No rubber delamination compared to a crossclimate I previously had (which needed a much more relaxed driving)
tyre reviewed on 2022-08-16 04:51:09
Writing about the Michelin CrossClimate 2 given 51% (255-40-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 average miles
After just over 2000 miles or use, I have to say that i'm quite disappointed. Dry grip is average at best and wet grip is not anywhere near what I was expecting. The tyres don't work when cold or in slightly icy conditions. They also don't work well when its hot. This was my first time trying all season tyres and I defo will not do it again. Better off getting a good set of summers and, if you need it, a spare set of winters. The one area I think these tyres do well is in comfort. I've done a few long drives with them now and they do soak up the road well. MPG is not good.
tyre reviewed on 2022-04-30 15:03:30
Writing about the Accelera Beta given 37% (205-50-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 15000 spirited miles
Drove this tire from Oct-2016 to Jan-2021, then switched to Michelin PS4. - Dry grip: Poor like driving on ice especially in high speed corner, but no problem in straight. - Wet grip: Even poorer, but still no problem in straight. - Comfort: poor, harsh ride. The noise is bad even in low speed, I thought I had a failed wheel bearing but the noise gone after switching to the new PS4. - Braking: The brakes became jerky when using this tire. - Acceleration: Draggy, high rolling resistance. - Actual size: I used 205/50 R17, though the bead is in the right size, the thread seems like it is 2 steps smaller (looked like 185 width thread), this is the most disappointing aspect for me. - Wear: good, after 4 years & some 20k km driven the thread still looked like new, about 70-80% thread depth left. Cons: Only use this tire if you: 1. Only drive in city 2. Very calm in high way 3. Have no problem with the bad things I mentioned above.
tyre reviewed on 2021-02-15 06:17:19
Writing about the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS given 81% (245-45-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 20000 spirited miles
The RE 988 is a really great tire, matches the BMW perfectly and feels nice and sporty for an all season tire :)
tyre reviewed on 2021-01-22 17:17:26
Writing about the Nokian Hakka Blue 2 given 85% (205-55-16-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2500 spirited miles
Excellent grip both in the dry and wet. Aquaplaning is hardly an issue even at highway speeds
tyre reviewed on 2020-08-07 11:50:13
Writing about the Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 given 40% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 100 spirited miles
These tires are insanely noisy on my BMW 325it sport package. I never even thought about tire noise until I got these installed. They are incredibly noisy at all speeds to the point that I no longer enjoy driving my car and am driving my 2007 328it sport package instead. Honestly worried about hearing damage with the Hankooks. I have had the OEM Continental tire and most recently this same Hankook tire. Neither of the two previous tires were noisy and I chose to install the Hankooks again because they were so quiet and yet handled well. Obviously something has changed for the worse at Hankook. Do not buy these tires if you value the quiet enjoyment of your car.
tyre reviewed on 2020-05-10 17:21:59
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