Vredestein Sportrac 5

Dry Grip 89%
Wet Grip 86%
Road Feedback 84%
Handling 84%
Wear 86%
Comfort 84%
Buy again 83%

The Vredestein Sportrac 5 is a High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

This tyre replaced the Vredestein Sportrac 3

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Tyre review data from 85 tyre reviews averaging 85% over 907,475 miles driven.

Latest Group Test Results

2019 Swedish Summer Tyre Test - 8th of 13 tyres

  • Positive - Acceptable dry handling.
  • Negative - Long braking distances and nervous handling in the wet. Long dry braking.

2019 ADAC Summer Tyre Test - 185/65 R15 - 2nd of 16 tyres

  • Positive - Very balanced summer tyres, especially good on wet roads and low wear.
  • Negative - None mentioned.

2018 ADAC Summer Tyre Test - 205/55 R16 - 16th of 16 tyres

  • Positive - Lowest fuel use, very good in the dry
  • Negative - A little weak in the wet, ADAC high speed test failed, standard test ECE R-30 passed
Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
185/70 R14 88H   E A 70 7.13kgs
185/70 R14 88H         7.20kgs
205/50 R15 86V   C A 70 7.29kgs
205/55 R15 88V   C A 70 7.43kgs
205/60 R15 91V   C A 70 7.97kgs
185/65 R15 92V XL   B A 71 7.93kgs
195/65 R15 91V   C A 70 7.82kgs
215/65 R15 96H   C A 71 8.60kgs
195/45 R16 84V XL   E A 71 7.13kgs
195/55 R16 91V XL   C B 70 7.50kgs
225/70 R16 103H   C A 70 11.80kgs
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Size Price Range  
195/50 R15 £51.38 - £61.52 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
195/65 R15 £42.88 - £81.60 (15 Prices) Compare Prices >>
205/50 R16 £79.20 - £96.00 (6 Prices) Compare Prices >>
205/55 R16 £51.49 - £84.80 (17 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top 3 Vredestein Sportrac 5 Reviews

Given 81% while driving a Ford Focus (205/55 R16 W) on mostly country roads for 12,000 spirited miles
Got these to replace a set of worn out Michelin Primary HP tyres on the Ford Focus.
Firstly you need to understand that a couple of years previously i'd had the standard suspension upgraded by swapping it out for Bilstien B12 Gas shocks with matching Eibach springs, due to rubbish A & B roads causing suspension damage, After which I had the whole set up laser aligned by the tuning company that fitted the suspension.

Anyways , following this , the better handling from this swap led to a downside.The tyre noise transmitting through the body from the Michelin's on all road surfaces increased considerably.When it came time to change, i got a set of 4 x Sportrac 5's all round.Firstly the road noise reduced noticeably.It was still there, but not as bad.
Handling: - At first I though I'd made a huge mistake. The handling seemed sloppy and the car seemed wayward.However I persevered and as the tyres scrubbed in over the next few thousand miles, the grip level has kept on increasing.

12000 mile later and they are now gripping really well in both wet and dry conditions, almost like a premium sports tyre. The wear rate also seems very good.

Knowing what i know now.I will definitely put them on again , when it becomes time to replace them, and put up with scrubbing the next set in as well.
94 - tyre reviewed on May 25, 2016   
Given 90% while driving a Volkswagen Passat B4 (205/50 R15) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
On the open road, the tires are excellent, but not as good on the city asphalt. They wander well on the wet. For each recommendation.
19 - tyre reviewed on February 20, 2019   
Given 51% while driving a Kia Motors ceed (205/55 R16 V) on a combination of roads for 25,000 spirited miles
Noisy, poor aquaplaning, poor wet grip, good dry grip and low wear. The tires were manufactured in 2012.
19 - tyre reviewed on June 10, 2018   
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Latest Vredestein Sportrac 5 Reviews

Given 94% while driving a Ford Mondeo Mk3 1.8 (205/50 R17 V) on mostly country roads for 40,000 spirited miles
A benchmark tyre for everyday drivers. Comfy, tons of grip, smooth ride.
3 - tyre reviewed on November 1, 2020   
Given 90% while driving a Nissan SUNNY (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 50,000 spirited miles
Best tyres i have used... Very good grip both dry aannd wet roads... Smooth running with almost no noise.. Excellent response in turns and braking..
3 - tyre reviewed on October 1, 2020   
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Given 83% while driving a Mazda 3 2014 (205/60 R16 H) on mostly motorways for 3,000 average miles
Great value tire. Feels really good, and better than the factory mounted Toyo R38.
0 - tyre reviewed on September 11, 2020   
Given 90% while driving a Nissan SUNNY (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 50,000 spirited miles
Best tyres i have used... Very good grip both dry aannd wet roads... Smooth running with almost no noise.. Excellent response in turns and braking..
1 - tyre reviewed on August 10, 2020   
Skoda (185/60 R15 H) on mostly country roads for 50,000 easy going miles
Before these tires I wore barum bravurious, hankook xl, bringeston turanza. None of this was that good. The sportrac 5 effortlessly got me 50000mm safely. Very good in dry and wet. In the light snow he walks. It is economical and has a hard sole. I would go through it again. I did the kilometers in two years.
0 - tyre reviewed on July 15, 2020   
Given 80% while driving a SEAT Arosa (195/45 R15 V) on a combination of roads for 5,000 spirited miles
Very reliable tyre in all sections with a very good performance and rim protection.Excellent feedback,not very soft/medium rubber for comfort.
2 - tyre reviewed on June 5, 2020   
Given 70% while driving a Audi 100 c4 2.0 E (185/70 R14 H) on mostly motorways for 1,300 easy going miles
The drive quality is perfect but the wear is a real trouble. 2mm down in 2000 km in a very careful driving style mostly on highway at no more than 100 km/h. 185/70 r14 tires, made in India.
3 - tyre reviewed on May 20, 2020   
Given 60% while driving a Ford Fiesta mk7 (195/45 R15 V) on a combination of roads for 0 spirited miles
Really do not understand these reviews. 100% true what is stated here: https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/88489/vredestein-sportrac-5-tyre-review Dry grip almost non-existent for 125 BHP Fiesta. You may not be able to move a car from standstill on a Dry asphalt using 1st gear up to almost 7000rpm. Moose manoeuvre very vague for 45 profile and 2.2 all round pressures. This is not (even little) sport tire. An initial impression (350 km), but I will probably change them soon.
3 - tyre reviewed on April 8, 2020   
Given 73% while driving a BMW 218d Active Tourer (205/55 R17 V) on mostly motorways for 7,000 average miles
Bought these to replace the stock GY Efficient Grip Performance RUNFLAT on my Active Tourer, which had 3-4 mm of thread and almost 70000km in the (4 yeras old). Grip was problematic in the old ones.

Have drive the Sportrac 5 for about 10000km since march 2019 when I fitted them. First impressions were off course positive: much grippier tire than the old and worn GY. But although they are very grippy in dry, but most noticeably in the wet, I would say they are a harsh and noisy tire. These are not runflat tires and with the same preassure front and back, I did not see much improvement with regard to comfort, maybe because they are the XL version with stronger sidewalls. Secondly: they are very loud in comparison with the old and worn GY.

my conclusion: grippy, sporty tire, especially in the wet...but harsh and noisy.
0 - tyre reviewed on October 5, 2019   
Given 93% while driving a Volkswagen Golf Mk4 1.9 GTTDi (205/55 R16) on mostly country roads for 600 spirited miles
Only been on about 600 miles so far. Grip improving still, very impressive In all areas so far.
Quiet, and with good grip, these Sportracs are a revelation in the rain.

I’m told these tyres get better as they bed in. I’m happy now, if they improve more I’ll be amazed.

My car is fairly torquey, and so
would spin it’s tyres in the wet previously. These haven’t spam once as yet.
6 - tyre reviewed on August 17, 2019   

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