2020 SUV 4x4 Summer Tyre Test

The 2020 Auto Bild AllRad SUV / 4x4 tyre test has looked at the popular 255/55 R18 tyre size. While the tyre patterns included in the test are aimed at "soft roaders", which spend 99% of their time on normal roads, Auto Bild still went to the effort of testing the handling and traction on gravel of all ten tyres, along with traction on grass, mud and even sand!

Off-road performance is often an opposing quality to on-road grip, with dedicated off-road tyres performing well in loose surfaces such as gravel and mud, but poorly on-road in the dry and wet.  It's worth noting, as we found out with our off-road tyre test, repeatable off-road testing is extremely difficult, especially in mud, so these figures should only be used as a broad guide.



Dry braking is often closely contested, but the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV proved to have a near meter advantage over the nearest rival. It's also been a long time since we've seen a budget tyre perform poorly in the dry, which is exactly what the Lexani LX-Thirty did, stopping the SUV 6.5 meters behind the Michelin!

The dry handling results were broadly the same, but this time Dunlop narrowly beat Michelin for the fastest lap time.


Michelin dominated the wet testing, winning all three tests.

Like dry braking, wet braking saw Michelin and Dunlop leading the way, with the budget Lexani tyre taking over 20 meters longer to stop the vehicle. 

This time during wet handling, Michelin held the advantage, beating the Dunlop by a significant margin.

Surprisingly Michelin also performed best in the aquaplaning test, which is often an opposing quality for dry grip.


Off-road is where things get really interesting / confusing. Usually, a tyre that performs well off-road, doesn't perform on-road, but it seems Michelin have done their best to disprove that rule.

The Pilot Sport 4 SUV was the best in the wet and dry overall, and had the fastest lap time during gravel handling.

Travel traction was close amongst the top five tyres, with Barum taking its first win of the test.

Grass traction was also won by the French manufacturer.

Maxxis won mud testing, with Dunlop and Michelin having to settle for second and third overall.

To highlight how interesting off-road testing is, sand traction was won by Cooper, wich was essentially last in mud and grass traction!


The Continental owned Barum Bravuris 5HM showed to have a significant advantage during rolling resistance testing, with the otherwise excellent Dunlop joint last.

All ten tyres were in 3dB of each other.

And finally it will be no surprise that the Michelin was the most expensive set of tyres on test, and the budget the cheapest! No wear testing was performed this time, so we're unable to work out what value each tyre represents.


1st: Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking1st100%
Dry Handling2nd-0.1 Km/H99.91%
Wet Braking1st100%
Wet Handling1st100%
Straight Aqua1st100%
Gravel Handling1st100%
Gravel Traction2nd-13 N99.47%
Sand Traction3rd-23 N99.07%
Grass Traction1st100%
Mud Traction3rd-180 N93.92%
Noise8th+2.2 dB96.95%
Tyre Weight5th+6 Kg89.66%
Price10th+260 57.02%
Rolling Resistance4th+1.07 kg / t86.19%
Driving dynamics in a class of their own. The test winner is ahead in almost all categories.
High purchase price.

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2nd: Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2 SUV

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2 SUV
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking2nd+0.6 M98.22%
Dry Handling3rd-0.8 Km/H99.29%
Wet Braking2nd+1.7 M96.47%
Wet Handling2nd-1.7 Km/H98.03%
Straight Aqua7th-3.9 Km/H95.65%
Gravel Handling2nd-0.3 Km/H99.53%
Gravel Traction5th-32 N98.69%
Sand Traction8th-230 N90.7%
Grass Traction4th-309 N91.15%
Mud Traction2nd-120 N95.95%
Noise6th+1.1 dB98.45%
Tyre Weight8th+6.4 Kg89.04%
Price8th+185 65.09%
Rolling Resistance10th+1.7 kg / t79.71%
Balanced performance in nearly all categories. High steering precision and short wet and dry braking.
Average rolling resistance.

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3rd: Vredestein Ultrac Satin

Vredestein Ultrac Satin
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking5th+1.6 M95.4%
Dry Handling7th-1.2 Km/H98.93%
Wet Braking5th+4.4 M91.34%
Wet Handling3rd-2 Km/H97.68%
Straight Aqua5th-3.3 Km/H96.32%
Gravel Handling2nd-0.3 Km/H99.53%
Gravel Traction10th-212 N91.31%
Sand Traction6th-153 N93.81%
Grass Traction2nd-224 N93.59%
Mud Traction4th-240 N91.89%
Noise3rd+0.3 dB99.57%
Tyre Weight3rd+4.8 Kg91.55%
Price5th+120 74.19%
Rolling Resistance2nd+0.58 kg / t92.01%
Great price / performance ratio, good wet handling, low noise, low rolling resistance.
Average traction on gravel.

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4th: Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 SUV

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 SUV
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking3rd+0.9 M97.36%
Dry Handling1st100%
Wet Braking3rd+3 M93.93%
Wet Handling3rd-2 Km/H97.68%
Straight Aqua7th-3.9 Km/H95.65%
Gravel Handling7th-1 Km/H98.45%
Gravel Traction3rd-17 N99.3%
Sand Traction4th-85 N96.56%
Grass Traction8th-525 N84.97%
Mud Traction7th-280 N90.54%
Tyre Weight5th+6 Kg89.66%
Price8th+185 65.09%
Rolling Resistance8th+1.6 kg / t80.68%
Top performance on dry roads, dynamic dry handling, precise steering behavior, short dry braking, good comfort.
Average grass traction.

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5th: Pirelli Scorpion Verde

Pirelli Scorpion Verde
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking4th+1.5 M95.68%
Dry Handling3rd-0.8 Km/H99.29%
Wet Braking4th+3.8 M92.43%
Wet Handling9th-4.1 Km/H95.24%
Straight Aqua9th-4.4 Km/H95.09%
Gravel Handling7th-1 Km/H98.45%
Gravel Traction6th-61 N97.5%
Sand Traction7th-208 N91.59%
Grass Traction5th-421 N87.94%
Mud Traction9th-310 N89.53%
Noise5th+0.5 dB99.29%
Tyre Weight10th+7.2 Kg87.84%
Price7th+155 69%
Rolling Resistance5th+1.43 kg / t82.37%
A balanced premium summer tyre with stable and safe behaviour on wet and dry roads, good comfort.
Average offroad performance.

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6th: Maxxis Victra Sport VS5 SUV

Maxxis Victra Sport VS5 SUV
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking8th+2 M94.32%
Dry Handling6th-1.1 Km/H99.02%
Wet Braking6th+6 M88.55%
Wet Handling7th-3.8 Km/H95.59%
Straight Aqua2nd-1.6 Km/H98.22%
Gravel Handling4th-0.4 Km/H99.38%
Gravel Traction8th-120 N95.08%
Sand Traction5th-118 N95.23%
Grass Traction6th-496 N85.8%
Mud Traction1st100%
Noise2nd+0.2 dB99.71%
Tyre Weight8th+6.4 Kg89.04%
Price3rd+65 84.15%
Rolling Resistance7th+1.51 kg / t81.56%
High aquaplaning resistance, good off road handling, good in the dry.
Average wet performance in all categories.

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6th: Barum Bravuris 5HM

Barum Bravuris 5HM
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking9th+3.6 M90.22%
Dry Handling9th-2.5 Km/H97.77%
Wet Braking9th+9.5 M83.01%
Wet Handling8th-4 Km/H95.36%
Straight Aqua4th-2.6 Km/H97.1%
Gravel Handling4th-0.4 Km/H99.38%
Gravel Traction1st100%
Sand Traction2nd-12 N99.51%
Grass Traction7th-499 N85.71%
Mud Traction4th-240 N91.89%
Noise9th+2.3 dB96.81%
Tyre Weight1st100%
Price2nd+35 90.79%
Rolling Resistance1st100%
High traction on gravel and sand, good comfort, low rolling resistance, well priced.
Understeer during dry handling, long wet braking, average traction on grass.

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8th: Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport

Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking7th+1.9 M94.59%
Dry Handling3rd-0.8 Km/H99.29%
Wet Braking8th+9 M83.75%
Wet Handling5th-2.9 Km/H96.64%
Straight Aqua10th-7 Km/H92.2%
Gravel Handling6th-0.9 Km/H98.6%
Gravel Traction4th-30 N98.77%
Sand Traction1st100%
Grass Traction9th-582 N83.33%
Mud Traction8th-290 N90.2%
Noise3rd+0.3 dB99.57%
Tyre Weight2nd+4 Kg92.86%
Price4th+105 76.67%
Rolling Resistance6th+1.45 kg / t82.16%
High traction on sand and gravel, stable dry handling, low rolling noise.
Limited aquaplaning resistance, long wet braking distances.

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8th: Nokian PowerProof SUV

Nokian PowerProof SUV
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking6th+1.7 M95.13%
Dry Handling8th-1.5 Km/H98.66%
Wet Braking7th+7.8 M85.61%
Wet Handling6th-3.6 Km/H95.82%
Straight Aqua3rd-1.7 Km/H98.1%
Gravel Handling9th-1.4 Km/H97.83%
Gravel Traction9th-135 N94.47%
Sand Traction10th-247 N90.01%
Grass Traction2nd-224 N93.59%
Mud Traction4th-240 N91.89%
Noise7th+1.3 dB98.17%
Tyre Weight3rd+4.8 Kg91.55%
Price6th+135 71.88%
Rolling Resistance3rd+0.71 kg / t90.39%
Good safety reserves for aquaplaning, low noise, low rolling resistance.
Long wet braking, average offroad performance.

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10th: Lexani LX Thirty

Lexani LX Thirty
  • 255/55 R18
Dry Braking10th+6.6 M83.42%
Dry Handling10th-3.8 Km/H96.61%
Wet Braking10th+21.9 M67.94%
Wet Handling10th-8 Km/H90.72%
Straight Aqua6th-3.8 Km/H95.76%
Gravel Handling9th-1.4 Km/H97.83%
Gravel Traction7th-76 N96.89%
Sand Traction9th-240 N90.29%
Grass Traction10th-663 N81.01%
Mud Traction10th-490 N83.45%
Noise10th+2.8 dB96.15%
Tyre Weight5th+6 Kg89.66%
Rolling Resistance9th+1.69 kg / t79.81%
Extremely long wet and dry braking distances, poor steering feel and feedback, dangerous levels of understeer.

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