Continental CrossContact LX Sport

The Continental CrossContact LX Sport is a Ultra High Performance All Season tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4s.

Tyre review data from 10 tyre reviews averaging 55% over 97,127 miles driven.

Dry Grip 77%
Wet Grip 69%
Road Feedback 51%
Handling 58%
Wear 37%
Comfort 74%
Buy again 34%
Snow Grip 49%
Ice Grip 43%

The CrossContact LX Sport is ranked 4th of 4 All Season Ultra High Performance tyres.

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Top 3 Continental CrossContact LX Sport Reviews

Given 59% while driving a Kia Motors Sportage (235/55 R17) on a combination of roads for 20,000 average miles
After 2 years and 20,000 miles these have given up. One of them has a slow puncture at the shoulder from a split in the rubber. Two of them have cracks all over the tread surfaces and grooves. Remaining tread on all 4 is about 2mm which is pretty rapid wear in 20,000 miles. They have been excellent in snow and ice, and pretty good in thick mud too.
Helpful 29 - tyre reviewed on July 26, 2022
Given 38% while driving a Audi Q5 (235/60 R18) on mostly town for 72 easy going miles
My Audi dealer replaced my Audi Q5 with the Cross Contact LX Sport tires - they only last 29,000 miles. I paid $1,100 for 3 tires. Not only are they overpriced but they have bad tread life. Never again! No wonder they offer no mileage warranty.
Helpful 20 - tyre reviewed on April 19, 2023
Given 31% while driving a Chevrolet Gray chevrolet blazer (/65 R18) on mostly motorways for 0 average miles
These were the worst tires I've had on my 2021 blazer couldn't even hold a straight line on ice just swerved back and forth i replaced them after 19,000 miles with goodyear weather guard all season and it took care of everything and had the alignment checked to
Helpful 30 - tyre reviewed on February 3, 2022
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Latest Continental CrossContact LX Sport Reviews

Given 88% while driving a Honda (225/55 R19) on mostly motorways for 45 spirited miles
I bought my Honda CRV AWD Touring in March 2021 right out of the Honda showroom. I have just over 50,000 miles in 2.5 years. The tires still have a certified tread of 5/32 (2) and 4/32 (2). They were rotated at the Honda dealership at oil changes-at least 5 times over that time period. I drive approximately 85 - 90 % highway and during all the seasonal changes that living in NE Ohio brings. In dry weather, typical speed is 75 -80 mph. These tires have seen me through ice, snow, sleet, rain, and dry weather. I plan on purchasing them again before this winter begins.
Helpful 14 - tyre reviewed on September 7, 2023
Given 53% while driving a Land Rover Range Rover V8 Vogue (275/45 R20) on a combination of roads for 10 easy going miles
These tyres frightened me! On two separate occasions the completely ‘let go’ and aquaplaned on a UK motorway. There was some standing water but I was travelling at the same speed or less with other vehicles. On A Roads, hitting a puddle on one side invariably results in significant deviation from straight ahead. I previously had Falken Wildpeak - excellent in the wet and Pirelli Scorpion - satisfactory in the wet. I have no confidence in the Continental (as currently have around 6mm of tread) so will change ASAP.
Helpful 21 - tyre reviewed on September 7, 2022
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Given 90% while driving a VW Tiguan 4 Motion (235/55 R17) on a combination of roads for 1,000 average miles
Great tyre for me on road and off-road. Grips tarmac well dry or wet have great confidence in these tyres. Off-roading and on tracks on farm these are the tyres to have. Steep muddy and sometimes rocky hills they just absolutely grip with minimal slippage and not a great need for a run up ever.
Helpful 21 - tyre reviewed on August 24, 2022
Given 33% while driving a Nissan Pathfinder (225/45 R17) on mostly town for 15,000 easy going miles
4 Tyres completely worn out after only 15,000km I will never buy Continental tyres again, these tyres slip and slide in the wet and take off
Helpful 18 - tyre reviewed on June 16, 2022
Given 57% while driving a Land Rover Discovery Sport (225/45 R21 V) on track for 13,000 average miles
Tyre wear is terrible would never buy these tyres again went to Continental for reason why tyres wear was so bad and no satisfactory reason given Have had to replace 4 tyres in less than 2 years with less than 13,000 miles completed Fitted new on land rover discovery sport would not buy this model next time if these are the standard fit to tyres
Helpful 39 - tyre reviewed on November 4, 2020
Given 60% while driving a Nissan Pathfinder (235/60 R18 S) on a combination of roads for 13,000 spirited miles
Great tyre all-rounder but the wear & tear meant replacing them after only 13,000 mls. As far as I'm concerned; this is unacceptable especially when you consider I was driving a brand new vehicle with a wheel alignment and rotation @ 7,000mls.
Helpful 61 - tyre reviewed on February 24, 2017