Vredestein Quatrac Pro Reviews - Page 2

Given 84% while driving a Subaru BRZ (215/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 5,000 spirited miles
A 360 ° miracle tyre. Safe, fun and beautiful.
Helpful 13 - tyre reviewed on November 3, 2021
Given 90% while driving a Audi A4 Allroad (245/45 R18) on a combination of roads for 1,000 average miles
After much deliberation and research, i finally decided on fitting a full set of Quatrac Pro's to my Audi Allroad as i wanted a slight off road bias rather that the Pirelli Zero road tyres that were on the car when i acquired it. Many people rave over how much new tyres feel better and obviously any new ones must feel better than old worn out tyres. However, the Quatracs are super comfy, smooth, quiet and only reduced my fuel efficiency by around 1 mpg. With confidence inspiring cornering in wet or dry, i'm really pleased. Motorway driving in pouring rain i find much safer and the car just cuts straight through pooling water with very little aquaplaning. Aesthetically, they look great on the car and it's only slightly noticeable that they have a more "All Season" tread. Lastly, they appear to be great value at just over £100 each as long as they last as long as others say they do.
Helpful 11 - tyre reviewed on November 2, 2021
Given 92% while driving a Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2.2 (200) (235/55 R17) on a combination of roads for 45,000 average miles
End of life review; I had these tyres on my car for ~2 years and drove about 60.000KM on them. They were just under the legal limit for winter use (3.5 mm) therefore I replaced them. Throughout their life, I have been very happy with these tires, they performed well in all conditions. We had a real winter last season (Snow and frost) and I was impressed with their performance, realizing they were at 5mm thread at that time. Summer driving was also good; we had temps up to 30 Degrees. No issues to report. Good in wet conditions, good comfort levels. Towards the end of their life they got a bit noisy, but that's normal I guess. Highly recommended!!
Helpful 16 - tyre reviewed on October 14, 2021
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Given 75% while driving a Subaru BRZ (215/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 1,500 spirited miles
First 1000km: Dry: After adequate running-in, the Quatrac Pro, in terms of presence in the center and reactivity in direction changes, has now eliminated the initial differences compared to the Michelin Primacy HP. There remains only a slightly more noticeable lying in support of the curve. A little more difficult to get it tailed, but the progressivity in the transient loss / regain adhesion to the rear is excellent and also the ride comfort is truly remarkable for an m + s. Wet: very consistent on damp asphalt just above 0 ° C. Basically it seems to have the grip limits of the Primacy in dry conditions around 5 ° C. Until now, however, I have not yet been able to test its evacuation capacity on noteworthy layers of water. Snow: not tested yet So far below 20 ° C is the tire I wanted: good on dry, excellent in wet, comfortable and beautiful to look at. p.s. Optimal pressure with temperatures below 20 ° C: 230kPa (2.3 bar) --------------------- --------------------- Update after about 2000km: The performance has completely stabilized and I confirm the exceptional balance and ductility of this tire. Extremely fun both dry and wet practically at all tested temperatures between -5 ÷ + 22 ° C. In dry the shoulder, once deformed in support, holds up very well with a lower understeer tendency compared to the Primacy. The insertion speed is quite good considering the tread depth. By playing with a slight advance and forcing the intensity of the steering a little, the handling is maximized, which is therefore very good for a 4-season. In skidding the tire is progressive and never abrupt in transients. Braking is a little long and spongy but the bite is excellent on uneven surfaces. In wet, the rubber does what you ask of it. With a precise and shrewd guide it holds and convinces always and in any case, in every situation and at every temperature in which the liquid element remains so. When you want to have fun, the safety margins are wide and the responses very gradual. Excellent braking, truly a monument. Excellent drainage, even with temperatures close to freezing. Absorption of roughness and silence excellent for a 4-season. No whistles even during drifting, acceleration from standstill and tight corners. The only drawback still present is the sensation of floating above 140km / h which I hope will decrease with the wear of the tread. Successfully tested even with snow around 5cm on routes without excessive slopes. The bite is consistent and the directionality is sufficient as long as you stroke the accelerator. Not yet tested on ice.
Helpful 19 - tyre reviewed on April 11, 2021
Given 83% while driving a Subaru Forester sti (245/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 2,000 spirited miles
Having had a proper winter this year, it was interesting to see how these tyres fared. I'd heard good things about their dry handling and feedback, but to be frank was sceptical about how a non-directional tyre would fare in the snow. The answer was pretty good - maybe not quite as good as Nokian WR-D's or similar but with decent power on tap those wouldn't be the best on dry or wet roads which is TBH the norm for most of an English winter. I went on some seriously rural roads including 1 in 5 hills with over 7cm of snow and going uphill on shot ice and didn't spin a wheel. The handling figure given is an estimate as you'd have to be driving like the Original Nutta to get them to unstick in the Forester which is not a good idea with typical road conditions round here i.e. a dry stone wall on one side and a 150ft drop ont' other. Unless I end up moving to a snowy part of the Highlands I'll get some more. How they would do on a hot summer's day i don't know, but then it would always be the Nokian Powerproofs for me when the weather's warm.
Helpful 51 - tyre reviewed on March 15, 2021
Given 87% while driving a Land Rover Range Rover V8 Autobiography (275/45 R21) on a combination of roads for 3,000 average miles
Hi, got a set of Vredestein Quatrac Pro for my Range Rover on 21inch wheels. So far I have been very impressed with them, the first thing I noticed and the whole family noticed was how quiet the tyres were, both at motorway speeds and town/cobble street driving. Feedback was good as was wet and dry grip. I was highly impressed with their snow/ice grip - it was far better than the factory fit tyres - they are not all terrain tyres so don't bite/eat their way through deep drifts but for snow up to 6 inches and compacted snow these were great. We also use our RR off road, on wet fields and mildly muddy tracks there were fine - I don't think they would be super tough compared with an all terrain tyre so watch out for your side walls. Finally wear, its hard to say what life we'll get out of these, the rubber does seem slightly softer but this is a small compromise for everything else. In short, highly recommended and will defiantly will buy again
Helpful 12 - tyre reviewed on February 15, 2021
Given 48% while driving a BMW 520D M Sport Touring (245/40 R19 W) on mostly country roads for 4,000 average miles
WARNING! If you've got a RWD car and are looking to buy these in order to keep you moving in winter, DON"T. After a light snowfall I tried to climb a very slight incline in my 520D, I couldn't. The car just ran out of momentum even with a run up. Never had this issue with either Bridge A005s or Goodyear V4 G2 in similar cars. I ended up reversing up the incline. Terrible tyres for snow. They're fine in other conditions but that's not why people buy all weather tyres.
Helpful 20 - tyre reviewed on December 24, 2020
Given 97% while driving a Lexus LS430 (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 2,000 average miles
Exceptional tires. Quiet, comfortable, grippy. You trade some mileage and durability for the excellent handling and safety, but for me that is a tradeoff I am willing to make. Highly recommended.
Helpful 25 - tyre reviewed on June 7, 2020
Given 91% while driving a Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2.2 (200) (235/55 R17 V) on a combination of roads for 6,000 spirited miles
Fantastic tyre! Great in rain and good in snow.
Helpful 22 - tyre reviewed on February 28, 2020
Given 82% while driving a BMW 530D M sport (245/40 R19 W) on mostly motorways for 2,000 spirited miles
Fitted on F11 530d, very quiet compared to summer Dunlop’s, have about 2 mpg average loss since fitting though. Feel a lot more confident in the wet, traction control used to be used all the time before and now after 2000 miles I haven’t seen it flash on once!
Helpful 16 - tyre reviewed on January 14, 2020
Given 91% while driving a Ford Fiesta ST180 (215/40 R17 W) on mostly country roads for 1,000 spirited miles
I may be in the under powered segment of what the manufacturers were aiming for. But I wanted a good all round tyre on my 220bhp fiesta st. And I can say I’m more than pleased, almost as good wet performance as the rainsport 3’s I had on(which says a lot) and definitely better dry grip. Will wait to see about snow/ice however I already have confidence in the ability!
Helpful 24 - tyre reviewed on December 5, 2019
Given 90% while driving a Subaru Legacy 3.0R (225/50 R17 V) on a combination of roads for 1 spirited miles
second pair of Vredestein's so I am hoping these are as good if not better than the first. so far I am delighted on my 2013 Subaru Legacy 3.6R.
Helpful 33 - tyre reviewed on November 4, 2019