BMW 530d F11 Tyres

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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 (168) 89% 87% 82% 82% 80% 88%
Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus (3) 90% 77% 77% 80% 87% 97%
Fulda Kristall Control HP2 (6) 92% 80% 83% 73% 75% 90%
Continental Sport Contact 3 SSR Run flat (27) 83% 73% 72% 74% 71% 57%
Achilles ATR Sport (52) 62% 42% 54% 47% 63% 57%
Fullrun F6000 (2) 65% 25% 40% 35% 15% 50%

BMW 530d F11 Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 given 99% (245-40-19-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 40 average miles
Purchased in 2018 the Goodyear Asymmmetric 3 Run Flats for my BMW 5 series touring, I am just replacing them now having covered 40,000 miles which is really excellent, they were much quieter than the Goodyear Excellence tyres previously fitted and gave better road handling and improved grip overall. They also wore evenly unlike the previous Goodyear Excellence standard fit tyres, so highly recommended.
tyre reviewed on 2022-08-24 13:22:36
Writing about the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus given 62% (225-45-17-)
Driving on mostly motorways for 15000 average miles
Comfortable tyre with reasonable grip however it didn't seem to be great in the wet compared to the previous tyres. Actually good on snow, but perhaps the four wheel drive helps there
tyre reviewed on 2021-03-13 23:43:17
Writing about the Fullrun F6000 given 27% (245-45-18-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 12000 average miles
These arrived on a new to me 530d. They are dreadful tyres. Very glad to be changing them. The dry grip is just about okay but in the wet they have the potential to be lethal. If it wasn't for the electronics on the car coming off roundabouts would be an exceptionally hazardous business... Don't buy.
tyre reviewed on 2020-09-21 16:38:36
Writing about the Fulda Kristall Control HP2 given 90% (245-45-18-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 3500 average miles
Very good grip and driving in wet roads. Very good in poor snow, also in wet snow, but not very good in ice roads for braking and no good grip in ice. Noisy when speed more than 100km/h, but good handling and road feedback.
tyre reviewed on 2019-01-29 07:38:41
Writing about the Continental Sport Contact 3 SSR Run flat given 53% (245-45-18-)
Driving on mostly motorways for 15 easy going miles
Fitted to BMW F11 530D SE Touring.

Whilst this is the first car I have had with run flat tyres I am not overly impressed. The car originally had 19" rims but when I bought the car I had the garage change the wheels to 18" as British roads are now so bad.
Firstly ride comfort. You feel the shock of every potholed road imperfection. I had to replace front wishbones at 50,000 miles (Driving for a living I have never had to do this on any other car!) and a buckled front wheel.
My driving is 80% motorway driving style for economy so tyre wear is disappointing. Considering the continentals were new when i bought the car, in 30,000 miles i have had two sets of rear tyres and will shortly need a third set and am on my second front set. When driving Miss Daisy I expect better mileage! I have just put Bridgestone Driveguard on the front and will see how they perform. Front tyres lasted 28,000
tyre reviewed on 2018-09-08 13:15:03
Writing about the Achilles ATR Sport given 29% (245-40-19-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1500 spirited miles
Came with the car. Best thing I did was to take them off and throw them away. If you see someone else with these tyres on their car stay a long distance away from them.
tyre reviewed on 2015-04-18 17:24:33
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