Porsche 987 Boxster S Tyres

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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 (151) 95% 88% 88% 87% 80% 85%
Michelin Pilot Sport (41) 92% 82% 86% 81% 73% 75%
Nankang AR 1 (27) 91% 47% 86% 89% 75% 68%
Pirelli P 7 (82) 79% 69% 71% 69% 74% 66%

Porsche 987 Boxster S Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Nankang AR 1 given 78% (275-35-18-)
Driving on track for 0 spirited miles
Been tracking a 944 and a Boxster for years. Both cars highly modified for track work. I just want to have fun and buy whatever r-comps or similar that are on sale. Had sets of re71r’s, Toyota r888r’s, nitto nt01’s. Then saw nangang ar1s on sale. Wow!, as much or more grip as all the above and unlike a review above, I Did not find the tires going any greasier earlier than the others. If you overdrive your car, a specially if it’s heavy, ALL tires will get greasy. And I got more track sessions out of AR1 than any of the above, except Maby the nitto’s. Super tire
tyre reviewed on 2020-07-01 01:53:58
Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 given 87% (235-40-18-N)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1000 spirited miles
On a boxster s - best tyres you can buy - absolutely awesome for track days & fast road use
tyre reviewed on 2017-09-18 17:10:17
Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport given 97% (265-35-18-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 15000 spirited miles
These were on my car when I bought it and after 3 years and 15k they were still on the car when I sold it albeit they were down to approx 2.5mm.

Really good high performance tyres that grip well all the time.
tyre reviewed on 2009-11-24 13:26:28
Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 given 97% (265-35-18-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 25000 spirited miles
I have the N rated versions on my Boxster im not sure what the N rated quite is but have heard the manufacturers make a small change in the mould casing during production to get the N ratings. Also they N rated tyre is approved by Porsche and it warms up quicker given you instant grip the downside being it wears down slightly quicker too.

These have lasted 25K and are the best tyre that I have ever used compared to:

CSC3, CSC2, Bridgestone Potenza RE050A, Dunlop Sport Maxx GT. Pirelli P Zero to name a few.

The dry grip and braking is the best there is with these tyres on, they are very progressive and offer NO tramlining. Wet grip is class leading better than the Goodyear GSD3 and F1A and it handles beautifully in the wet too.

I Have found these tyres to be comfortable although not the most comfortable I have had, but then again if you want comfort get a set of Conti premium contact or Michellin Primacy HP.

I would always buy these tyres again and if you get yourself down to Bracknell Tyres in Berkshire they are the cheapest I can find cheaper than the internet believe it or not.

I am now down to about 1.8mm and need a new set I must admit when these tyres get to about 2mm they get very hard.
tyre reviewed on 2009-11-20 15:40:13
Writing about the Pirelli P 7 given 59% (205-50-17-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 45000 average miles
I've run these tyres on a Volvo and managed to get through a lot.

The grip and handling is reassuring in both wet and dry and the noise level is acceptable.

The wear rate on them is quite bad though and I seem to be continuously replacing the fronts. My last set were highlighted as running a bit low after only 5k miles. If you take this and the price into consideration then they are not really a good deal and i'm not putting P7s on the Volvo again.
tyre reviewed on 2009-01-27 15:24:40
Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 given 94% (265-35-19-W)
Driving on mostly country roads for 20000 spirited miles
Had these fitted to my Boxster from new - fronts (235/35/19) are still legal after 21k miles of spirited country road driving and more sedate town work and commuting. I replaced the rears (265/35/19) after 17k miles as they were down to 2mm depth. I was very impressed to get that sort of mileage, the previous generation Michelin Pilot MXM pattern last 16k miles on my old and 60bhp less 2.7 Boxster. These tyres often consistent grip through their life and gave no tramlining under braking, even when worn. An excellent tyre. Note mine are Porsche approved N rated versions, which may differ in compound to stock tyres.
tyre reviewed on 2008-11-06 17:07:13
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