2019 Auto Bild 4x4 All Season Tyre Test

Dry BrakingMichelin CrossClimate SUV: 38.6 MKleber Citilander: 45.9 M
Dry HandlingMichelin CrossClimate SUV: 111.4 Km/HNankang Cross Season AW 8 SUV: 108.2 Km/H
Wet BrakingBridgestone Weather Control A005: 46.9 MPirelli Scorpion Verde All Season: 59.7 M
Wet HandlingBridgestone Weather Control A005: 72.5 Km/HNankang Cross Season AW 8 SUV: 65.8 Km/H
Straight AquaMichelin CrossClimate SUV: 94.8 Km/HNankang Cross Season AW 8 SUV: 78.6 Km/H
Snow BrakingHankook Kinergy 4S 2 X: 23.8 MPirelli Scorpion Verde All Season: 29.9 M
Snow TractionContinental AllSeasonContact: 3429 NPirelli Scorpion Verde All Season: 2494 N
Snow HandlingContinental AllSeasonContact: 52.5 Km/HKleber Citilander: 49.3 Km/H
NoiseHankook Kinergy 4S 2 X: 70.6 dBKleber Citilander: 75.8 dB
PriceNankang Cross Season AW 8 SUV: 450 Continental AllSeasonContact: 610
Rolling ResistanceContinental AllSeasonContact: 6.17 kg / tToyo Celsius: 8.52 kg / t
In their second SUV / 4x4 all season tyre test of 2019, Auto Bild have tested ten all season tyres in 235/65 R17, and included the usual summer and winter tyre as benchmarks.

In this test, the new Bridgestone Weather Control A005 matchs the Michelin CrossClimate SUV overall, drawing for first place. Both tyres offered an excellent balance of qualities, but it's worth noting that there was no wear testing in this test, which is where the Michelin often excels and the new A005 has struggled.

Third place was again a tie, with the Continental AllSeasonContact drawing with the new Hankook Kinergy 4S2X. Like the Michelin and Continental, both tyres performed well in nearly all categories, but had slightly longer dry braking than the best on test.

Read on below for the full data and results.



While the summer tyre had its usual advantage in dry braking, the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 kept the Michelin CrossClimate SUV honest, stopping 0.8 meters behind its French rival.

The top three remained the same during the dry handling testing, with the new Hankook matching the Bridgestone.


During the wet braking testing the Bridgestone once again proved it is a class leading wet braking tyre, and was the only tyre to beat the summer tyre. Third to fifth places were covered by less than a meter.

The summer tyre took back the advantage during wet handling, but the Bridgestone was again the best all season tyre. Interestingly, the reference winter tyre also out performed most of the all season tyres.

The Michelin CrossClimate isn't usually a strong tyre in aquaplaning testing, but in this size it seems to perform extremely well, winning straight aquaplaning.


The reference winter tyre was the best in the snow, and when compared to the summer tyre all the all season tyres were extremely capable.

The Continental AllSeasonContact won the snow handling test, with the Michelin CrossClimate unusually finishing second.

Snow traction testing continued the trend of Continental, Michelin and Hankook performing well in the snow.


The Continental had an impressive advantage in fuel usage.

The Hankook and Michelin were the quietest on test.

Unsurprisingly, some of the best tyres on test were also the most expensive. You get what you pay for, especially in the all season / winter segment.


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1st: Bridgestone Weather Control A005

Bridgestone Weather Control A005
  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking2nd+0.8 M97.97%
Dry Handling2nd-0.6 Km/H99.46%
Wet Braking1st100%
Wet Handling1st100%
Straight Aqua3rd-4.8 Km/H94.94%
Snow Braking7th+1.3 M94.82%
Snow Traction4th-83 N97.58%
Snow Handling4th-1.7 Km/H96.76%
Noise3rd+0.7 dB99.02%
Price7th+80 84.91%
Rolling Resistance2nd+0.74 kg / t89.29%
A solid allrounder with high grip in all conditions, precise steering and dynamic behaviour on wet surfaces, short wet and dry braking distances.
None mentioned

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1st: Michelin CrossClimate SUV

Michelin CrossClimate SUV
  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking1st100%
Dry Handling1st100%
Wet Braking4th+4.2 M91.78%
Wet Handling4th-2.6 Km/H96.41%
Straight Aqua1st100%
Snow Braking8th+1.6 M93.7%
Snow Traction2nd-2 N99.94%
Snow Handling2nd-0.8 Km/H98.48%
Noise2nd+0.2 dB99.72%
Price9th+160 73.77%
Rolling Resistance4th+1.03 kg / t85.69%
Exemplary all Season with stunning qualities on ice and snow, dynamic and sporty behaviour on dry handling, highest safety for aquaplaning, precise steering.
None mentioned.

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3rd: Continental AllSeasonContact

Continental AllSeasonContact
  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking5th+3.9 M90.82%
Dry Handling4th-0.8 Km/H99.28%
Wet Braking2nd+3.6 M92.87%
Wet Handling2nd-2.2 Km/H96.97%
Straight Aqua6th-8.1 Km/H91.46%
Snow Braking2nd+0.1 M99.58%
Snow Traction1st100%
Snow Handling1st100%
Noise4th+1.4 dB98.06%
Price9th+160 73.77%
Rolling Resistance1st100%
All-rounder with best winter characteristics, agile and sporty wet handling, precise steering with good feedback, very fuel-efficient.
Slightly long dry braking.

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3rd: Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 X

Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 X
  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking7th+4.1 M90.4%
Dry Handling2nd-0.6 Km/H99.46%
Wet Braking5th+4.8 M90.72%
Wet Handling2nd-2.2 Km/H96.97%
Straight Aqua2nd-2.7 Km/H97.15%
Snow Braking1st100%
Snow Traction3rd-34 N99.01%
Snow Handling3rd-1.3 Km/H97.52%
Price3rd+15 96.77%
Rolling Resistance7th+1.81 kg / t77.32%
Well priced with good winter qualities, high aquaplaning resistance, dynamic wet handling, low noise.
Slightly long dry braking.

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5th: Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 SUV

Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 SUV
  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking6th+4 M90.61%
Dry Handling5th-1.1 Km/H99.01%
Wet Braking3rd+3.9 M92.32%
Wet Handling5th-2.8 Km/H96.14%
Straight Aqua4th-5.5 Km/H94.2%
Snow Braking4th+1 M95.97%
Snow Traction9th-217 N93.67%
Snow Handling7th-2.4 Km/H95.43%
Noise6th+1.9 dB97.38%
Price8th+120 78.95%
Rolling Resistance6th+1.58 kg / t79.61%
Very balanced all season tyre, stable handling in all conditions, good comfort levels.
Slightly long dry braking.

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6th: Falken EUROALL SEASON AS210

  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking4th+3.3 M92.12%
Dry Handling7th-1.5 Km/H98.65%
Wet Braking6th+8.3 M84.96%
Wet Handling6th-3.6 Km/H95.03%
Straight Aqua5th-6.1 Km/H93.57%
Snow Braking4th+1 M95.97%
Snow Traction7th-148 N95.68%
Snow Handling6th-2.2 Km/H95.81%
Noise9th+4.2 dB94.39%
Price4th+20 95.74%
Rolling Resistance8th+1.87 kg / t76.74%
High traction and short braking distances on snow, good aquaplaning resistance.
Understeer in the wet and dry, slightly long wet braking.

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7th: Toyo Celsius

Toyo Celsius
  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking9th+6.1 M86.35%
Dry Handling8th-2 Km/H98.2%
Wet Braking7th+8.9 M84.05%
Wet Handling7th-3.7 Km/H94.9%
Straight Aqua9th-15 Km/H84.18%
Snow Braking4th+1 M95.97%
Snow Traction6th-107 N96.88%
Snow Handling5th-1.9 Km/H96.38%
Noise8th+2.4 dB96.71%
Price5th+30 93.75%
Rolling Resistance10th+2.35 kg / t72.42%
Good snow performance.
Average grip with understeer in the wet and dry, slow steering, high fuel use.

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8th: Kleber Citilander

Kleber Citilander
  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking10th+7.3 M84.1%
Dry Handling9th-3 Km/H97.31%
Wet Braking8th+10.2 M82.14%
Wet Handling9th-6.2 Km/H91.45%
Straight Aqua7th-12.3 Km/H87.03%
Snow Braking9th+2.1 M91.89%
Snow Traction8th-207 N93.96%
Snow Handling9th-3.2 Km/H93.9%
Noise10th+5.2 dB93.14%
Price2nd+10 97.83%
Rolling Resistance5th+1.51 kg / t80.34%
Good snow performance, good comfort.
Average in the dry and wet, slow steering, floaty dry handling, long wet braking.

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9th: Nankang Cross Season AW 8 SUV

Nankang Cross Season AW 8 SUV
  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking8th+5.4 M87.73%
Dry Handling10th-3.2 Km/H97.13%
Wet Braking9th+12.4 M79.09%
Wet Handling10th-6.7 Km/H90.76%
Straight Aqua10th-16.2 Km/H82.91%
Snow Braking3rd+0.7 M97.14%
Snow Traction5th-90 N97.38%
Noise5th+1.8 dB97.51%
Rolling Resistance3rd+0.75 kg / t89.16%
Good in the snow, low price.
Low grip in the dry and wet, very long wet braking distances, spongy wet and dry handling.

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10th: Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season
  • 235/65 R17
Dry Braking3rd+2.6 M93.69%
Dry Handling6th-1.3 Km/H98.83%
Wet Braking10th+12.8 M78.56%
Wet Handling8th-5.4 Km/H92.55%
Straight Aqua8th-14.3 Km/H84.92%
Snow Braking10th+6.1 M79.6%
Snow Traction10th-935 N72.73%
Snow Handling7th-2.4 Km/H95.43%
Noise7th+2.2 dB96.98%
Price6th+35 92.78%
Rolling Resistance9th+2.29 kg / t72.93%
Low noise, low price.
Average snow and wet grip, understeer in the wet, very long wet braking distances.

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