Bridgestone Weather Control A005

Dry Grip 83%
Wet Grip 86%
Road Feedback 79%
Handling 75%
Wear 67%
Comfort 74%
Buy again 67%
Snow Grip 65%
Ice Grip 61%

The Bridgestone Weather Control A005 is a Premium Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car

Bridgestone has designed the Weather Control A005 to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for year-round convenience and safety - For drivers who want to stay in control, with the same tyres, all year round regardless of sun, rain or occasional snow.

Bridgestone Weather Control A005 is legally compliant 365 days a year thanks to its qualified performance on snow, certified by the 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marking.

The A005 is available in 68 sizes for 15Ē to 20Ē rims, it will immediately cover demand for 94% of passenger cars and on-road SUVs, with additional sizes being made available in 2019.

This tyre replaced the Bridgestone A001

This tyre has been replaced by the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO

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Tyre review data from 50 tyre reviews averaging 73% over 173,241 miles driven.

Latest Group Test Results

2020 Sport Auto All Season Tyre Test - 1st of 9 tyres

  • Positive - Very short braking distances and safe handling int he wet, easy controllable handling in the dry.
  • Negative - Limited snow performance for an all season tyre.
  • Overall - Limited on snow but safest tyre for cold and wet roads.

2020 ADAC SUV All Season Tyre Test - 7th of 9 tyres

  • Positive - Top marks in the dry and wet.
  • Negative - Very weak in the snow.

2020 Tyre Reviews All Season Tyre Test - 4th of 11 tyres

  • Positive - Good in the dry, best on test in the wet, very low rolling resistance, highest levels of comfort, low noise.
  • Negative - Low grip in the snow for an all season tyre, average aquaplaning resistance.
  • Overall - The WeatherControl A005 excels in the dry and wet, and has the highest levels of comfort. It is the all season tyre to pick if you live in a climate which sees very little snow.

Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
195/50 R15 82V   C A 71 6.78kgs
185/55 R15 86H XL   C A 70 7.29kgs
195/55 R15 89V XL   C A 71 7.19kgs
185/60 R15 88V XL   C A 70 7.38kgs
195/60 R15 92V XL   C A 71 7.63kgs
175/65 R15 88H XL   C A 70 7.03kgs
185/65 R15 92H XL   E A 72 10.61kgs
185/65 R15 92V XL   C A 70 7.21kgs
195/65 R15 91H   C A 71 7.75kgs
195/65 R15 95H XL   E A 71 11.43kgs
195/65 R15 95V XL   C A 71 7.75kgs
205/65 R15 99V XL   C A 71 8.46kgs
195/45 R16 84H XL   C A 71 6.80kgs
195/55 R16 91V XL   C A 71 7.55kgs
205/55 R16 94V XL   C A 71 8.35kgs
205/55 R16 91H   C A 71 8.07kgs
205/55 R16 94V XL   C A 71 8.70kgs
205/55 R16 94V XL   E A 71 10.80kgs
215/55 R16 97V XL   C A 71 9.10kgs
225/55 R16 99W XL   C A 71 9.52kgs
205/60 R16 96V XL   C A 71 8.51kgs
205/60 R16 96V XL   E A 72 9.83kgs
235/60 R16 104V XL   C A 71 10.78kgs
215/65 R16 102V XL   C A 71 9.77kgs
215/70 R16 100H   C A 71 10.27kgs
215/45 R17 91W XL   C A 71 9.42kgs
225/45 R17 94W XL   C A 71 9.12kgs
225/45 R17 94W XL   C A 72 11.96kgs
225/45 R17 94V XL   C A 71 9.12kgs
235/45 R17 97Y XL   C A 71 9.53kgs
245/45 R17 99Y XL   C A 71 10.47kgs
205/50 R17 93W XL   C A 71 10.05kgs
205/50 R17 93V XL   C A 71 10.31kgs
215/50 R17 95W XL   C A 71 9.38kgs
225/50 R17 98V XL   C A 71 9.59kgs
225/50 R17 98V XL   C A 72 13.55kgs
205/55 R17 95V XL   C A 71 10.50kgs
215/55 R17 98W XL   C A 72 9.94kgs
225/55 R17 101W XL   C A 71 10.62kgs
235/55 R17 103V XL   C A 71 10.86kgs
215/60 R17 100V XL   C A 72 9.92kgs
215/60 R17 100V XL         11.50kgs
215/60 R17 100V XL   C A 72 9.85kgs
225/60 R17 103V XL   C A 71 10.66kgs
225/65 R17 106V XL   C A 71 11.19kgs
235/65 R17 108V XL   B A 71 11.76kgs
255/35 R18 94Y XL   C A 72 12.50kgs
225/40 R18 92Y XL   C A 71 9.10kgs
235/40 R18 95W XL   C A 71 11.42kgs
245/40 R18 97Y XL   C A 71 10.03kgs
225/45 R18 95V XL   C A 71 10.34kgs
235/45 R18 98Y XL   C A 71 10.38kgs
245/45 R18 100Y XL   C A 71 10.84kgs
255/45 R18 103Y XL   C A 72 13.48kgs
235/50 R18 101V XL   C A 71 12.65kgs
245/50 R18 100V   C A 71 12.02kgs
215/55 R18 99V XL   C A 71 12.28kgs
225/55 R18 98V   C A 71 11.30kgs
255/55 R18 109V XL   B A 72 13.23kgs
225/60 R18 100H   C A 71 11.10kgs
235/60 R18 107V XL   B A 71 11.92kgs
235/65 R18 106V   C A 71 15.34kgs
235/35 R19 91Y XL   C A 71 11.11kgs
275/40 R19 105Y XL   C A 71 12.93kgs
215/50 R19 93T C+       10.20kgs
255/50 R19 107W XL   C A 72 13.03kgs
235/55 R19 105W XL   C A 72 14.19kgs
195/55 R20 95H XL   C A 71 10.42kgs

Questions and Answers for the Bridgestone Weather Control A005

2018-07-13 - This size seems very expensive. What are they made of - silk and gold?

I would hope so at that price! It might just be that the A005 is a new tyre and they haven't actually got prices for 195/45 R16 yet.

2018-09-21 - I'm buying a new car, it has 205/45r17 tyres. I'll drive for 10k kilometers every year, so I guess the best choices it's a 4 season tyres. I live in Italy and there is always high temps, we go under ten degrees for two months a year more or less. It's a strange tyre configuration..there aren't michelin crossclimate or goodyear 4 season for that size. I found just Nokian weatherproof, this Bridgestone and Vredestein Quatrac 5. Umm. Can you give me an advice? Maybe I can take this 4 wheels for summer and i'll take another 4 for winter, maybe with an higher shoulder of the tire, but I don't know if the shopping will be worth it. Thank you in advance!

Have you seen the latest all season tyre buying guide? This should give you a good indication of what to buy!

2018-11-03 - I've never changed my cars tyres for Winter before, but now have a performance car (leon cupra 300) with uhp summer tyres and have been told I must get them off before the really cold weather to avoid them cracking up. I want the maximum performance possible but a tyre that I can leave on through the winter whether it falls below -10įc or sneaks back up over 10įc. Not bothered about snow/ice performance as I live in south east and always drove through snow/ice before on pilot sports without any trouble lol. My only choice for all weather is these, otherwise it has to be a winter tyre. Michelin alpine 4's also fit but cost loads more. Do you think these Bridgestones are my best option? Thanks

These seem to be a good all season option if dry and wet is your priority, however any siped tyre designed to work in snow is going to reduce the dry handling of a sports car / hot hatch, so don't expect too much from them!

2018-12-18 - I'm curious about the low score for wear - could I ask where this comes from as they've not been around long and the reviews are all low miles. They seem a good alternative to the michelin cross climate+, but not if they wear much quicker.

Looking at the database entries for each review, the wear marks for the A005 seem to be guesses. I'd wait until there's more data or a magazine test which tests wear to make up your mind (or buy a set and let me know!)

2019-05-17 - My question is about the suitability of these all season tyres instead of winter tyres in the south east of the UK. I have two sets of wheels for my car and experience of both summer and winter tyres. Given the UK weather in the south east I typically put winter tyres on for only a a few months (Nov-March) and during that you often get days where the temp is above the circa 7 degrees where winters are best. So would an all season tyre like this one be better for my normal winter conditions which do not involve snow but where you do have lots of rain and cold and frosty days? Also would all season tyres extend the optimum period so that I could use for them for a longer period say start October to end April?

Yes, I believe a wet optimised all season tyre like this or the Michelin CrossClimate can be used as a winter tyre for the mild uk climate. They will still vastly out perform a summer tyre if we see any snow.

2019-10-03 - Hello, just got a Mercedes Marco Polo campervan (RWD) and am interested as to whether an all season tyre like this would give better traction on wet grass / mud? I need 245/45 r19's and this is the only premium option I can find to fit. Currently shod with Pirelli P Zeros. As itís a campervan, Iím not bothered about dynamic handling, but it doesnít need to be any Wobblier! Any thoughts?

All season tyres can certainly offer slightly increased mud and grass traction thanks to more edges (sipes) and a chunkier tread pattern.

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225/45 R17 £87.06 - £101.68 (6 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R18 £126.44 - £138.00 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
245/40 R19 £159.00 - £159.00 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top Bridgestone Weather Control A005 Review

Opel Astra Hatch 1,0T (205/55 R16 H) on mostly town for 0 easy going miles
Brand new All Weather tyres for the upcoming season.
Aprox. 7,3mm tread depth.
They are replacing the OEM Michelin Energy Saver+, an so far the feel more quiet, and a bit softer and giving a more comfortable ride.
They are priced in the same range as the Goodyear, Continental, and Michelin, so we will have to wait and see how long they will last.

149 - tyre reviewed on October 12, 2018   

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Given 47% while driving a Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI 170hp (255/40 R19 V) on mostly motorways for 0 easy going miles
Very noisy and with important wear after only 30000km. So, take into consideration that you can use them for maximum 2 winters - at least in Eastern Europe. I will not buy them again!
4 - tyre reviewed on December 22, 2020   
Trying to pick the very best winter tyre? Watch this!
Given 91% while driving a Renault Talisman 160 edc estate (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 16 spirited miles
So the two A005ís on the front of my Renault Talisman were taken off today after a year and just over 26,000 kms on the front wheels. There was plenty of tread left, and the tyres wet performance had. It degraded. Front left 4.3mm tread left. Front right 4.5mm tread. So nowhere near worn out. The big pluses of these tyres is the excellent wet road grip, low noise, and low rolling resistance. Today I have had four Bridgestone weathercontrol A005 EVO tyres fitted. I will review in due course.
5 - tyre reviewed on October 21, 2020   
Given 81% while driving a Renault Talisman 160 edc estate (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 18,000 spirited miles
So this an update on these tyres which have been on my car for almost a year and have covered 18000 miles so far. Up until now the tyres have worn evenly. Looking at the fronts in particular, there is no sign of any severe degradation. I commute to London from northern France, but in recent months have been making round trips to northern Italy where I am now. Currently we have been experiencing temperatures of daily highs hitting 36C. On previous trips in July and August, it was even hotter. This has not affected the integrity of the tyre. On the autoroute/autostrada the car tracks straight and true. Road noise is not an issue. In the wet, this tyre inspires confidence. I have had to make a couple of emergency stops on wet/greasy roads and the ABS was not activated. I have not experienced any snowy conditions. Fuel consumption has not been affected adversely with the Bridgestone tyres. To maximise the range of the relatively small 48 litre fuel tank on the Talisman (due to the rear wheel steering), I cruise at 110kph as per the GPS. The car averages 5.2 l/100 kms at this speed or 51 mpg which I think is excellent for such a big car. At 130 kph fuel consumption increases to 6.8 l/100 kph. Regarding ride comfort, I have the XL version of this tyre. I run the tyre pressures at the lower option as recommended by Renault of 2.3 Bar fronts and 2.1 Bar rear which is for constant speeds up to 160 kph. If heavily laden the pressures should be adjusted to 2.6 F, 2.4 R. Ride comfort has been fine at the lower setting and the tyres have worn evenly. I chose this tyre because I wanted a specification which leaned towards wet, icy or slushy conditions. The tyre has a high resistance to aquaplaning and I have experienced quite a few events of high speed driving in heavy rain. These tyres appear to be wearing better than the original summer Continental rubber on the front. Looking at the front tyres right now, there is still some way to go to the wear bars. I havenít noticed any dramatic loss of performance so far. My plan is to make another trip to Italy in October, then replace all four tyres before the onset of winter. I am not going to wear the tyres right out. On my previous car, a 2016 BMW 518d estate, I fitted Michelin Cross Climate tyres which were excellent. I see that there is an EVO version of the Bridgestone A005 now. Perfect timing. Also the Michelin CC tyres are now available in the Talismanís size. The company who supply my tyres in a France and fit them at my home, are offering free fitting with the Michelinís. However the French brand are Ä39 more each than the new Bridgestone A005 EVOís. It will be a difficult choice.
2 - tyre reviewed on September 18, 2020   
Given 66% while driving a Honda Civic 1.8 5 door (225/45 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 4,800 easy going miles
Fitted these as a replacement for the OEM Bridgestone Turanza, based on 4 & 5 star reviews. Liked the wet weather safety performance so after quite a lot of research ordered these through Halfords online and had them fitted at a local Halfords autocentre. They had performed really well as a daily tyre, with no real noticeable concerns. Clearly a 1.8 Honda Civic is never going to really push tyres to any limits so across 12 months (all of the seasons) they have done as expected and safely ferried the kids, the shopping, the dogs etc... However very disappointingly exactly 1 year and day after being fitted the car had its annual MOT and was failed because the tyres on the driven wheels had started to fall apart. 12 months and 4800 miles after being fitted! The tread blocks were split and flaps of tread were hanging off. The tyres have been returned to Bridgestone for examination and replaced at our cost to pass the MOT. I'm very disappointed in the short life of these tyres and what I'm more concerned about is that after contacting both Halfords and Bridgestone UK they advise that they wouldnt recommend fitting these tyres in the UK unless living up north or in Scotland where its apparently colder or has more chance of snow. I've checked several websites and have yet to find this information in the usage guidance. So in summary I wouldn't recommend the A005 Weather Control tyre if you're expecting a reasonable level of wear from your tyres. They apparently cannot cope with one of the seasons. The heat of a summer!
9 - tyre reviewed on September 12, 2020   

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