Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO

With a best-in-class EU label A-grade in wet grip, the new Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO ensures outstanding control in the wet, and all without compromising on wear life.

Tyre review data from 40 tyre reviews averaging 74% over 284,334 miles driven, and 12 tests with an average result of 6th.

Dry Grip 87%
Wet Grip 89%
Road Feedback 79%
Handling 79%
Wear 58%
Comfort 80%
Buy again 69%
Snow Grip 68%
Ice Grip 59%

First On MarketJune 2020
Wheel Size15 - 21"
Width175 - 275mm
Profile35 - 70
Rolling ResistanceA - C
Wet GripA - C
Noise (dB)70 - 72
Winter Rating3PMSF Rated

The Weather Control A005 EVO is ranked 31st of 57 All Season Premium Touring tyres.

This tyre replaced the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 and this tyre has been replaced by the Bridgestone Turanza All Season 6.

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2022/23 Tyre Reviews All Season Tyre Test
5th of 10 tyres
  • Excellent grip in the wet and dry, good aquaplaning resistance, short dry braking, lowest rolling resistance on test.
  • Extremely limited snow performance with the longest braking, lowest traction and most difficult snow handling lap. Highest internal noise.
  • The Bridgestone WeatherControl A005 EVO might just be the all season of the group designed specially for climates which get minimal snow, as in the balanced score weighting it finished fifth but in the mild climate score weighting it jumped up to second place overall! As the results imply, this tire was great in the dry, pretty good in the wet and it had the joint lowest rolling resistance on test, BUT it was a firm last in the snow. Even though there wasn't a summer reference tire in this test, we cna be sure that the Bridgestone will still vastly outperform any summer tire on snow, however compared to a good all season tire its performance was extremely limited. Definitely an all season tyre for a climate where snow is the exception rather than the rule.
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2022 Auto Bild SUV All Season Tyre Test
8th of 13 tyres
  • Dry specialist with precise handling and short dry braking distances, low rolling resistance.
  • Moderate steering precision and understeer on snow and wet roads.
  • Adequate.
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2022 Auto Bild All Season Tyre Test
15th of 17 tyres
  • Short wet braking distances, low rolling resistance.
  • Only satisfactory ride qualities on snow and ice, delayed steering response and understeering snow handling, average mileage.
  • Conditionally recommended.
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15 inch
195/65R15 95 V XLCA72
195/65 R15 91 HCA71
195/65 R15 95 V XLCA71
195/55 R15 89 V XLCA71
185/65R15 92 V XLCA70
185/65 R15 92 V XLCA70
16 inch
205/55R16 94 V XLCA71
205/60R16 96 V XLCA72
215/70 R16 100 HCA71
215/60 R16 99 V XLCA71
205/55 R16 91 HCA71
205/55 R16 94 V XLCA71
205/60 R16 96 V XLCA71
17 inch
225/50R17 98 V XLCA72
225/45 R17 94 V XLCA71
215/55 R17 98 W XLCA71
205/50 R17 93 V XLCA71
205/50 R17 93 W XLCA71
225/45 R17 94 W XLCA71
225/50 R17 98 V XLCA71
235/65 R17 108 V XLBA71
225/45R17 94 W XLCA71
215/45 R17 91 W XLCA71
225/60 R17 103 V XLCA71
215/55R17 98 W XLCA71
18 inch
245/40 R18 97 Y XLCA71
225/40R18 92 Y XLCA71
255/35 R18 94 Y XLCA72
225/40 R18 92 Y XLCA71
245/45 R18 100 Y XLCA71
235/60 R18 107 V XLBA71
19 inch
235/35 R19 91 Y XLCA72
20 inch
255/45 R20 105 Y XLCA72
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Questions and Answers for the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO

2021-01-02 - Please can you clarify the legal position on fitting these tyres for winter use, relative to sizing. Example: normal tyre is 225/50/R17 on alloys, but looking at a set of steel rims (for winter use only), that the dealer says will need to be R16, so the winter tyre size they recommended would be 215/60/R16. This should give the same rolling radius for the speedometer, but are there any legal or insurance implications? Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

Assuming the manufacturer recommended this size in the handbook there will be no legal issues. It might be prudent to notify your insurance as UK insurers can be very uptight about wheel size changes for winter tyres.

2023-04-17 - Is this a van tyre I am looking for a tyre for my LWB transporter van

No, i don't believe there are van load ratings available for the A005 EVO all season tyre.

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Size Price Range  
205/45 R17 £161.30 - £161.30 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
205/55 R16 £77.99 - £108.30 (6 Prices) Compare Prices >>
215/55 R17 £152.99 - £152.99 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/40 R18 £120.37 - £120.37 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/45 R17 £98.99 - £119.89 (5 Prices) Compare Prices >>
225/60 R17 £130.60 - £130.60 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
235/55 R18 £145.99 - £147.88 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top 3 Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO Reviews

Given 71% while driving a Toyota Yaris (175/65 R15) on mostly town for 3,000 average miles
Living quite high up in Central Scotland, we need tyres that can safely transport our children in snow and ice. However, while we will always get some days with inclement weather, the majority of days are dominated dry or wet conditions. Having done a lot of homework I went against the grain and plumped for Bridgestone A005 Weather Control Evo over Michelin CrossClimates, willing to accept less snow performance for improved dry and wet ability. My thinking for this was that if the weather was too bad for even an allseason tyre, then it was probably too dangerous to venture out at all - we drive a Yaris, not a Defender.

The tyres was bolted on September 2021, replacing a set of Dunlop SP Sports. In comparison, the car felt soft and bouncy to the old summer tyres, but as the weeks progressed and temperatures dropped you could feel the tyre come alive and adapting. The best thing I could say is that in cold conditions it feels perfectly normal - like a summer tyre in summer.

In dry and wet conditions the car feels planted and safe, and while handling is definitely not as sharp as a summer tyre, this isn’t the reason why you buy these tyres. Doing mostly town driving I have noticed a small hit on fuel, probably 5% or so over the old Dunlops, but again, it’s a price I’m willing to pay for safety in winter. On long journeys, which we do occasionally, noise is similar to a summer tyre and the car is comfortable and predictable, though maybe a bit pillowy at higher speeds.

Which brings me to snow and ice performance. As I write, we have just completed some short but perilous journeys up and down some particularly steep hills. I know snow performance is meant to be the Achilles heel of this tyre, but compared to a summer tyre it is phenomenal. As cars all around us got stuck and parked up, our Yaris kept sailing on. We passed an assortment of family hatches and SUVs as we made our way about town, with good feedback at all times from the front wheels. There is no shortage of grip while accelerating or cornering, while braking is predictable and safe, even going downhill. It’s like a little mountain goat.

While reviews say that other allseason tyres improve upon the Bridgestone in cold weather , I’m very pleased with the performance. Through two winters we have never been stuck or struggled to get home or to collect our children in weather that can hit quickly and make driving conditions treacherous. I’ve not driven on Michelin CrossClimates or other brands, but can’t imagine being any more impressed than I am with the A005. Again, given where we live and the geography we drive on, if we needed more snow and ice performance then a full winter would probably be more appropriate.

Wear rate has also been mentioned and while I have noticed some wear on the outside edges on the front pair, I’m not unduly worried and would easily expect another two or three years of driving.

Overall, I’m really impressed and while I would be intrigued to try another brand, having peak dry and wet performance for most of the year, with the fallback of decent snow performance when we need it, means I’m very happy with choosing the Bridgestones. It’s a great all-rounder.
Helpful 118 - tyre reviewed on December 16, 2022
Renault Talisman 160 edc estate (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 0 spirited miles
Complete set of tyres fitted today.245/40 19 Very little difference in the EVO tyre pattern to the original, but maybe the improvements are what you cannot see? I will review in 10,000 kms. I have to make a few journeys through the Alps in the next six months, so I am sure their snow performance will be tested. What I know from my experience with the original A005’s is that wet grip is superb, aquaplaning greatly reduced risk, low wear, quiet and low rolling resistance.
Helpful 199 - tyre reviewed on October 21, 2020
Given 72% while driving a Ford Focus ST 2.3 Ecoboost Estate (Mk4) (235/35 R19) on a combination of roads for 3,500 average miles
Big wheel sizes prefer full winter tyres to All-Season but if you live like I do in a mild climate such as the Southeast of England, they often are the best choice. Divided between the new Continental All-Season or the Bridgestone WeatherControl Evo, I went to the latter as they were available and nicely priced for the size I needed. Pros: - Steering feel and road feedback are excellent for a all-season tyre that has loads of tread blocks. - Impressive shallow water grip at low temperatures (looses a bit as they get up but not terrible). - Comfortable and relative low noise - Overall feeling is quite good and could be at times be perceived as a mid range summer tyre rather than an All-Season Cons: - Wear far too quickly. I don't believe they would last 20k miles or get to see the second year of ownership if used all year round. - Again, wear. As temperatures start to go up they generate far too much heat and with a soft sidewall you can see the changes on dry grip happening and the wear marks on it - expect to see bits of rubber literally coming out! - Ice and snow grip isn't on par with the best of new all season tyres. Be mindful that for locations that see little snow this might not be an issue, but when it falls and quickly gets compressed, they might let you down. Conclusion: - They are not the best out there but quite satisfactory on this large size; - For fast cars on mild climates they retain quite good stirring feeling and feedback; - They are excellent in the rain with low temperatures, and while aquaplaning resistance isn't the best, it has never been an issue; - They wear far too quickly for an all season tyre, having only encountered similar wear on full winters driven in warm summer locations. - Fairly priced.
Helpful 91 - tyre reviewed on May 17, 2022
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Latest Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO Reviews

Given 100% while driving a Toyota Prius (225/50 R17) on a combination of roads for 150 average miles
MY Car = Toyota Prius Plus.

Old Tyre - Pirelli.

New Tyre = Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO 215/50R17 95W XL

I would not say that Pirelli was a bad tyre.
But as soon as I had replaced the front 2 old Pirelli tyre with the new Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO 215/50R17 95W XL, I could see a drastic positive difference in my car.

Road grip was excellent and superb - Both dry and wet !
Noise inside the car was reduced.
I started enjoying my rides.

Look forward to replace my tyres for the rear two wheels.

WIill always recommend and will buy again !
Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on April 21, 2024
Given 51% while driving a MG ZS EV (215/55 R17) on mostly country roads for 45,000 average miles
Wear was pretty poor, fitted to a FWD EV with 150ps, fronts lasted 8k miles a set.

Wet grip when part worn was poor.
Helpful 3 - tyre reviewed on March 30, 2024
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Given 60% while driving a Toyota RAV4 (235/55 R18) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
These tyres have been fitted to my Toyota Rav4 for the last few years.
I choose Bridgestones over the Cross climates for the comfort, wet performance and lower rolling resistance.
Assured in the wet and dry, very comfortable, not found the limit of grip yet.
Tyres started cracking around the tread blocks within 12months, louder than expected on the road, snow performance best described as lacking (short of what I'd expected).
Wouldn't buy again, would pick quieter tyres next time with better cold weather performance.
Helpful 3 - tyre reviewed on March 12, 2024
Given 49% while driving a Ford Focus MK3 (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
Dangerous steer and grip, while driving on highway, on wet.
Average on dry.
Average on snow.

Then changed the rim from 16'' to 17''. A lot better. But this shouldnt be happening, it was dangerous on 16'' wheels.

On 17'' the grip was a lot better compared to 16'' overall, but again not good enough.
A little better than average on wet (many times abs was activated).
A little better than average on dry.
Average on snow

After 25000 km on 225/45/17 some parts were torn apart.
Wouldnt buy them again.
Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on March 6, 2024
Given 56% while driving a Ford Falcon XF X_PAK (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 35,000 spirited miles
Nice on wet.
Nice but could be better on wet braking.
Nice on dry.
Nice but could be better or dry braking.

After 2 and a half years they are worn, even some parts are torn apart.
Helpful 3 - tyre reviewed on February 28, 2024
Given 34% while driving a Honda Civic 1.5T (235/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
An awful tire.
Got weared-out for less than 2 years and less than 15000 km.
Even during its first year, the performance was questionable.
Not worth for the money or at all.
Not recommended. Won't by ever again. It even made me hate Bridgestone and Japan brands in general, although I'm a lifetime Honda owner and fan.
Helpful 5 - tyre reviewed on February 7, 2024
Given 93% while driving a Renault (205/55 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 easy going miles
I purchased these Bridgestone tyres from a certain online supermarket chain at a nice price and with almost 10,000 miles covered in 18 months these tyres have seen action in all weathers and have never failed me. Amazing traction in the snow and excellent grip in the wet.
Helpful 7 - tyre reviewed on January 25, 2024
Given 62% while driving a Jeep Cherokee Limited 2015 (225/55 R18) on a combination of roads for 17 average miles
Four EVOs were fitted in October 2021, and the wheels aligned. Initially, the tyres were very good, especially when combined with the Jeep Active Drive I 4x4 system. Very stable, comfortable, and quiet in all UK weather conditions, with no grip problems in the snow and ice, and no significant changes in previous fuel performance.  

The tyres were rotated twice throughout their life, and the 4 wheels aligned again in early 2023.  The tyres were worn to 3 mm by 17,000 miles (27,358 km). By this point there was notable slippage on the front tyres when turning at slow speeds, especially in wetter conditions and overall, the tyres did not feel as planted on the road as they once were.

With low confidence in their grip ability at 3 mm, they were replaced with CC2s in December 2023. Hopefully, the longevity of the CC2s will be significantly better than the disappointing EVO’s.
Helpful 9 - tyre reviewed on January 23, 2024
Given 78% while driving a BMW (225/60 R17) on a combination of roads for 20 easy going miles
These seem as good as the BMW * rated Pirelli P7 that came as original equipment as a summer tyre and have the advantage of being much safer in cold/snowy weather. Overall, they’ve been a good choice for someone who lives on the south coast with frequent trips up north to see family. But, and this a big one for me, they wear much more quickly at around 25k miles a set compared to the 40k from the Pirelli’s. I’d probably replace them with Michelin Crossclimates or the new Bridgestone Turanza Allseason 6 as/when they become available +/- price at the time.
Helpful 9 - tyre reviewed on January 6, 2024
Given 20% while driving a Volkswagen TOUAREG V6 TDI (235/65 R17) on a combination of roads for 22 average miles
we're not particularly experienced drivers and especially not of this type of off-road SUV so I haven't rated for all the other traits.

A year and a half in, of mostly town driving, some motorway long hauls and some camping and dirt/track and shitty roads, the front right tyre is severely peeling.
The other front is well worn and the rears are on their way out.

I realise no brand is 100% dependable but we are not happy with the condition after a year and a half.
I realise that other conditions MAY be responsible for the state of the peeling but its most likely manufacturer error.

Its not like the other front looks like it has a couple more years left in it and the rear ones still good to go
- then we could just replace the one but this is looking like a full replacement and that doesn't seem right.
Helpful 17 - tyre reviewed on September 13, 2023
Given 100% while driving a Volkswagen 2019 Golf Variant 1.5 TSI (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 0 easy going miles
Since purtchesing these tyres 10 out of 10 there better than the mitchelin Alpines that come with the car improve MPG these are exelent tyres the only tyres I'd recomended don't now what they will wear like but so far so good
Helpful 19 - tyre reviewed on June 25, 2023
Given 66% while driving a Kia Motors ceed (205/55 R16) on mostly town for 20,000 average miles
Car is a Kia Ceed SW (estate car). Pros : Rock solid in the wet, especially in temperatures around 5-6C. Pretty quiet which is important on the Kia as there's limited sound insulation. Reasonable fuel economy, does best around 8-12C. Cons : Tyre wear. On a front-wheel drive car you aren't going to get more than 20k miles out of the front tyres unless you do a lot of motorway driving. Urban driving in hot weather (like summer 2022) just destroys the tyres and you probably won't get 15k out of them unless you run them right to the legal limit. Its essential you get the front and rear tyres rotated at services to even out wear if you have a front-wheel drive car for economy and performance reasons. Punctures. I've had three in two years of use. Two were repairable, one wasn't. All of them were caused by stones/rocks becoming wedged in the tread pattern and then gradually (or immediately with the sharp one) forced through the tyre. These all happened in summer. Perhaps unlucky but never happened before with summer tyres and its the same area I drive in. I suspect its simply the tread pattern which causes this, not much to be done about it really. Conclusion - its a very safe tyre to drive on for everywhere in the UK bar the Scottish Highlands where a better snow tyre would be advisable. Particularly effective in damp/wet conditions where the temperature is 0-5C. Costs you more in terms of wear but over the lifespan you're probably talking about an amount equivalent to a couple of tanks of fuel, whether that's worth it is up to you.
Helpful 25 - tyre reviewed on March 19, 2023