Cooper Discoverer Winter

The Discoverer Winter has been specifically designed at Cooper’s Europe Technical Centre to meet the needs of SUV drivers during the coldest months of the year. Whilst four-wheel drive can help keep traction on slippery surfaces, it does not stop vehicles. Tyres are the vehicle’s only connection with the road surface to deliver grip and stopping power, so tyre choice is critical.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom and developed using Cooper Tire’s expert 4x4 and off-road knowledge, the Discoverer Winter is the result of Cooper Tire Europe’s most comprehensive winter development programme to-date, having been extensively tested in a range of winter conditions. This included punishing tests of snow acceleration and braking, snow handling, ice braking and acceleration at Arctic Falls in Sweden and at Test World in Finland.

Dry Grip 0%
Wet Grip 0%
Road Feedback 0%
Handling 0%
Wear 0%
Comfort 0%
Buy again 0%
Snow Grip 0%
Ice Grip 0%

The Discoverer Winter is unranked of 7 Winter Premium Touring tyres.

Latest Tyre Test Results

2022 Auto Bild Winter Tyre Test - 5th of 22 tyres

  • Positive - Inexpensive branded tire with a balanced performance profile, impressive suitability for snow, stable handling in the dry, short braking distances in the dry.
  • Negative - Average comfort.
  • Overall - Exemplary.
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2022 Winter Tyre Market Overview - 7th of 57 tyres

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2022 AMS Winter Tyre Test - 6th of 8 tyres

  • Positive - Still decent braking and traction on snow. Very quiet and quite comfortable tyre.
  • Negative - Unexpectedly low cornering on snow with respectable traction and braking grip. Poor performance with risk of oversteer in the wet and less secure balance in dry corners. High rolling resistance.
  • Overall - Sufficient.
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2022 Tyre Tests

  • 5th: 2022 Auto Bild Winter Tyre Test (215/55 R17)
  • 6th: 2022 AMS Winter Tyre Test (245/45 R19)
  • 7th: 2022 Winter Tyre Market Overview (215/55 R17)
  • 7th: 2022 Sports Car UHP Winter Tyre Test (245/40 R19)
  • 2020 Tyre Tests

  • 10th: 2020 ADAC Winter Tyre Test - 235/55 R17 (235/55 R17)
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