2010 Auto Zeitung Premium Touring Tyre Test

Providing an enjoyable change from the usual Ultra High Performance tyre tests, Auto Zeitung have rated 10 Premium Touring tyres across the usual range of wet and dry tests. As with its other 2010 tyre tests, they have included a rolling resistance test ensuring the fuel economy of the tyre is included in the final score.

Key highlights:

  • Continental convincingly win overall with the PremiumContact2. No tyre could get near the wet performance, and the dry performance was only let down by a slightly high rolling resistance.
  • Pirelli prove you can make a low rolling resistance tyre that actually performs, placing second with the P7 Cinturato
  • Bridgestone finish 3rd with a solid all round performance from the Turanza ER300
  • Dunlop place 4th with the sporty Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response, while the sister company Goodyear can only achieve 8th with the Goodyear Efficient Grip
  • Nokian have another consistent showing with the Nokian V, while Vredestein place just behind the V with the Sportrac 3 thanks to a strong wet performance
  • The Michelin Energy Saver wins the dry tests overall, but only places 7th thanks to a poor wet score
  • Again, the budget options prove you get what you pay for with the Sava Intensa HP placing bottom in every test

Here are the full results:

1st: Continental PremiumContact2 (310 Euros)
Score: 262 (Wet: 144 / Dry:118)
Wet: The Conti wet performance is in a class of it's own. It builds on the highest wet grip and can be driven hard with certainty on the test track.
Dry: Best dry braking. The Premium Contact 2 has the largest reserves and remains secure at all times. It's only flaw is the high rolling resistance
Overall: The superior characteristics in the wet and dry wins first place for the Conti Premium Contact 2 in spite of high rolling resistance
2nd: Pirelli P7 Cinturato (335 Euros)
Score: 253 (Wet: 129 / Dry: 124)
Wet: The Pirelli offers agile and precise handling and in particular has very good wet braking performance - wins wet braking test
Dry: The P7 Cinturato offers precise and neutral dry handling. The very good feedback rounds out the positive result. Only let down by average dry braking.
Overall: The Pirelli P7 Cinturato proves that even low rolling resistance tyres can come up with sporty driving characteristics.
3rd: Bridgestone Turanza ER300 (340 Euros)
Score: 249 (Wet: 122 / Dry: 127)
Wet:In the wet the Bridgestone gently understeers in a safe way. It also offers high resistance against aquaplaning.
Dry: High grip brought the ER 300 Ecopia excellent dry lap times. The tyre also scored well with precise steering.
Overall: The new Bridgestone Turanza ER 300 Ecopia scored well with good results in all safety criteria points. A very balanced tyre
4th: Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response (290 Euros)
Score: 243 (Wet: 128 / Dry: 115)
Wet:The Fast Response delivered precise wet feedback and quick steering. Strong braking.
Dry: Thanks to understeer the Fast Response is easily controlled. Average rolling resistance scores.
Overall: Despite deficits in rolling resistance, the Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response scored well with consistently good performance and a smooth ride.
5th: Nokian V (310 Euros)
Score: 238 (Wet: 118 / Dry: 120)
Wet:The Nokian provided quick wet weather steering and a neutral balance. A good overall performance
Dry: While strong on the brakes, the Nokian V sometimes reacts nervously to high speed load change in the dry
Overall: Consistent scoring gives the Nokian V a solid 5th place
6th: Vredestein Sportrac 3 (300 Euros)
Score: 232 (Wet: 119 / Dry: 113)
Wet:The prominent V-tread gives the Vredestein optimum aquaplaning properties. High stability with moderate wet braking distances.
Dry: Understeer and average grip means the Sportrac 3 does not score well in the dry.
Overall: The very good aquaplaning results slightly let down by the dry laptimes.
7th: Michelin Energy Saver (345 Euros)
Score: 221 (Wet: 92 / Dry: 129)
Wet:The wet roads shows a weaknesses in the Energy Savers aquaplaning. Ordinary stability.
Dry: In the dry the Michelin is precise and easily controllable. Top marks in the rolling resistance test
Overall: The Michelin Energy Saver devotes itself entirely a low rolling resistance, but in doing so sacrifices wet performance.
8th: Goodyear Efficient Grip (325 Euros)
Score: 216 (Wet: 93 / Dry 123)
Wet:Sluggish wet handling and average wet braking performance give the Efficient Grip a poor result.
Dry: Second best in rolling resistance, but is sensitive to sudden load changes in the dry. Otherwise, a good comfortable tyre
Overall: With good low rolling resistance Goodyear Efficient Grip quarrels with disappointing wet properties. In dry conditions, a good choice.
9th: Lassa Impetus Revo (260 Euros)
Score: 196 (Wet: 93 / Dry: 103)
Wet:Long stopping distance and poor handling.
Dry: The Impetus Revo scores well in the rolling resistance test but offers poor dry braking.
Overall: The Lassa Impetus Revo scores well in the rolling resistance and it's low cost, but it's poor wet and dry braking leave it in 9th place.
10th: Sava Intensa HP (255 Euros)
Score: 180 (Wet: 99 / Dry: 81)
Wet:The grip level of the Sava is consistently lower than its competitors. In addition, the tire gives little feedback.
Dry: Longest dry stopping distance, high rolling resistance.
Overall: Besides the low price, the Sava Intensa HP offers little. Poor wet performance and high rolling resistance.


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