2022 Auto Bild SUV All Season Tyre Test

The 2022 Auto Bild SUV all season tyre test has tested eleven popular all season tyres in 225/50 R18 tyre size and included a summer and winter tyre as comparison references! 225/50 R18 is a small sidewalled tyre for an SUV,  this is aimed at the more compact crossover SUV all season tyre market, with Auto Bild using a BMW X2 for the testing.

There will be no surprise at the winners of the test, with the products from Michelin, Hankook, Continental and Goodyear all performing well across the important dry, wet and snow tests.

The included reference summer and winter tyres made for some interesting data, especially when the winter tyre didn't perform best in all the snow tests, and some of the all season tyres ahead of the summer tyre in the wet! Read on for all the stats.


Naturally the summer tyre led the way in dry braking, with the Michelin CrossClimate SUV and Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3 close behind. 

Bridgestone managed to jump up the order for dry handling proving to be the fastest tyre, and almost matching the summer tyre around the lap! Goodyear was best of the rest, which is always a surprise given its lack of ability in dry braking, but it seems to be a trend consistent across many tests. 

The winter tyre managed to be better than the worst all season tyre, which was the Toyo Celsius AS2.


The summer tyre was also the best in wet braking with the Michelin again performing well. The Goodride All Season Elite Z401 had dangerously long wet braking, stopping the BMW nearly 20 meters after the summer tyre!

The top four tyres were very close around the wet handling lap, with the winter tyre making a surprise midpack appearance!

The Michelin proved to be the best in the deeper water of the straight aquaplaning test.


The winter tyre had an impressive advantage during snow braking.

But the winter tyre couldn't match the best, or even second best all season tyre during snow traction testing.

The winter won back its lead during snow handling, but the Continental AllSeasonContact had a very fast lap to almost match its average speed.


The Maxxis was significantly noisier than the other tyres on test at 80 km/h. The winter tyre did prove to be even noisier than all the all season tyres on test, however this isn't a normal trend, winter tyres can be just as quiet as all season tyres, especially internally.

The Bridgestone WeatherControl A005 EVO had the lowest rolling resistance, with Maxxis and Falken costing you the most at the pumps.

The trend of getting what you pay for in terms of price vs overall results tracks almost perfectly, apart from the Hankook Kinergy 4S2 X coming in at a very reasonable price for its performance level, and the Bridgestone comparatively overpriced.


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1st: Michelin CrossClimate SUV

Michelin CrossClimate SUV
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking1st100%
Dry Handling4th-1.1 Km/H99.01%
Wet Braking1st100%
Wet Handling6th-1.1 Km/H98.7%
Wet Circle6th+0.35 s97.83%
Straight Aqua1st100%
Curved Aquaplaning4th-0.2 m/sec294.58%
Snow Braking8th+1.8 M93.31%
Snow Traction7th-171 N93.61%
Snow Handling3rd-0.9 Km/H98.43%
Snow Slalom5th-0.15 m/sec296.46%
Price11th+510 36.25%
Rolling Resistance5th+0.71 kg / t91.09%
Exemplary all-season tyre with impressive ride qualities in all weather conditions, good aquaplaning safety, short wet and dry braking distances.
High price.

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2nd: Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 X

Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 X
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking5th+2 M94.68%
Dry Handling4th-1.1 Km/H99.01%
Wet Braking4th+1 M97.75%
Wet Handling5th-0.7 Km/H99.17%
Wet Circle5th+0.22 s98.63%
Straight Aqua3rd-2.6 Km/H96.94%
Curved Aquaplaning2nd-0.04 m/sec298.92%
Snow Braking1st100%
Snow Traction2nd-15 N99.44%
Snow Handling4th-1.6 Km/H97.2%
Snow Slalom3rd-0.09 m/sec297.88%
Noise7th+0.6 dB99.17%
Price5th+325 47.15%
Rolling Resistance7th+0.76 kg / t90.52%
All-round talent with balanced performance, strong winter performance, stable handling in all weathers, short braking distances, low price.
Moderate ride comfort.

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3rd: Continental AllSeasonContact

Continental AllSeasonContact
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking8th+3.1 M91.99%
Dry Handling8th-1.9 Km/H98.28%
Wet Braking3rd+0.5 M98.86%
Wet Handling2nd-0.1 Km/H99.88%
Wet Circle1st100%
Straight Aqua4th-3.1 Km/H96.36%
Curved Aquaplaning1st100%
Snow Braking3rd+0.2 M99.21%
Snow Traction3rd-79 N97.05%
Snow Handling1st100%
Snow Slalom1st100%
Noise3rd+0.1 dB99.86%
Price8th+410 41.43%
Rolling Resistance4th+0.39 kg / t94.9%
Balanced premium tyre with the best winter qualities, dynamic wet handling, good safety reserves for aquaplaning, low rolling resistance.
Slightly understeering dry handling.

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3rd: Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 3 SUV

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 3 SUV
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking10th+3.9 M90.13%
Dry Handling2nd-0.7 Km/H99.37%
Wet Braking7th+2 M95.59%
Wet Handling1st100%
Wet Circle4th+0.16 s99%
Straight Aqua8th-5.2 Km/H93.89%
Curved Aquaplaning3rd-0.17 m/sec295.39%
Snow Braking1st100%
Snow Traction1st100%
Snow Handling2nd-0.8 Km/H98.6%
Snow Slalom4th-0.11 m/sec297.41%
Noise7th+0.6 dB99.17%
Price9th+425 40.56%
Rolling Resistance9th+0.8 kg / t90.07%
A proven all-season tyre with balanced high performance potential, stable handling, precise steering behavior, quiet passing noise, good comfort.
Slightly longer dry braking distances.

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5th: Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2

Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF2
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking3rd+1.2 M96.74%
Dry Handling3rd-0.8 Km/H99.28%
Wet Braking8th+2.8 M93.94%
Wet Handling9th-2.1 Km/H97.51%
Wet Circle8th+0.5 s96.93%
Straight Aqua2nd-2.3 Km/H97.3%
Curved Aquaplaning7th-0.35 m/sec290.51%
Snow Braking3rd+0.2 M99.21%
Snow Traction4th-83 N96.9%
Snow Handling5th-1.7 Km/H97.03%
Snow Slalom2nd-0.06 m/sec298.58%
Price7th+405 41.73%
Rolling Resistance6th+0.74 kg / t90.75%
An all-rounder with convincing driving characteristics on snowy and dry roads, very good snow traction, dynamic dry handling.
Average lateral grip on wet roads.

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5th: Vredestein Quatrac Pro

Vredestein Quatrac Pro
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking9th+3.4 M91.28%
Dry Handling6th-1.4 Km/H98.74%
Wet Braking2nd+0.4 M99.09%
Wet Handling4th-0.3 Km/H99.64%
Wet Circle3rd+0.08 s99.5%
Straight Aqua10th-7.4 Km/H91.3%
Curved Aquaplaning10th-0.63 m/sec282.93%
Snow Braking5th+0.6 M97.67%
Snow Traction6th-121 N95.48%
Snow Handling7th-3.1 Km/H94.58%
Snow Slalom6th-0.29 m/sec293.16%
Noise4th+0.2 dB99.72%
Price6th+360 44.62%
Rolling Resistance8th+0.78 kg / t90.3%
All-season tyres with good snow qualities, stable handling and short braking distances on wet surfaces, low rolling noise.
Limited aquaplaning resistance.

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7th: Falken EUROALL SEASON AS210

  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking7th+2.9 M92.47%
Dry Handling9th-2.1 Km/H98.1%
Wet Braking6th+1.5 M96.66%
Wet Handling3rd-0.2 Km/H99.76%
Wet Circle2nd+0.04 s99.75%
Straight Aqua7th-4.1 Km/H95.18%
Curved Aquaplaning6th-0.33 m/sec291.06%
Snow Braking7th+1.7 M93.66%
Snow Traction8th-235 N91.22%
Snow Handling7th-3.1 Km/H94.58%
Snow Slalom10th-0.56 m/sec286.79%
Noise7th+0.6 dB99.17%
Price4th+310 48.33%
Rolling Resistance11th+1.23 kg / t85.51%
Dynamic handling with precise cornering and short braking distances in the wet, good aquaplaning qualities, low price.
Understeer behavior on snowy and dry roads.

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8th: Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO

Bridgestone Weather Control A005 EVO
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking4th+1.5 M95.96%
Dry Handling1st100%
Wet Braking5th+1.1 M97.53%
Wet Handling8th-1.9 Km/H97.75%
Wet Circle8th+0.5 s96.93%
Straight Aqua9th-5.3 Km/H93.77%
Curved Aquaplaning8th-0.4 m/sec289.16%
Snow Braking5th+0.6 M97.67%
Snow Traction8th-235 N91.22%
Snow Handling9th-3.7 Km/H93.53%
Snow Slalom8th-0.49 m/sec288.44%
Noise5th+0.4 dB99.45%
Price10th+435 40%
Rolling Resistance1st100%
Dry specialist with precise handling and short dry braking distances, low rolling resistance.
Moderate steering precision and understeer on snow and wet roads.

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9th: Toyo Celsius AS2

Toyo Celsius AS2
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking6th+2.1 M94.43%
Dry Handling11th-3.3 Km/H97.02%
Wet Braking9th+4.7 M90.23%
Wet Handling10th-3.6 Km/H95.73%
Wet Circle10th+0.6 s96.34%
Straight Aqua6th-4 Km/H95.3%
Curved Aquaplaning5th-0.21 m/sec294.31%
Snow Braking8th+1.8 M93.31%
Snow Traction10th-397 N85.18%
Snow Handling6th-1.9 Km/H96.68%
Snow Slalom7th-0.37 m/sec291.27%
Noise6th+0.5 dB99.31%
Price3rd+300 49.15%
Rolling Resistance2nd+0.07 kg / t99.05%
Good snow and aquaplaning qualities, pleasantly quiet comfort, fuel-saving rolling resistance.
Average grip in the wet, with understeer in the wet and dry.

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10th: Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3

Maxxis Premitra All Season AP3
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking2nd+1.1 M97%
Dry Handling7th-1.6 Km/H98.55%
Wet Braking10th+5.7 M88.39%
Wet Handling7th-1.6 Km/H98.1%
Wet Circle7th+0.39 s97.59%
Straight Aqua5th-3.9 Km/H95.42%
Curved Aquaplaning9th-0.46 m/sec287.53%
Snow Braking11th+7.9 M76.06%
Snow Traction11th-694 N74.09%
Snow Handling11th-6.4 Km/H88.81%
Snow Slalom11th-0.88 m/sec279.25%
Noise11th+2.4 dB96.77%
Price2nd+250 53.7%
Rolling Resistance10th+1.11 kg / t86.74%
Short dry braking distances, low price.
Bad winter performance, clearly limited grip and understeering handling on ice and snow, longer wet braking distances.
Not recommended.

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11th: Goodride All Season Elite Z 401

Goodride All Season Elite Z 401
  • 225/50 R18
Dry Braking11th+5.3 M87.04%
Dry Handling10th-3.2 Km/H97.11%
Wet Braking11th+16.1 M72.94%
Wet Handling11th-6.8 Km/H91.93%
Wet Circle11th+1.58 s90.91%
Straight Aqua11th-10 Km/H88.25%
Curved Aquaplaning11th-1.21 m/sec267.21%
Snow Braking10th+2.3 M91.61%
Snow Traction5th-93 N96.53%
Snow Handling10th-3.9 Km/H93.18%
Snow Slalom9th-0.51 m/sec287.97%
Noise10th+1 dB98.63%
Rolling Resistance3rd+0.29 kg / t96.16%
Low rolling resistance, low price level.
Dangerously extended wet braking distances, limited wet grip, spongy driving behavior, delayed steering response in all weathers.
Not recommended.

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