Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD2

The Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD2 is a Max Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

This tyre has been replaced by the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 75%
Wet Grip 68%
Road Feedback 70%
Handling 64%
Wear 66%
Comfort 63%
Buy again 55%

Tyre review data from 8 tyre reviews averaging 66% over 114,000 miles driven.

The Eagle F1 GSD2 is ranked 56th of 64 Summer Max Performance tyres.

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Latest Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD2 Reviews

Given 85% while driving a Renault Clio 172 Cup (185/55 R15) on mostly town for 0 spirited miles
These are very good on Clio II.
0 - tyre reviewed on April 22, 2013   
Given 50% while driving a Suzuki swift sport (195/45 R17 W) on mostly country roads for 13,000 spirited miles
Came standard on my Suzuki Swift Sport and to be honest I don't think that much of them. They loose grip very quickly in all conditions and with the car pushed hard you really have to be very careful. As they have only lasted just over 13,000 miles I find them very dissapointing. Normally I wouldn't mind a tyre not lasting that long provided they gave so proper grip.
0 - tyre reviewed on October 18, 2012   
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Given 46% while driving a Lotus Proton Waja Impian 2001 (205/50 R16) on a combination of roads for 3,000 spirited miles
Nice tyre for dry, nice for wet also but when thread is wore out, there are less grip in the wet, noisy, and wore out too fast
6 - tyre reviewed on June 30, 2012   
Given 86% while driving a Suzuki swift sport (195/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 35,000 average miles
These are the OEM tyre for the Swift Sport and they work so well that they were an obvious choice when it came to changing tyres (there aren't many choices in this tyre size!). Outright grip in the dry isn't huge but they are relatively narrow and it's not really what the car is about. They break grip progressively and work well in the wet. The tyres the car was on when it was new lasted for 35k miles at which point one pair was changed and then another pair at 40k mile - quite incredible for a car of this type (probably helped by the dealer rotating the tyres at every 9000 mile service - strangely this is part of the schedule)
0 - tyre reviewed on February 7, 2012   
Given 60% while driving a Mazda MX5 (185/60 R14 H) on mostly country roads for 6,000 spirited miles
I have them on my miata for more than 10000km and what can I say? At first they were Ok and good on wet. After 10000km they are not even half wear but they have harden and lost the ability to grip. On dry they are all over the place until they warm up (too difficult) and on wet... Don't even think about pushing them. They are too unpredictable. Wouldn't buy them again. I was fulled because the GSD3 is the best tire on the market and thought this was good too.
0 - tyre reviewed on September 26, 2011   
Given 84% while driving a Suzuki swift sport (195/45 R17) on mostly town for 25,000 spirited miles
0 - tyre reviewed on August 31, 2011