Pirelli P Zero PZ4

The Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) is the latest update to the iconic P Zero sports car tyre.

This tyre replaced the Pirelli P Zero.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 90%
Wet Grip 81%
Road Feedback 85%
Handling 81%
Wear 62%
Comfort 72%
Buy again 68%

Tyre review data from 46 tyre reviews averaging 77% over 410,347 miles driven.

The P Zero PZ4 is ranked 37th of 73 Summer Max Performance tyres.


Latest Tyre Test Results

2023 AutoBild UHP Summer Tyre Test - 11th of 21 tyres

  • Positive - The PZ4 is an excellent sporty tire with excellent driving dynamic qualities, short wet and dry braking distances.
  • Negative - Limited mileage and high price lead to devaluation.
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2023 ACE / Gute Fahrt UHP Summer Tyre Test - 2nd of 7 tyres

  • Overall - No weakness at all.

    Very Good.
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2023 AZ UHP Summer Tyre Test - 3rd of 10 tyres

  • Overall - Once again the Pirelli P Zero, this time in the PZ4 S.C. version, can establish itself at the forefront with its dynamic talents and its meticulously balanced steering characteristics. Level on points with Goodyear.
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Questions and Answers for the Pirelli P Zero PZ4

2019-10-09 - I find there is a lot of information on Continental, Goodyear and Michelin, but not as much on Pirelli. My understanding is that the P Zero PZ4 goes up against the Continental Premium Contact 6, Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 5, and Michelin PS4. Recent tests fare the PZ4 well, although the general opinion on the internet is that Pirellis are to be avoided. However sometimes tests include higher performance variants such as the ExtremeContact, Sport Contact 6, F1 Poleposition or PS4S. At the same time the Premium Contact 6 in smaller sizes goes against Premium Touring tyres. I guess I am just confused by the classification. What is Pirelli take on these higher performance tyres (PS4S, PSS, Sport Contact 6, ExtremeContact, F1 Poleposition) ? P Zero Corsa? A video inclusive of these tyres would be interesting to compare the PZ4. Thanks

The PZ4 is intended to compete with the likes of the PS4S and CSC6. It works very well in OE fitment especially in the larger sizes, but the aftermarket versions were quite soft on the sidewall initially. This might have been updated recently as it's started to test a lot better more recently.

2022-12-27 - Hello! I’m looking to replace the tyres on my 2006 E85 Z4M. It’s currently outfitted with Continental SportContact5 in the front and Continental SportContact in the rear. These last ones are pretty old, which is why I want to fit the car with a new set. Question is: which ones? I’m running the OEM 225/45/18 and 255/40/18 on the car. It’s only used as a fun/weekend car and is not driven during winter or in the rain if we can avoid it. in this size, I have the feeling there is not as much choice as for bigger wheels. My shortlist consists of Bridgestone Potenza Sport, Pirelli PZ4 Sports Car and Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport. The car is not used on track, only for roadtrips, fun drives on public roads and cruising. Max mileage per year is 5000 kilometers. From this point of view, what would you recommend for us? Thanks a lot!

All good options! I'm a big fan of the F1 SuperSport but it's perhaps not the most rounded tyre as it gives up a bit in the wet. The Bridgestone is a great fun tyre but the wear seems to be really high. The PZ4 is very well rounded! As the Z4M is a great chassis I'd probably fit the Goodyear!

2023-01-06 - Hi,

Love the site. I’ve a new UK M5 and I read online that I’ve “lost the tyre lottery” by finding I have Pirelli P Zero PZ4’s fitted as opposed to the Michelin PS4.

Both are going to be OE versions - I can’t find a proper review of the two.

If you have time I’d really appreciate your thoughts - should I stick with the Pirelli’s or is the difference that much that I should stomach the cost of swapping out for Michelins? Do you have thoughts on the key differences?

The car won’t be tracked, wear isn’t that important but I do enjoy the performance of the car and want to be secure on the knowledge that I won’t find out the hard way that I have the wrong tyre.

Thank you,


There are tests with the PZ4 and PS4S in on the site, such as here. In aftermarket there is generally a small difference where the PS4S has the advantage, but it's nothing worth getting upset about. As far as I'm aware, no one has actually back to back tested the OE versions of the PZ4 and PS4S however if BMW signed them both off the OE program, they should have similar levels of performance.

Michelin certainly make some of the best tyres in the world, but the internet seems to put them on a pedestal. If I was in your position, I would run the PZ4 until they're worn out, change to the PS4S and see how you feel about them. Just remember there will be difference in performances between a worn tyre and new.

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Top 3 Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Reviews

SEAT (225/40 R18 W) on for 0 miles
Really good !
Replace very very good Yokohama V105 one year old.
To try them out.
First-class comfort (top) + rolling silence
A little above the Yoko on the dry,
In the rain, they are incredible ! Well above all that I have tried :
Dunlop RT, PS3, Yoko V105, Hankook V12 K110.
No idea about wear again ... The +:
- Braking (this is a big highlight)
- Motricity
- Handling
They are equipped with protections of the rims although the option is not specified (in France).
The sides are stiffer than the PS3 for example. The precision is much better.
In short, conquered...
Remains to be seen at mid-wear behavior ... exotic productions are often very disappointing after 40/50% wear ...
Although cheaper than Michelin Super Sport for overall performance not so far away ... Probably in terms of PS4 performance for lower price...
Helpful 193 - tyre reviewed on June 28, 2017
Given 53% while driving a Alfa Romeo Giulietta (225/40 R18) on a combination of roads for 12,427 average miles
Was offered these in comparison to my initial choice of 2nd set of PS4 which these supposedly handles just as well and have lower noise.
1.5yrs with 20k KM (12427.424 miles) milage and they are worn and due for a change.
Helpful 97 - tyre reviewed on October 19, 2018
Given 63% while driving a Mercedes Benz A35 AMG 4MATIC (235/35 R19 W) on mostly motorways for 1,200 spirited miles
Pros - High level of grip in the dry with direct/precise steering feel. Neutral balance. Impressive braking in dry/wet. Cons - Average aquaplaning resistance, it can bite when travelling at medium speeds even in a straight line by losing straight line controllability. Harsh ride. High wear. Overall - Very good tyre especially in the dry. Would like to see the wet aquaplaning resistance improved.
Helpful 60 - tyre reviewed on May 5, 2020
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Latest Pirelli P Zero PZ4 Reviews

Given 70% while driving a Porsche TAYCAN (305/30 R21) on a combination of roads for 1,500 spirited miles
OEM tyre for the Taycan GTS. Quite a ride I had with these tyres. The Taycan is nothing to play with. It is a 600hp, 2,3 tone, elecric beast with instant torque. This NF0 version of the PZ4 can really hold its own ground against this car. Dry performance is excellent, you can pretty much do whatever you want to do. Traction is great, balance is great, steering is delightful even when you push really hard. Really love it. My only complaint is that it is a bit clumsy when it begins to slide. You get used to it through, it is not something really scary. Wet perfomance is equally good. A click below dry performance but very good overall. Comfort is kind of average, same goes for noise, it is actually a bit noisy. I really liked this tyre, until...I decided to try dry drifting. The tyre was literally torn to pieces after 4-5 minutes (not consecutive). Half the tyre was gone after this very short session. It really cannot handle it and I am quite surprised that it is approved by Porsche for OEM. Did the same thing with different tyre setup and it was just fine (considering the weight of the car). I bought a second pair right after and tried wet drifting this time. Same thing! Much less this time, but a few tyre blocks were once again detached. I now have a weird love and hate relatiosnhip with this tyre. Will not buy them again, even though I admire what they can do.
Helpful 0 - tyre reviewed on March 16, 2023
Given 74% while driving a Mercedes Benz A35 AMG 4MATIC (235/35 R19) on a combination of roads for 15,000 average miles
These tires are very good when new, providing everything beyond expectations in terms of handling, comfort and feedback. However, they wear down very fast. Drove about 20k kms on these tires and they get chewed up awfully fast, especially in the front given the car I drive is AWD. My feeling is that these tires perform better on RWD vehicles.

As the wear progresses, these tires start to lose the great characteristics that they once had - fast. First thing that is the most noticable is the noise. I believe the thread pattern of these tires influence the noise dampening, as as they wear down, it loses a lot of that ability. Second thing that you will start to feel is the reactiveness. The sidewalls begin to feel rather soft and you do not get the same kind of precision as you would when new to around 5k kms

I have switched to the Michelin PS5's since, and am finding them a lot better in terms of comfort, and similar in terms of performance.
Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on March 3, 2023
All Season VS Winter Tyres: What is REALLY Best?! Click to find out!
Given 83% while driving a Skoda (225/40 R18) on mostly country roads for 15,000 spirited miles
15k to get down to 2.5mm. Almost all UK B road. Some “eco” driving, some pushing a bit. Moved to Pirelli’s from Avon’s. Night and day better, not worth comparing. Far more interesting to compare to the Goodyear F1 Asym 6 I fitted after the PZ4s. The PZ4s felt like I’d fitted new dampers on the the Skoda. Not as quiet as the Asym 6 but still a pleasant low-pitch noise. Comfort is higher on the Asym but sportier on the PZ4s. I find the PZ4s balance is a touch further towards the front axle on the estate VRS than the completely neutral Asym 6. Both tyres maintaining their same balance in the dry and damp (I say damp as the roads I drove on don’t get any standing water regardless of how much it’s rained) With the PZ4s I want to push the car harder, be less precise and get the car sideways. But the VRS’s stability control doesn’t like that and even with the stability turned to sport it’s pretty unpredictable how it will brake the wheels. With the Asym 6 it’s more fun to be precise, clipping drains and catseyes, enjoying balancing front and rear grip, the VRS’s stability control likes that more. At “kids in the car” brisk pace the Asym 6 is more fun. On your own, pushing harder, the PZ4s give more feedback. Both lose traction predictably with the PZ4s being a fair bit noisier when it does. The PZ4s seems very pressure sensitive. I settled on 36.5psi for summer driving - 1.5psi either way feeling either harsh or sloppy. The Asym doesn’t seem to care what pressure’s in them. Overall the Asym 6 is a more rounded tyre. I can see why it wins all the tests. The PZ4 will never beat it in a test unless subjective (sporty) feel is weighted very highly and even then the Asym might nudge it. What would I buy next time? I ask myself this a lot. When used as a family car the Asym wins every time. But for driving pleasure…..I have an alternative route to work that takes 40 mins and has some of the most famous sections of driving road in the south of England. On the PZ4s I’ll often go the longer fun route, on the Asym 6’s I hardly ever do, staying on the smoothly meandering B roads!
Helpful 3 - tyre reviewed on December 25, 2022
Given 71% while driving a Audi A4 b9 2.0 tdi (245/35 R19) on mostly motorways for 12,500 average miles
I have used 3 sets of non PZ4 P-Zero on my previous car, as I was happy with their performance. On the contrary, i will not replace this PZ4 (AO Sport cars version) with the same ones. I have read the rest of the comments, and I fully agree with most of them. The tire has strong areas such as very nice feedback, dry grip, wet grip under low water quantity, low noise when new and reasonable comfort (much better than the Hankook S1 Evo2 R01 I had before), but its two drawbacks are too heavy: First, wear is too high. I am changing the front ones (FWD car) with just 20.000 km, while I have always been able to run at least 30-35k from previous tires under the same routes and speeds. Second, aquaplaning resistance when new is low but acceptable, but it gets simply scary when the tread depth is below 3.5-4 mm. It is now at 3 mm, and I have been overtaken twice by a track, as the car was aquaplaning at only moderate speeds (90 km/h), while the rest of the traffic was moving wihout issues. I consider totally impossible to keep the tyres up to the legal 1.6 mm depth. I don´t think they found the right balance in the design.
Helpful 3 - tyre reviewed on November 16, 2022
Given 90% while driving a Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI (8PA) (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 3,000 spirited miles
I have been a happy Michelin user for more than 400k km but, after a bad experience with a set of PS4 (high vibration), decided to try some other tyre. I was looking for a sport tyre with an OE spec and found a good price for the PZ4. It is important to note that, to the best of my knowledge, the specs of this tyre may vary significantly from size to size. My thoughts are only applicable to 225/45/17 94Y(*). Dry performance is flawless, high level of grip and very good feedback and handling. In this regard, I would put them over the PS4 and a little bit under the PS2(N3). Surprisingly, the PZ4 is really silent and comfy, which is also a plus for motorway and long trips. I have not driven in heavy rain conditions yet, but no complaint so far on light rain. The tyres look as new after 5000 km. However, I am not expecting them to last as long as the PS4.
Helpful 16 - tyre reviewed on November 12, 2022
Given 80% while driving a Peugeot 407 Coupe (235/45 R18) on mostly motorways for 17,000 spirited miles
Peugeot 407 coupe 2,7 hdi, upgraded to 240hp. (this car handles very very good!! 7,8s to 100kmh and 235kmh max) for two seasons (20000km) it is a dream come true, cant compare to premiumcontact6 or anything else I've ever driven. Doesn't matter dry or wet :) third season more than ok, but that's it. For two seasons it's perfect, if you can afford it. Would I buy them again? YES. But will probably try other premium sports tyres, just to see the difference.
Helpful 4 - tyre reviewed on November 2, 2022
Given 83% while driving a BMW 128TI (225/40 R18) on mostly country roads for 10,000 spirited miles
Great, played around with pressures. When cold i run 34/29 psi. A long way from the BMW recommended pressures of 39/34. 10k miles and the fronts still showing 4-5mm tread. Highly recommend these, im struggling to choose what to buy nextto replace them in 18". Im not sure the PS5 will be any better, now the PremiumContact or the Asym6. Maybe the F1 Eagle SS.
Helpful 3 - tyre reviewed on October 14, 2022
Given 83% while driving a Bentley Continental GT (235/45 R19) on mostly town for 5,000 average miles
I found tyres safe with an option to drive the flat tyres. Why this is not undelined by a producer? Also on a 4 wheels drive car the impression from driving is very good.
Helpful 6 - tyre reviewed on October 1, 2022
Given 61% while driving a Audi S6 (255/40 R19) on mostly country roads for 1,000 average miles
I recently replaced Dunlop RT2's on my Audi S6 C7.5 with Pirelli P Zero PZ4's. The RT2 was really good in the wet with good resistance to aquaplaning but they never gave much confidence in dry handling or feedback. I fitted the PZ4's following a top review in Evo magazine. They are a good more aggressive/sporty looking tyre (if that is of any importance) with good rim protection. Dry handling is good, they seem to have a more rigid sidewall than the RT2's and inspire more confidence, better grip and accuracy in dry cornering. They are a little noisier than the RT2 but not excessively so and the ride is a little harder - which in fact suits the car. What I was not expecting is the poor (I mean really poor) aquaplaning resistance. General wet handling is ok but driving at speed (60mph+) through standing water on the motorway scares the shit out of me - they are awful. The tyres at this point have only 1,000 miles on them so too early to comment on wear rate. The RT2's I used for 22k miles by which time they were down to 4mm, I replaced them after a succession of punctures - not sure I'd buy them again but they were at least sure footed in the wet. I won't be buying the PZ4 again solely because of their poor wet performance.
Helpful 7 - tyre reviewed on May 28, 2022
Given 91% while driving a Audi A4 Quattro 220 bhp TFSI (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 1,000 average miles
I have been doing only 1000 km with these tyres, before I had Michelin PS4. Comparing with them, they very quite and comfortable, with better steering feeling and handling. They come with PCNS(Pirelli Canceling noise System), they are impressive in terms of acoustic comfort in all roard, really impressive! Never tested in wet, but I will update this review in next KMs. They feel softer then Michelin PS4 and with more grip.
Helpful 10 - tyre reviewed on May 24, 2022
BMW (225/50 R18) on a combination of roads for 6,000 average miles
PIRELLI P ZERO PZ4 225/50 R 18 L.S. CA67dB Car: BMW X1 xDrive 20d Dry grip super, much better from Bridgestone Turanza T001 Wet grip - excellent Grip overall unique car keeps on the road as stuck Noise: very quiet - know 67 dB
Helpful 11 - tyre reviewed on May 10, 2022
Given 64% while driving a Volkswagen Arteon 2.0 TDI 200hp 4motion (245/35 R20) on mostly motorways for 1,000 average miles
Full disclosure: I have a general dislike for Pirelli tyres. My experiences from 'way back when' have always been bad to mediocre at best, with decent dry handling, but exceptionally poor wet handling (very inconvenient in wet countries such as the Netherlands). So I tend to stay well clear of Pirellis and recent experiences with the brand are pretty much non-existent. However these came as stock with my Arteon, and are of the official VW variety with 'seal-inside' or however VW brands that. Having recently swapped out my winter tyres for the Pirellis I finally got a taste of driving them. My impressions are that they were more noisy and a little less comfortable than I expected/would have liked, but steering and wet performance (what I would have considered their 'nemesis' if you'd have asked me before trying them) were a pleasant surprise. Of the 1500 km with these tyres, I'd guestimate that about 50% of those were on the German autobahn, with speeds varying from 80 to 230 km/h. The car feels steady and stable even when the autobahn gets a bit undulating (southern parts of Germany, in very hilly terrain), while driving at high speeds. At those autobahn speeds, it also means that less than perfect surfaces feel like driving along cobblestones, but the tyres performed still performed admirably when it came to handling. The big downside was that with these surfaces the tyres very clearly started to transmit serious noise into the car though, making it a less than pleasant experience, effectively forcing lower speeds because that's simply tiresome on long distance driving. Most notable reason for me personally to at least not buy this VW specific variant of the tyre again was that I managed to get a screw puncturing my virtually brand new tyres despite the proclaimed self-sealing abilities of the tyre. Yes, I am aware that they only claim a 5mm (yes, just half a cm!) of puncture protection into the tyre interior, but my experience has proven (to me at least) that the extra cost of this 'feature' is not worth it since it's apparently easy to punch through. Couple this with my personal dislike (as stated above) it means I would not recommend this tyre.
Helpful 6 - tyre reviewed on April 4, 2022