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Given 93% while driving a BMW 120d M sport (225/40 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 6,000 spirited miles
This tyre has transformed my BMW. The steering feel on my model is sorely lacking, but this tyre offers so much feedback that it will not be silenced. The grip in dry and wet are both quite exceptional, but be aware that cold summer mornings (10-15 degrees C) require warming of the tyres before all the grip is there. I had the opportunity to try the tyre on a dry track, and it stood up well - so for anyone who does only the odd trackday, this tyre should be on your list. Did I mention the feedback? It has made my very capable, but always slightly dull BMW a really fun car to drive! Even at perfectly sane and socially acceptable speeds on the road the car is so much more satisfying to drive. It feels more alive and very talkative. Comfort is good, firm but rarely jarring, and it is surprisingly quiet for a performance tyre. Jonathan's review pitching this tyre against the PS4S is spot on the money.
5 - tyre reviewed on July 10, 2020   
Given 96% while driving a Audi 1.8T Quattro (245/35 R19 W) on a combination of roads for 1,000 spirited miles
After buying my Audi from new I had the unfortunate realisation that the car was fitted with Hankook tyres as standard, something I thought was strange for a performance car, and then I thought Audi must have tested these tyres on the tts prior to making them standard. How wrong, to say there was no feel through the steering would be an understatement and there was so much understeer. After fitting the Goodyear eagle f1 super sports to the car within second of driving the difference was unbelievable I could feel the road and the understeer was gone, initially the two fronts were changed and instead of understeer I got oversteer on a tight corner in very wet conditions, when I replaced the rears the cars handling has been epic. My car now feels alive, wet handling dry handling wet and dry braking, no more loss of traction and the esp light doesn’t flicker anymore. Can’t rate these tyres high enough and there a lot quieter too. I found tyre reviews very helpful when selecting the right tyres for my car, the only way to know what tyres are really like is to check out peoples experiences with them
4 - tyre reviewed on July 6, 2020   
Given 91% while driving a Mazda RX8 (235/40 R18 W) on track for 6,000 spirited miles
My RX8 is used on the road (all year) and track days during the winter months. On the road, the Super Sports are as firm as I would want to go. The dry weather grip is excellent and they perform very well in the wet even on cold days. I suspect the rolling resistance is quite high as the MPG is lower than previous tyres. On track, they are mega. The dry grip is pretty darned close to a semi slick; those stiff tyre walls I think. The wet weather grip is amazing. Semi slicks do not work on cold, wet tracks but these Super Sports are amazing. On a cold, wet track in the winter, they produce grip from the out lap and I am often among the fastest cars out there. For the track day driver they are a superb tyre for wet and dry that work well on the road. Oh, they were relatively cheap too.
1 - tyre reviewed on June 18, 2020   
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Given 69% while driving a Honda Civic Type R (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 3,000 spirited miles
I have these tyres fitted to my 2008 Civic Type-R in 225/40R18 92Y and have found them to be a little disappointing if I'm honest. Having come from the AS2 and AS3 I had high hopes, as they were great all-rounders. But these didn't impress long term. Initial impression were good. There was an increase is road noise which was expected, but that came with an increase in feel, especially when pushed. But these tyres need to be warm to perform. From cold the dry grip is good, but not great. They're fine at 'nippy' speeds but quickly give up past that until warm, understeering and oversteering before you might expect. But once warm they're a real pleasure, very preditcable and consistant, great turn-in and excellent on the limit. Really confidence inspiring. In the wet they're good, but but no better than the AS3, especially at lower speeds. Over 40-50mph the same predictability comes through, good feel, good turn-in, but they didn't really impress in outright wet grip as the tests suggest. Also they are particularly poor on greasy roads, with far more understeer than the AS3 in the same conditions. They're difinitely a summer tyre. But my main issue is the wear rate. I know these are sporty summer tyres but my word they're wearing fast. I'll be lucky to get 5k miles including rotating them. They're also getting louder and it's kinda distracting now. Considering the mixed performance, the price and the wear rate, I can't recommend these tyres. I wish I'd tried the AS5 or Pilot Sport 4 instead.
7 - tyre reviewed on May 26, 2020   
Given 96% while driving a Renault Megane RS265 (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 3,000 spirited miles
Tyre is really good when pushing the car hard on the corners. It loads up very nice and you can feel what is going on with the car. They do require some heat to be at their best.
0 - tyre reviewed on May 4, 2020   
Mazda (235/40 R18) on a combination of roads for 1,000 spirited miles
Excellent tyres and at a very good price, comparatively. They perform brilliantly - On a dry road they grip and then grip some more, giving the car a real sense of balance and enabling you to enjoy the true handling of the car. I will be taking these tyres on track later in the year (once Covid-19 lockdown is over!), and really look forward to seeing how they compare to my other tyres (Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2)... At time of writing this review, these Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSports are much cheaper than the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 (The Pilot Sport 4S is more the equivalent from the Michelin range, with the Cup 2 being a step up), so will be interesting to see how much ultimate difference there will be on track. Not driven either in the wet (yet!) so cannot comment on wet performance.
0 - tyre reviewed on April 30, 2020   
Given 86% while driving a Skoda Octavia vRS (225/40 R18) on a combination of roads for 3,000 spirited miles
I was running michelin pilot supersports, (18s so couldn't get PS4S) but after the review of these vs the PS4S I thought I'd give them a go. I will compare direct to the michelin supersports. handling is just as good, dry grip is just as good, braking just as good,so no problems there , then we come to wet grip.... wow, MUCH better than the supersports. As far as I'm concerned there are no drawbacks to these tyres, excellent in every way. equally to the michelin, but better in the wet. Another good thing, much cheaper than the michelin supersports too!
4 - tyre reviewed on April 20, 2020   
Given 98% while driving a Kia Motors Pro ceed (225/40 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 1,000 spirited miles
Amazing set of tyres. Really have transformed how the car drives and puts it power down. Before these I had the legendary Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres and they struggled to put the power down in most conditions other than bone dry, and even then they could be broken away in the dry under a hard launch. The F1 Supersports really have made all the difference. Launches are clean, even in the wet. Wheel hop has been also been reduced. My only slight complaint is they do produce more tyre noise, but only slightly more and its a trade off I was aware of and willing to take. Not had them on the car long so can't comment fully on wear, but early signs are good.
1 - tyre reviewed on April 9, 2020   
Given 100% while driving a Volkswagen Golf R estate (235/35 R19) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
awesome tyre quiet but good steering feel!
10 - tyre reviewed on January 21, 2020   
Given 93% while driving a BMW m2 (265/35 R19) on a combination of roads for 5,000 spirited miles
Really good in the wet, good in the dry, good steering feel. Very Similar to the Michelins it repalced.
13 - tyre reviewed on January 14, 2020   
Given 100% while driving a Volkswagen Golf R estate (235/35 R19) on mostly country roads for 5,000 spirited miles
Perfect tyre. I came from the PS4S which this feels very similar to just cheaper!
10 - tyre reviewed on November 10, 2019   
Given 95% while driving a Mercedes Benz 190 2.3 16 (235/40 R18 W) on mostly motorways for 400 spirited miles
Fitted 235/40/18 on my FWD hot hatch,
Pushing at 230whp and 400nm of torque on wheel, launching from standstill will full throttle shows almost to none wheel spin. This tyre provide 99.99% of traction.

Pushing my car to the max on the famous Malaysia genting highland winding hill climb road. Tyres show no sign of understeer, full throttle during corner exit show no traction lost despite being a fwd, tyre sidewall are stiff with minimal flex, so ride comfort may be on the harsh side.

Driving in the rain with heavy downpour, tyres gave me confident, cruising at 180kmph on wet on this tyre, car tyre feel planted on the road

Overall, totally satisfy with this tyre and definitely buy again, price is so much lower than MP4S, but tyre performance wise are almost on par with MP4S on dry,

The only cons I feel is that, I hope the rims protector will be fatter, just like the Pirelli PZ4, And squarer tyre shoulder just like michellin and pirelli Pz4. F1SS tyre shoulder looks more round to me imo.

Overall, will buy this tyre again.
14 - tyre reviewed on September 5, 2019