Volkswagen Passat 1.9TDi Sport Estate (Chipped) Tyres

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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Goodyear UltraGrip 8 (57) 88% 92% 86% 82% 86% 87%
Dunlop SP Sport FM800 (22) 88% 87% 79% 87% 89% 85%
BFGoodrich gGrip (44) 90% 79% 80% 81% 86% 85%
Nokian Z (7) 90% 80% 79% 83% 87% 80%
Matador MP 46 Hectorra 2 (56) 88% 83% 80% 76% 86% 85%
Nokian WR G3 (7) 90% 95% 82% 83% 60% 75%
Vredestein Ultrac (12) 82% 73% 73% 75% 71% 75%
Falken ZE912 (199) 82% 74% 75% 70% 71% 79%
Continental Sport Contact 2 (227) 85% 75% 76% 72% 61% 66%

Volkswagen Passat 1.9TDi Sport Estate (Chipped) Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Dunlop SP Sport FM800 given 91% (205-55-16-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 0 average miles
Tous simplement parfaites
tyre reviewed on 2019-02-07 01:07:30
Writing about the Nokian WR G3 given 66% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 21000 spirited miles
Dry grip no better than a budget tyre wet grip slightly better
Snow no roblen climbing any hill but tricky coming back down
Wouldn't buy them again
Car used vw Passat
tyre reviewed on 2017-03-04 20:02:31
Writing about the Matador MP 46 Hectorra 2 given 100% (235-45-17-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 30000 spirited miles
Matador does the job !!!
When brand new tyre you need go easy for about 100 mls then after you getting plenty of grip in dry and wet, had Sava's before - not even comparable to Matador, Kumho - not recommended as well and most important please NEVER buy a Chinese crap ! Currently bought 2 new Capitol Eco 007 will give it a go (Korean make)
tyre reviewed on 2013-08-24 16:59:17
Writing about the Goodyear UltraGrip 8 given 86% (195-65-15-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1000 spirited miles
Purchased two of these tyres to complement the Conti TS830's I got the previous year (2010) and come December 2011 fitted these to the front axle and the Conti's on the rear. Only got a couple of days decent snow to try them out on during the 2011/2012 winter but it was obvious that they were even better than the Conti's (although in fairness didn't have any snow tyres on the rear before now) Have now had a chance to try the Good Years again this year (2013) and it confirmed that they are very accomplished in ice, packed snow, slush and fresh snow. Having gone out of my way to find country lanes that no one else had tackled with about 8 - 10 inches of snow they were faultless also packed snow and ice on a hill in to a housing development that is renowned for access issues, the car climbed the hill with no fuss even stopping half way to allow someone to come down ;o) Just amazing worth every penny and then some. They should be mandatory fitment as in other parts of Europe.
tyre reviewed on 2013-01-22 15:32:27
Writing about the Vredestein Ultrac given 87% (225-45-17-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1000 spirited miles
A great all round tyre with a fantastic, eye catching tread pattern. Been very impressed with their wet weather performance on motorways, instilling confidence even in the heaviest Swedish downpours.

Would certainly buy these again, HOWEVER there is a catch! Vredestein (in their wisdom) have STOPPED MANUFACTURING THE ULTRAC MODEL! I found this out last week when I got a side wall puncture (unrepairable) and have been trying every avenue to get a new one.

If anyone from Vredestein reads this, please go back into production with the ULTRAC, they are much better than your Sessanta model!!
tyre reviewed on 2010-07-20 20:46:36
Writing about the BFGoodrich gGrip given 80% (205-60-15-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 5000 spirited miles
Great in slush & on muddy roads and pretty good in snow and cut through a reasonable depth of standing water. Easy round bends, especially in the dry. Only once suffered a serious loss of traction & that was going round a new roundabout after light rain following quite lengthy dry spell. May well have been a diesel spill or extreme greasiness on new road surface; good fun though.
They're a bit noisy, but well balanced & good sidewall rigidity. Tread seems to sit well on the road.
Had them on for 3 months through some interesting weather & they have done well. Replaced Bridgestones which were great most of the time but lousy in the snow.
tyre reviewed on 2010-03-10 12:49:04
Writing about the Continental Sport Contact 2 given 50% (235-45-17-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 16000 average miles
These came with the car from new and look very good on the car. Unfortunately that is all that is good about the front tyres. I am having to change the front 2 at 16000 miles as they are down to the wear limits already. The rear tyres are still OK and look to have a good few thousand miles on them. There is also an unacceptable level of road noise compared to other tyres i have had.
I am changing to Uniroyal Rainsport 2 to see if they perform better.
tyre reviewed on 2009-09-16 14:28:21
Writing about the Falken ZE912 given 83% (205-55-16-V)
Driving on mostly town for 1000 average miles
These are the first change of tyre Ive had to make on my current car, but after only the first 1000miles or so, can only compliment them. They have given good traction in wet & dry with no need for our traction control to kick in in wet or ice yet. Wear looks good & they even have the bobbly bits on still so lasting well. For the money they are excellent VFM and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
tyre reviewed on 2008-12-31 14:20:43
Writing about the Nokian Z given 86% (205-55-16-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 30000 average miles
Review for the Nokian Z - Recommened these by some of our family that are living in Sweden, their Winter tyres have a huge reputation in Northern Europe, Canada etc.

These have been nothing short of incredible - I've gone through the Michelin Primacy, Goodyear NCT's, Bridgestone ER 30 & 300...and by far the Nokians have been the best.

In simple terms I hardly see the traction control light come on anymore, the grip is excellent especially under power - with the engine management re-done on the car I was forever slipping the front's with previous tyres but with these it's almost gone. The horrible under-steer I'd got used to with the Michelins has gone, with no real loss in over all wear - done nearly 30,000 on the set.

Wet grip is easily as good as the other brands - feedback is a little remote, but they are quiet.

About half way through their life I did have new Koni Shocks and Eibach springs fitted, which has also probably helped the tyres perform at their best - but they really haven't felt out of place in this suspension set up.

I'd buy them again, but they are very difficult to find here in the UK - when I bought them they were about ?55.00 fitted - best I can find via the web now is - ?74.00 non fitted...they really deserve more pressence in the market.
tyre reviewed on 2008-11-28 11:07:01
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