Ohtsu FP7000

The Ohtsu FP7000 is a High Performance All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Dry Grip 93%
Wet Grip 80%
Road Feedback 83%
Handling 83%
Wear 85%
Comfort 90%
Buy again 90%
Snow Grip 75%
Ice Grip 65%

Tyre review data from 3 tyre reviews averaging 83% over 33,000 miles driven.

The FP7000 is ranked 5th of 29 All Season High Performance tyres.

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Top 3 Ohtsu FP7000 Reviews

Given 97% while driving a Mercury Sable (215/60 R16) on mostly country roads for 20,000 spirited miles
Excellent handling,traction in MOST conditions. This is NOT a winter tire hence the 9's. Would definately buy these again. I bought them on sale at wally world for 65.50 EACH !!!!!
Helpful 17 - tyre reviewed on April 2, 2023
Given 72% while driving a Acura RSX S Type (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 9,000 average miles
OHTSU FP7000 offers outstanding all-weather responsiveness and exceptional affordability. Packed with high performance features that enhance cornering, braking and acceleration, the FP7000 delivers year-round, all-weather traction, smoothness and stability at an excellent value. The low profile sidewall appeals to many drivers looking for a tire to match their personal choice in transportation. Additionally, the FP7000 features a non- directional tread pattern that allows ease of rotation for improved tire life. The FP7000, a value tire with the strength of Ohtsu behind it. A non-directional tread design offers excellent all-season performance, smooth ride, and multiple rotation patterns to help reduce irregular wear. Tread wear indicators provide the driver with visual cues to help maximize tire life. Variable shoulder tread block design helps reduce tread noise, providing a smooth, quiet ride. High volume circumferential grooves deliver increased hydroplane resistance for improved wet weather performance. Dual steel belts offer greater tread rigidity, increased structural strength, and superior grip. Belt cap improves high speed stability and handling.
Helpful 35 - tyre reviewed on January 7, 2021
Given 82% while driving a Toyota Yaris (195/50 R16) on mostly country roads for 4,000 spirited miles
I have only had the tires for a few thousand miles now. The best way I could describe them is a sporty Touring tire. They definitely have a softer sidewall that really helps in ride comfort. Because of that, they take a moment to "set" in corners during spirited driving. The actual grip is very good for the category. Rain grip is decent...off the line they struggle a little but dynamically they are really good and deal with standing water very well with good braking performance. Since my needs changed I typically run a HP or UHP for 3 seasons, but now I have occasional long highway jaunts (to the inlaws) and the stiff sidewall of U/HP tires were driving me crazy. I still have dedicated snow tires for the winter, and the occasional time I race the car I also have race tires. So it made sense to take the edge off the main driving tires. I am really happy with these and will likely buy again when the time comes.
Helpful 18 - tyre reviewed on October 9, 2022
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