Rapid EcoSaver

The Rapid EcoSaver is a Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Dry Grip 83%
Wet Grip 70%
Road Feedback 90%
Handling 60%
Wear 65%
Comfort 80%
Buy again 53%

Tyre review data from 5 tyre reviews averaging 71% over 28,400 miles driven.

The EcoSaver is ranked 74th of 228 Summer Touring tyres.

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Top 3 Rapid Rapid EcoSaver Reviews

Toyota (265/70 R15) on for 5,000 miles
Toyota hilux 2.5
Helpful 117 - tyre reviewed on December 28, 2020
Given 71% while driving a Volkswagen Touareg (255/55 R17) on mostly town for 200 average miles
Very,very noisy…but very cheap…
Helpful 27 - tyre reviewed on August 27, 2023
Given 90% while driving a Ford Falcon xr6 (235/60 R17) on mostly motorways for 1,200 average miles
I have bought these tyres for 2 of my car's and comfort ,performance and price ,their the best tyres ever. If I paid top price for other so called top brands I would be very disappointed . These rapid ecosaver tyres were around $70 cheaper saving $280 per set. Very happy.
Helpful 94 - tyre reviewed on September 4, 2019
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Latest Rapid Rapid EcoSaver Reviews

Given 37% while driving a Toyota Yaris (185/60 R15) on mostly town for 15,000 average miles
Had those Rapid Eco tyres at the front of my Yaris and had a bad skid on a wet road straight away (the tyres were nearly new), which never happened with the previous tyres I had (Toyo). The Rapid tyres were completely worn after just 25000Km. Very happy to go back to Toyo, can feel the difference at once. Sorry, can't recommend Rapid Eco ones.
Helpful 23 - tyre reviewed on April 15, 2023
Given 89% while driving a Mercedes Benz GLC 250 4 Matic (235/60 R18) on a combination of roads for 7,000 miles
Came new on front of a GLC Merc I bought. Have been surprised by how good they are. No issues with grip in wet/dry and are very quiet. Have done 7000ml on them and wear rate looks good. Only issue may be stability at high speed as the car seems to “wander” a bit on the motorway and needs small steering corrections. I’ve never had this on previous Mercs so it may be the cheap tyres. Based on this, I will replace them with premium tyres when replaced.
Helpful 33 - tyre reviewed on October 8, 2021
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