2020 Auto Express Summer Tyre Test

Test Summary
Wet BrakingGoodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2
Maxxis Premitra HP5
Dry BrakingMichelin Primacy 4
WearGoodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2
Rolling ResistanceGoodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2
Snow HandlingGoodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2
This year Auto Express have tested ten 205/55 R16 summer tyres using a VW Golf. You can be forgiven if this setup sounds similar, as it's almost the same test as the Tyre Reviews 16" summer tyre test.

As eight of the ten tyres on test match tyres we used in our test, but the overall results differ in places, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to look into what's different, and why that might be.

Firstly, it's important to note that while both tests were supported by Goodyear, I tested the entire of the test in Goodyear French test facility, where Auto Express split the testing between France and MIRA in the UK. This means the wet and dry handling tests conducted at MIRA were done on different surfaces, but the rest of the tests should have been done on the same tracks.

It's also important to note that Auto Express use a different overall score weighting, and frustratingly don't provide the data, just percentage scores for each category making an overall comparison trickier.


The good news is that a lot of the data matched. Pirelli strugged in both tests with its new P7C2, and both tests had the new Goodyear amongst the very best in everything but wet braking and aquaplaning. Nokian and Maxxis both scored well too, and Bridgestone was sixth in both.


There were however two striking differences. The first was the Continental PremiumContact 6 which won the Tyre Reviews test, but only placed 7th in Auto Express. Both tests rated it as excellent in dry handling, with fast times and sharp handling, and while it won the Tyre Reviews dry braking, it was only 5th in AE, but just 0.5m off the best in a very close pack.

Both tests also rated it excellent in wet braking too, but auto express didn't like the wet handling, finding it soft and slow, the opposite of dry handling. While this is strange, it could be down to the temperature and surface differences between MIRA and Mireval.

The other big difference was Falken. We both found it to have high rolling resistance, which probably penalised it more in the auto express test, but it was the best wet braking tyre in our test, and only managed 6th in Auto Express. On the same track, with the same car. We had the 94V, perhaps that's the difference.

Finally, Michelin finished a little higher in auto express. We both found it to be an excellent all round tyre, it was just a little bit closer to the front in Auto Express tests, which isn't unusual thanks to the groups being so close, and the Auto Express score weighting being a little different to ours.

Overall this exercise shows us just how close the best tyres on test are at the moment, and small variations in temperature, surfaces and even driving styles is sometimes enough to change the results in places. Add in the different score weighting, and it's no surprise our results didn't 100% match the Auto Express results, which is why it's always a good idea to not just trust one test, but to look at many different tests and user reviews to make your tyre purchase decision.


You can find the summary below, and the full results on the Auto Express website here.

1st: Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 871.4
  2. Dry: 199.3
  3. Wet: 372.1
  4. Rolling Resistance: 100
  5. Noise: 100
  6. Overall: 100
Well deserved win for Goodyear, the EGP2 excelled in refinement.

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2nd: Michelin Primacy 4

Michelin Primacy 4
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 878.5
  2. Dry: 197
  3. Wet: 393
  4. Rolling Resistance: 89.9
  5. Noise: 98.7
  6. Overall: 99.9
Impressive all-round result from Michelin which performed well and felt good to drive.

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3rd: Nokian WetProof

Nokian WetProof
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 872.7
  2. Dry: 197.1
  3. Wet: 390
  4. Rolling Resistance: 87
  5. Noise: 99
  6. Overall: 99.6
Nokian Wetproof was last year's SUV tyre test winner has another good showing in 2020

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4th: Maxxis Premitra HP5

Maxxis Premitra HP5
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 847.8
  2. Dry: 199.3
  3. Wet: 373.7
  4. Rolling Resistance: 77.3
  5. Noise: 98.2
  6. Overall: 99.3
Promising test from Taiwanese producer Maxxis, with good performance in the wet

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5th: Bridgestone Turanza T005

Bridgestone Turanza T005
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 862.8
  2. Dry: 198.4
  3. Wet: 366.9
  4. Rolling Resistance: 99.5
  5. Noise: 98.8
  6. Overall: 99.2
A winner at the pumps from the Bridgestone Turanza T005.

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6th: Laufenn S Fit EQ+

Laufenn S Fit EQ Plus
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 860.7
  2. Dry: 199
  3. Wet: 381
  4. Rolling Resistance: 82
  5. Noise: 99.6
  6. Overall: 99.1
The Laufenn S Fit EQ+ transfers little noise to the cabin and is the second cheapest on test .

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7th: Continental Premium Contact 6

Continental Premium Contact 6
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 839.6
  2. Dry: 198.7
  3. Wet: 363.9
  4. Rolling Resistance: 80.7
  5. Noise: 97.6
  6. Overall: 98.7
The Continental PremiumContact 6 was the best on test for dry handling but disappointed elsewhere.

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8th: Dunlop Sport BluResponse

Dunlop Sport BluResponse
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 871.9
  2. Dry: 197.3
  3. Wet: 386.2
  4. Rolling Resistance: 90.5
  5. Noise: 99.4
  6. Overall: 98.5
We found the Dunlop Sport BluResponse easy on the wallet and fairly refined.

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9th: Falken ZIEX ZE310 EcoRun

Falken ZIEX ZE310 EcoRun
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 860.5
  2. Dry: 197.4
  3. Wet: 392.3
  4. Rolling Resistance: 73.1
  5. Noise: 99.3
  6. Overall: 98.4
Although the Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun handled well in the dry, rolling resistance let it down.

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10th: Pirelli Cinturato P7 C2

Pirelli Cinturato P7 C2
  • 205/55 R16
  • 3PMSF: no
  1. Total: 854.8
  2. Dry: 197.4
  3. Wet: 381.3
  4. Rolling Resistance: 78.5
  5. Noise: 99.2
  6. Overall: 98.4
Formula One supplier props up the table with Pirelli Cinturato P7, not excelling in any area.

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