Nokian WR D4 Reviews - Page 3

Given 69% while driving a Peugeot 3008 (225/50 R17) on mostly motorways for 13,000 spirited miles
Let`s start with the good things- these tires are excellent in wet snow mash on highways, the confidence they offer when driving in these conditions are not easy to match. On dry and just wet they are sort of Ok if not pushed too far, noise level is low and comfort is good.
The main problem with these is how little they last, wear is horrible even on the rear axle of front wheel driven car. They lose more than half of they thread depth in, like, 11000 miles and thats mostly motorway driving (temperatures around 0 degree Celsius, 55-60 mph, two or three persons in car, little-to-no luggage, wet or mildly frozen pavement). Threw them away with around 3mm of thread left, were THAT disappointed. Would consider to by some Nokians again only if move somewhere with harsh winter conditions.
1 - tyre reviewed on December 23, 2017   
Given 73% while driving a BMW 320 d (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
The tires are extremely good in bad weather/snow/ice. Its a snow killer.

They are not good for hot weather, higher than 15-20 Celsius.

On dry road the braking is not so efficient, abs kicks in fast compared with summer tires, at 10-15 celsius.

Wear is these tires killer. They wear extremely fast, i think i made 10.000-15.000 km and they are done.

Also i saw some cracks after 1 year, i dont know why they appeared.

I recommend the new WR A4 tires, i bet they are more wear resistant.
1 - tyre reviewed on November 25, 2017   
Given 51% while driving a Volkswagen Passat 2.0TDI (205/55 R16 H) on a combination of roads for 0 spirited miles
I have them for 2 years on my passat 2.0td 140 ks.but only a half of each year like a winter tyre(5 months)
At first I was surprised,it seemed like a very good winter tire.I felt confident with them even on wet surfices.on snow they are average but on dry they are quite good.
This year I was shocked when i cheked the thread on them.
They lost more than 5 mm.I'm so disapointed.when I bought them I was going for the wra3 and the salesman told that this (wrd4)are even better and iI believe him.What a mistake...if you want a nokian tyre go for wr-a3
11 - tyre reviewed on November 12, 2017   
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Given 67% while driving a Toyota Corolla (205/55 R15 T) on mostly town for 3,000 average miles
The blocks of the tires are sliced too much with watery snow, thick snow drainage system, and they break up there.
10 - tyre reviewed on November 9, 2017   
Given 95% while driving a Nissan 350z (225/50 R17) on mostly town for 3,500 spirited miles
I was amazed by this tires, especially on snow. I have them on my Nissan 350Z, so RWD car with big torque, and in the snow I had absolutely no problems at all. They give you great confidence on snow. For eg. I was going like 80-90km/h on snow, driving by SUVs barely driving 50-60km/h. They really grip the snow !!! All good also on dry or wet roads. I haven't driven them for more than 5.000km so no that much regarding wear, but they seem to be almost like new. So impressed by the Nokians that this year I am buying a set of WR SUV 3 for my Hilux! Hope to be just as good.
7 - tyre reviewed on November 1, 2017   
Mazda (225/65 R16) on a combination of roads for 8,000 miles
Very reassuring in extreme wet conditions. Only limited use on snow but worked in the sense that no chains were needed, when several other cars were stuck.

Increased fuel consumption by ca. 10% compared to summer tyres, but some of that difference will be down to temperature.

Weared far quicker than expecting. Two of the four were down to 4mm, and hence no longer suitable for winter use, after less than 8000 miles. This was despite swapping them around and only using in Winter. Summers last over 20000 on this car.
6 - tyre reviewed on October 27, 2017   
Given 56% while driving a Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer (225/50 R17) on mostly country roads for 8,000 average miles
Although good in all cold/winter conditions I have only one issue. The edges of the tyres are delaminating very easily. As another reviewer said the edges come off in chunks, and this is exactly what is happening. Used for 18 months (ish).
0 - tyre reviewed on April 19, 2017   
Given 67% while driving a Volvo S80 D5 (225/50 R17 V) on mostly country roads for 12,000 easy going miles
As with previous generations of the WR these have been excellent for winter grip especially in rain but one major issue has really spoiled them overall. Now nearing the end of a second winter the edges of the tread on both front tyres are simply disintegrating and falling of in large chunks so clearly something is wrong with the design and they still have 6mm all over after only 12000m. Unlikely to buy these again and will either look at their Weatherproof offering next or even Michelin's Crossclimate.
6 - tyre reviewed on April 11, 2017   
Given 88% while driving a Kia Motors ceed (195/65 R15) on a combination of roads for 3,000 average miles
I love this tires, they are quite soft and comfortable, and especialy on snow or wet surface the traction is perfect
7 - tyre reviewed on April 10, 2017   
Given 89% while driving a Renault Modus 1.5Dci Authentique (185/60 R15) on a combination of roads for 25,000 average miles
Used them for about 40k km (25k miles). Still have 6mm thread on 2 tires, and 4mm on the other 2.
They are excellent tires in cold weather, and downright fantastic on snow and wet roads.
They are silent, and with good fuel efficiency.
Feedback isn't that great (although they do inspire confidence), and wear is just average.
Great tires overall!
8 - tyre reviewed on March 28, 2017   
Given 90% while driving a Renault Renault Sport Megane 225 (195/65 R15) on mostly town for 0 average miles
To be honest I was really impressed until breaking on icy road. It was somewhere at mid January this year, road was dry but while I was at the end of a secondary road there was a 10 maybe 12 meters long icy road. I almos crack myself because I try to give way for the cars on the main road ( it was night time) I hit the breaks but no ABS was entering and tires were struggling to get a grip. Luckily I was doing 25 maybe 30 kph found myself on the first lane perpendicularly to the opposite traffic. No car was coming and I make the day.
Should I buy them again ? Guess no. Interesting TWI though.
10 - tyre reviewed on March 24, 2017   
Given 69% while driving a Fiat Barchetta (195/55 R15 V) on mostly country roads for 12,000 spirited miles
I am about to finish my second winter. 20k km completed. Much better than previous model but not perfect. Mich cheapee than the continental winter contact so shoild be expected.
The only issue for me is the wet grip. Snow grip though is excellent as is stopping in dry and snowy conditions.
1 - tyre reviewed on March 18, 2017