Continental ComfortContact CC6

The Continental ComfortContact CC6 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 81%
Wet Grip 68%
Road Feedback 71%
Handling 73%
Wear 77%
Comfort 87%
Buy again 72%

Tyre review data from 38 tyre reviews averaging 76% over 640,335 miles driven.

The ComfortContact CC6 is ranked 63rd of 127 Summer Premium Touring tyres.

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Questions and Answers for the Continental ComfortContact CC6

2017-11-22 - price and availability in Egyptian market and what other brands do possess the same level of comfort

Unfortunately we have no Egyptian market data for the Continental ComfortContact CC6.

2020-10-13 - Dear Sirs, The weight(Kg) of CC6 of 215/55/17 ? Thank you!

Unfortunately I don't have the weight of any of the CC6 sizes, sorry.

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Top 3 Continental ComfortContact CC6 Reviews

Given 76% while driving a Peugeot 2008 1.6 (225/45 R17) on mostly town for 10 average miles
Just wanna share my thoughts, since it is still new, I am not yet sure how long it will last (yet)

Changed to this tire Continential Comfort Contact 6(CC6) today, driving peugeot 2008 mini SUV.

Initial review so far:

Noise: VERYQUIET (Now I can hear my aircond noise)

Grip: Moderate, but since my driving style these days are kinda slow and steady, I can say it is good enough.

Comfort: THIS TIRE EATS BUMPS, matched with soft suspension of my peugeot 2008, I can hardly feel bumps now.

I moved from standard tire Goodyear Efficient Grip 195/60/16 to this tire, so far I am satisfied with the new conti tire. This is its first change)

*There are better grip and performance tire out there at that price, but considering that I am driving this car to bring my kid and wife around, I prioritise comfort and low noise.
254 - tyre reviewed on November 21, 2016   
Given 72% while driving a Daihatsu Perodua Myvi (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 150 average miles
The tyre is quiet and comfortable for my Perodua Myvi (Daihatsu Sirion) and economical also with good grip for speeds below 110 km/h. But it has minimal grip for speeds above 110 km/h. At speeds above 110 km/h, the tyre has got minimal traction causing the steering to be very loose.
71 - tyre reviewed on July 15, 2017   
Given 57% while driving a (195/50 R15) on a combination of roads for 62,000 average miles
after few first thousand miles, the tyre start making very noisy sound. change to michelin ps3, noise is gone.
62 - tyre reviewed on June 12, 2020   
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Latest Continental ComfortContact CC6 Reviews

Given 81% while driving a Suzuki Swift (185/55 R16) on mostly town for 4,000 spirited miles
Very quiet and comfortable tyres and the car feels transformed compared to originally fitted BS ecopia 150s. For normal spirited driving ithey offer good dry grip ,fair wet grip and sharp steering response. If your priority is comfort and you are not a reckless driver you will be delighted with cc6. They are said to last very long as well.
0 - tyre reviewed on November 21, 2021   
Given 79% while driving a (185/55 R15) on a combination of roads for 0 average miles
eat bumps, silent but sidewall is soft...on wet road not confident perfectly when corner drive 90kmh.... who want comfort cc6 is better...if u aggresive driver not recomend this tyre.... i used on proton wira.
0 - tyre reviewed on November 8, 2021   
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Given 71% while driving a Daihatsu Perodua Myvi (175/65 R14) on mostly motorways for 35,000 spirited miles
too easy to wear out. i always drive above 120km/h-150km/h, so coming into corner at 80km/h is not reliable, coming out of corner, traction is good. noise is real low. compare to CC5, the noise is very much better. mileage on my car is around 50k before it wears out.
5 - tyre reviewed on July 28, 2021   
Given 53% while driving a Daihatsu Perodua Myvi (175/65 R14) on mostly town for 24,000 average miles
This tyre is good for normal city stop and go driving and some occasional long distance driving SIDEWALL is soft and good for bumps and ride comfort but not for lateral load THREAD is grips ok in dry and wet conditions doest aquaplane as must as long as you stay below 90kmh Tire reach really fast to tire pressure changes Its a narrow thread pattern for lower roling resistance and narrow tires cuts through water better , but thread narrow than advertised contributes to lower grip As stated this tire is good for city driving not for spirited driving If you go above 100kmh , this tire sails like a boat, numb respond ,low traction, sidewall too soft for high speed corner it kills your confidence doesn't handle heat pretty well, thread deterioration or chipping when exposed to extreme heat form spirited driving or long distance driving or even too much stationary steering turn when parking(lady driver) Continental tires often have a separation line at the middle of the tyre thread that separate outer dry thread's and inner wet thread's rubber compound , can be clearly seen when worn down, and they chip easily when introduced to heat especially the outer dry thread
0 - tyre reviewed on June 17, 2021   
Given 49% while driving a (185/60 R14) on a combination of roads for 0 average miles
The dry grip on the CC6 is relatively decent for its pricing. However, in the wet, it is one of the most horrible tyres i have ever used. I have no confidence in this tyre in the wet, there were times went I felt it lose traction especially when taking a corner. This tyre has a tendency to aquaplane in the wet as well.
1 - tyre reviewed on April 16, 2021   
Given 90% while driving a Mitsubishi Proton Iswara (195/55 R15 V) on a combination of roads for 500 average miles
28 - tyre reviewed on June 29, 2020   
Given 56% while driving a (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 12,000 spirited miles
Running these tyres for about 2 years now on a large-sized budget MPV. Initial impressions: Very quiet, very comfortable. Practically eliminates road noise and soaks up road imperfections exceptionally well (especially for the price). Dry grip: Decent grip in the dry. Nothing remarkable but gets the job done. Wet grip: Awful in the wet. It frequently pours in Malaysia here, and I find myself having to be extra careful in the wet. Aggressive acceleration wet conditions will land you with lots of wheel spin. Don't even think about pushing the tyres the slightest bit in the rain. Road feedback: Given that these are (very) soft compound tyres, road feedback is average at best. It's meant to be a comfort tyre, and for that it does the job. Handling: Similar to road feedback remarks. This is not what these tyres are made for. Wear: 2 years in, with tyres rotated twice before, the wear on all 4 tyres are even and surprisingly average given the soft compound. Comfort: Exceptionally quiet and comfortable. This is the selling point and what makes these tyres attractive, and what you buy these tyres for. Buy again? Depends on the needs. I have a more aggressive driving style, and do not suit these tyres. Personally would spend more for a better set next time, but these tyres have its strong points and will suit most people's needs (sedate driving, small budget cars, comfortable and quiet).
14 - tyre reviewed on June 28, 2020   
Given 94% while driving a (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 100,000 spirited miles
Excelent handling at high speed cornering. Good grip in heavy rain.
33 - tyre reviewed on May 14, 2020   
Given 74% while driving a Honda City (185/55 R16) on mostly town for 5,000 average miles
The texture of the road is just like walking on the carpet, the tread return sound is relatively stable, and it is good for commuting. The tread is sticky, and sometimes it will stick to some small stones, which is good enough for daily use. I hope the car will be more comfortable and quiet, and buyers can consider him.
23 - tyre reviewed on February 4, 2020   
Given 86% while driving a Daihatsu Perodua Myvi (195/55 R15 V) on a combination of roads for 1,600 average miles
Car initially came with Goodyear Assurance TripleMax(185/55 R15), it was hopeless, both wet and dry, not to mention that its noisy and it wears fast (33k kms). Changed out for these Continental ComfortContact CC6 (195/55 R15), and the difference can be immediately felt when it comes to road noise and also comfort level. Can't comment on the wear level yet, as I just got them replaced. Handles well on dry and wet, not superb, but adequate. Now awaiting for the long term usage before any wear can be seen
19 - tyre reviewed on January 12, 2020   
Given 87% while driving a Mitsubishi Proton Wira(4G15) (195/55 R15 V) on a combination of roads for 3,000 spirited miles
Very Quiet and comfort,Eat bumps Easily.

Dry-Grip is good, can maintain high speed confidently
Wet-Still good, can maintain normal cruising speed even when heavy raining condition.

-Really soft sidewall. Even a small piece of glass can puncture it.

-Recommended tyre for cruising,daily drive and long distance travelling. Not yet test out the max grip during cornering.. but will soon..

Change from Bridgestone Potenza RE003(taking a break from the tyre cause of the low threadwear :-[ )
23 - tyre reviewed on October 13, 2019   
Toyota Vios (195/55 R15 V) on mostly town for 0 average miles
1year change 6pcs tyre, comfort & affordable price. But for my wife car experience , side wall abit soft & easy to broken when hit hole or road ride bump. Price, handling, comfort overall is good.
21 - tyre reviewed on September 24, 2019