Habilead ComfortMax AS H202

The Habilead ComfortMax AS H202 is a Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Dry Grip 77%
Wet Grip 69%
Road Feedback 65%
Handling 63%
Wear 74%
Comfort 74%
Buy again 77%
Snow Grip 30%
Ice Grip 20%

Tyre review data from 7 tyre reviews averaging 61% over 107,500 miles driven.

The ComfortMax AS H202 is ranked 59th of 71 All Season Touring tyres.

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Top 3 Habilead ComfortMax AS H202 Reviews

Given 60% while driving a Nissan LEAF Tekna (205/55 R16 H) on mostly town for 10,000 average miles
Good tier for the price , do his job well
You have To be careful during turns when you over 80km/h
Perfect for city driving
Used them for 1.5 years
Never change the range that my electric car covered during the charge .
Helpful 104 - tyre reviewed on January 26, 2020
Given 71% while driving a Toyota Corolla (175/70 R13) on a combination of roads for 13,500 spirited miles
For budget Tyres, these exceeded expectations. Whiles they were not the most comfortable on uneven pavement, the feedback they provided was acceptable. Dry grip had me all smiles as I was not able to over come their limit while going 100km+ around bends. The level of Wet grip gave a false sensation that the road was dry until you brake hard, but even then, they were still able to grip great under wet and dry braking. For the price and performance I was able to extract while driving 13000+ Miles on these Tyres I wouldn't hesitate to buy again
Helpful 36 - tyre reviewed on May 10, 2021
Given 64% while driving a Peugeot 306 (185/65 R14) on a combination of roads for 10,000 miles
Definitely a really good surprise on dry roads, I've tried to find the limit on corners going very hard, and I've struggled to find it. On wet roads, you have to be more careful, maybe the aquaplaning limit is slightly low, and when braking downhill, depending on the pavement, sometimes my car (no ABS) locks very easily. Going to change to an all-season premium brand soon for peace of mind and snow capabilities just in case. Given its pricepoint and performance, there is no need to ride with more expensive overworn tires, as these tires are not dangerous, at all. TL;DR more than good enough tires to transport you safely. Just a little bit careful on wet, wou won't find the limit on a regular daily driver
Helpful 25 - tyre reviewed on December 2, 2021
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Latest Habilead ComfortMax AS H202 Reviews

Given 64% while driving a BMW 318D (225/45 R18) on mostly motorways for 13,000 average miles
After 8000 miles I had to replace the driven tyres as they had wore down to below the minimum I feel like it had something to do with the lack of grip there was in that first set I had causing increased tyre wear, however replaced them two with the same tyres again (out of my own pocket no free replacement even tho I’m convinced they were a faulty tyre) and on the new ones they seem to be doing a little better as I have 5000 miles on them and a fair bit more thread than last time also better grip
Helpful 22 - tyre reviewed on January 16, 2022
Given 71% while driving a Mazda cx5 (225/65 R17) on a combination of roads for 30,000 easy going miles
value for money good for city-traffic- highway ok at set speeds but a little caution in wet good wearing
Helpful 27 - tyre reviewed on August 10, 2021
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