Maxxis MA Z4S Victra

The Maxxis MA Z4S Victra is a High Performance All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 89%
Wet Grip 77%
Road Feedback 79%
Handling 78%
Wear 80%
Comfort 78%
Buy again 84%
Snow Grip 10%
Ice Grip 10%

Tyre review data from 18 tyre reviews averaging 65% over 258,400 miles driven.

The MA Z4S Victra is ranked 20th of 27 All Season High Performance tyres.

Latest Tyre Test Results

2015 Auto Bild 215/55 R16 Technical Tyre Test - 6th of 10 tyres

  • Positive - Good balance and handling, good dry braking
  • Negative - Long braking distance in the wet, noisy, low comfort, high rolling resistance
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2015 Tyre Tests

  • 6th: 2015 Auto Bild 215/55 R16 Technical Tyre Test (215/55 R16)
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    Top 3 Maxxis MA Z4S Victra Reviews

    Given 93% while driving a MINI Cooper S (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 5,000 spirited miles
    I went to check Maxxis after a friend recomendation, they are really great, I could compare this with the Bridgestone Potenza. Simply great.

    Also I drove with the terrible Pirelli Runflats for a while,and

    This Maxxis are better!, great grip and excellent wear.
    Helpful 83 - tyre reviewed on September 22, 2015
    Given 93% while driving a Audi (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 42,000 spirited miles
    I have driven a lot of performance tires on some very sophisticated cars and have found the MA-Z4S to be the most impressive tires !!!!
    Helpful 24 - tyre reviewed on October 30, 2013
    Given 87% while driving a Saab Automobile 9.3 SS (225/45 R17) on mostly town for 1,000 average miles
    Not as silent as a KUMHO KU31, and feels bit heavy, like a reebok classics, not a skechers gorun :)
    Helpful 11 - tyre reviewed on May 15, 2015
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    Latest Maxxis MA Z4S Victra Reviews

    Given 24% while driving a Volvo S60 T5 250bhp (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 0 average miles
    The performance in the mild wet (greasy not even raining) the ryre seems to pick up moisture and keep it to create a hydroplaning action at speeds over 70KPH. As the road gets wetter and or colder the perfromance deterioates. I have yet to drive the car in fully dry conditions so not sure if they perfrom better in the dry, but they make a terrible All season tyre. Pulling off the light, the car pulls to the right as it stuggles to put any power down, and i dont mean heavy footed power, just general off the lights power and the car if in the wet will start to slip to the right when accelerating up hill. Worst of all, when accelerating at speed, as in over taking, there is tyre slippage then a vibration through the car as it struggles to find traction. I find these tyres not fit for purpose. I will be going back to Nokian and paying a little more for peace of mind
    Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on March 4, 2022
    Given 96% while driving a Mazda CX7 (235/60 R18) on a combination of roads for 40,000 spirited miles
    I replaced my Michelin tyres in my CX7 after 40,000kms and decided to go for this Maxxis Vicra Z4S, as a regular Michellin user I was very surprised with the overall performance and durability of this Maxxis, City and Highway it has lasted 60,000 and still has 1mm depth, the handling and feedback of the road is really good in the first 30,000 kms after it start degrading, which I believe is normal, it is a very quiet tyre and I have travelled in very narrow and curvy roads in heavy rainning conditions and the traction was superb. Where I live I dont have snow or ice roads, but heavy raining is present 6 months every year. Definitely a Maxxis loyal customer.
    Helpful 7 - tyre reviewed on November 14, 2019
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    Given 93% while driving a Kia Motors carens 2.0l (225/50 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 0 easy going miles
    I have used other brands such as Yokohama, hankook and goodyear the truth these maxxis are great and have good grip in dry and wet has comfort. I recommend them on the road and on the trail.
    Helpful 3 - tyre reviewed on April 28, 2019
    Given 67% while driving a Honda Fit (Jazz) (205/50 R15) on a combination of roads for 15,000 spirited miles
    For the price, and even taking the price out of the equation, this is a great all around tire. There are no freezing temps in my area or snow so I can't comment on that. But wet and dry traction is good and predictable! The ride comfort is pretty decent for a fairly low profile (205/50/15) and they have stayed pretty quiet.

    Unfortunately I decided to use these at a racetrack and while things started out GREAT, they quickly overheated and begin to chunk and fall apart. It's my fault as I've done this to a set of All-Seasons before. But before that happened, I've taken them on some INTENSE mountain roads and even a few autocross courses and it held up to the short bursts of abuse beautifully! I think my next pair of tires will be Z4S's again! But this time I'm going to bump it up to 225/50/15 in hopes of more grip and more heat resistance!
    Helpful 6 - tyre reviewed on August 28, 2013
    Given 63% while driving a Volvo S80 T6 (225/50 R17 W) on mostly town for 50,000 average miles
    No matter what they claim for an all weather tire, these are the worst tire for snow. We were told that these are great ALL WEATHER tires, when it snows we park the Volvo until the roads are plowed. The old worn out tires were better. Buy these if you live in the south but pass if you live in the north or midwest.
    Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on February 13, 2013
    Given 93% while driving a BMW 535d msport touring (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 12,000 spirited miles
    Best budget tyre I've ever had, even works ok in snow. Very good feedback in wet weather and wear is about average.
    Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on December 11, 2012
    Given 93% while driving a Mitsubishi Colt (195/45 R16 W) on mostly country roads for 0 average miles
    Just purchased 2 of these tyres for the front of my Mitsubishi Colt which replaced a pair of Infinty 05 not very good at all these tyres in the cold!

    The confidence while driving in winter conditions is like chalk and cheese! The Maxxis tyres had their first snow test today and all, I can say they are excellent for grip. I have reassurance on cold wet surfuces and gripping in the snow. Going to purchase a pair for the rear now. Have to see how they wear down though. Recommend.
    Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on December 5, 2012
    Given 97% while driving a Audi a6 avant 3.0 tdi s line (225/50 R17) on a combination of roads for 200 spirited miles
    Previously on Continentals Sport Contact 2 , been very happy with casual driving and occasional wild moment of going crazy and squeezing everything that factory gave me. Tried these Maxxis tyres and within minutes i gain a lot of confidence, they stick to the road so well in dry and wet conditions! Amazing tyre all round i would say they as gd as the contis for fraction of a price! The only down side is that they r a little louder not much. Def recommend these tyres!!!!
    Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on September 11, 2012
    Given 66% while driving a BMW 520d (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
    These are a good budget tyre, better than average for the price. I replaced my supplied run flats on my BMW 520d. On leaving the tyre centre the traction light came on, I had given the car the beans. I put it down to the stickers still attached to threads. The tyres perform well smooth comfortable and relatively quiet, but for the odd occasion when the abs engages on an entheusastic breaking or on a tight bend they would hop a bit. Wet driving appears satisfactory, however I would be reluctant to push them too far. These small slip ups make me question the tyres intregrety in an emergency situation. All in all a good budget tyre for standard safe road driving, but not for on or over the edge styles.
    Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on September 9, 2012
    Given 80% while driving a Renault Clio 182 Cup Pack (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
    very good tyres especially for the price! given these tyres a good testing in all conditions and they perform excellently! only reason I bought these was because the Hankook V12 evo's went up massively in price in my size so was looking for a tyre that performs well without breaking my wallet at the same time! very good feed back even in the wet, very progressive and they give you plenty of warning that you are driving like a spanner well before they let go traction wise. very impressed with these indeed.

    only found one downside that is now that they are getting low around 3mm they are a little noiser and the grip is slightly less now in the wet,greasy weather but I can live with that after the abuse they have taken!
    Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on April 20, 2012
    Given 63% while driving a Skoda Fabia vRS (205/45 R16) on a combination of roads for 8,000 average miles
    These tyres really do not get on with the fabia vrs. Good idea with the wall of the tyre as it protects your rims & in fairness they do perform well but for a very small window of time. Be warned
    Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on March 2, 2012
    Given 89% while driving a MINI Cooper S (215/35 R18) on a combination of roads for 5,000 spirited miles
    A Fansastic tyre in all conditions fitted to my MINI Cooper S, superb grip never let go even when giving plenty of stick and at rediculous speeds!!
    would i buy again 100% i reccommend these to everyone.

    Follow me in the mini challenge!!
    Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on June 7, 2011