Lassa Tyres

Lassa Tyres

Lassa Tyres are manufactured in Europe by Brisa Bridgestone Corporation, and roll off the same production lines as their more famous counterparts, sharing many of the same patterns and compounds with Bridgestone.

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Lassa Passenger Car Tyres

Passenger Car Summer Tyres

Ultra High Performance Summer

Passenger Car Winter Tyres

High Performance Winter

Touring Winter

Lassa SUV and 4x4 Tyres

SUV and 4x4 Summer Tyres

High Performance Summer

Touring Summer

SUV and 4x4 All Season Tyres

Touring All Season

All Terrain and Off Road All Season

SUV and 4x4 Winter Tyres

Lassa Van Tyres

Van Summer Tyres

Touring Summer

Van Winter Tyres

Touring Winter