Maxxis Bravo A/T771

The Maxxis Bravo AT771 is a All Terrain and Off Road All Season tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4s.

Dry Grip 92%
Wet Grip 84%
Road Feedback 86%
Handling 84%
Wear 89%
Comfort 85%
Buy again 88%
Snow Grip 64%
Ice Grip 50%

Tyre review data from 17 tyre reviews averaging 80% over 269,487 miles driven.

The Bravo A/T771 is ranked 23rd of 66 All Season All Terrain and Off Road tyres.

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Questions and Answers for the Maxxis Bravo AT771

2020-02-14 - are they m&s snow flake rated

The Bravo AT771 looks like it meets the M+S marking specification, but I'd be surprised if it also has the mountain and snowflake symbol to make it a legal winter tyr ein parts of Europe. It might be best to ask Maxxis directly.

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Top 3 Maxxis Bravo AT771 Reviews

Nissan (235/75 R15) on mostly town for 20,000 average miles
I have never had such bad tyres in the wet as these Maxis 4x4 Bravos. They were on the swb Terrano when we bought it and they wear very well but we have to be extremely careful on tight bends due to the skidding back end.
They are quite old I'm told but they have loads of tread on them but I replaced the fronts due to front skidding when braking in the wet and these rear ones will come off this weekend as I would say the situation is dangerous if the rear Bravos are left on. I spoke to an excellent motor engineer who's Merc skids in the wet and guess what his tyre brand is ?
Helpful 425 - tyre reviewed on June 29, 2016
Given 99% while driving a Mitsubishi shogun sport (255/55 R18) on a combination of roads for 25,000 average miles
I've had various tyres on my 2.5 warrior over the years and have found Maxxis AT771 to have been top performer so far. I only selected these as a cheaper choice between these and grabbers AT2. After 25k they're evenly down to 4mm so will be looking to change imminently, however unless someone provides are good reason to change to at2 then will definitely go with maxxis again.
Have been faultless from initial balancing to motorway, field, farm tracks, rain, mud and snow.
Yes they'll break free in the wet if RWD is selected and you attack the throttle and yes they'll slide on sheet ice....but lets be real.
Helpful 107 - tyre reviewed on March 30, 2018
Given 86% while driving a Dodge (265/70 R16) on mostly town for 50 average miles
I got around great with no weight in the bed during winter.It rides smooth with a load in the bed handles well hauling. I would highly recommend these as a great commercial tire as mine are 10ply.
Helpful 15 - tyre reviewed on September 16, 2023
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Latest Maxxis Bravo AT771 Reviews

Given 80% while driving a Land Rover Freelander 2 (225/65 R17) on mostly country roads for 32,000 average miles
For a mid range tyre, I have found the Maxxis Bravo AT 771 to be an excellent all round performer. We do most of our mileage on country lanes & A roads with a minimal amount of dual carriage & motorway. Grip in the dry is excellent. Performance in wet is more than adequate. When we had a big fall of snow last winter, I was more than confident driving in thick snow & compacted ice. Only complaints would be road noise & fuel economy but no more than usuals trade offs for an all terrain. Done close to 32,000 miles & still got a few K left in them. Will price them when due & if competitive will definitely have again.
Helpful 11 - tyre reviewed on November 20, 2023
Given 100% while driving a Mitsubishi L200 (265/70 R16) on mostly country roads for 5,000 average miles
Put Maxxis AT 771’s on my L200. I can’t believe the difference. The track I use to get to my field I had to use 4x4 to get down it. I can now get down in 2 wheel drive. Grip is excellent. They disperse the water when hitting large puddles to the side so no windscreen being covered in water. When I bought my car it had budgets tyres on. Never again. The cost of Maxxis is well worth it.
Helpful 18 - tyre reviewed on February 25, 2023
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Given 71% while driving a Land Rover Discovery 2 (255/65 R16) on mostly motorways for 44,000 average miles
An afforable AT tire (80% on road/20% off road) very soft and smooth on the street (the opposite of BFG KO2), ideally for city and with a lack of endurance for rocks. I used this tire in a Discovery 2 for about 8 years and I replaced those only for time of use, during this time I suffered 2 punctures and 1 cut, all off road. On the snow is very bad... but for the price, is a very good option
Helpful 25 - tyre reviewed on November 5, 2022
Given 98% while driving a Mitsubishi Pajero 3,5V6 SWB (265/70 R18) on mostly country roads for 9,876 average miles
Bought a full set for the wife’s Shogun two years ago, still got at least two more years of life left in them. Price wise I think they’re spot on! As for comparing to more expensive brands, I think save some money and buy these. I have driven the truck in snow and it felt like I was on rails, ice at sensible speeds is also no problem. Wet weather driving confidence is boosted by these tyres, and occasionally when the tractors are out and about and the roads are wet and covered in clay, confidence can be boosted further by using the shoguns super select system, and combined with these tyres I would happily drive it into some tricky looking situations. Buy them!
Helpful 21 - tyre reviewed on October 30, 2022
Given 93% while driving a Land Rover Range Rover TD6 (255/60 R18) on a combination of roads for 15,000 average miles
Previously, I've bought sets of both the Goodyear Wrangler HP (Land Rover's original fitment) and Michelin Latitude Cross tyres. I decided however, that this time around I'd try a set of Maxxis AT771's as the Michelin's proved to work well on the road, but far less well off road, particularly on wet grass.

I generally expect All Terrain tyres to be a bit of a compromise, that said, the Maxxis 771's have really impressed me. The grip off-road is far better that I've experienced before, sure-footed progress up wet bank sides is no problem, likewise the grip on descent provides every confidence that you're not going to lose traction.

On the road, the 771's drive comfortably, they're smooth and surprisingly quiet, with little discernible difference in road / cabin noise to previous tyres despite the higher rating. The Maxxis 771's grip well in the dry and (if driven responsibly!) equally well in the wet, coping easily with moderate snow . After 11 months of use the wear on these tyres is minimal despite the car covering a good many road miles and with luck, they should last at least as well, if not somewhat better, than the Michelin Cross.

Overall, I highly recommend these tyres if you intend using your car both on and off road. I'd happily buy them again.
Helpful 45 - tyre reviewed on December 14, 2018
Given 96% while driving a Subaru Forester 2.0 XT (205/70 R15) on mostly country roads for 27,961 spirited miles
Amazing AT Tyres!!! highly recommend these as a full set. Why do I love them:
1. They handle the road really well for an AT tyre, I can still "drive" my car through corners with confidence.
2. Do extremely well on gravel roads. I used to have a 20km daily commute on gravel, with AWD they stick like glue.
3. Great grip on grassy hills, okay in mud and sand
4. With correct pressure and rotation and alignment every 10,000km I got 45,000km out of them. And that's with me 'driving' my manual Forester quite hard on windy tar-seal and gravel. Something we have a lot of in New Zealand. For an AWD vehicle this is a great result, my local dealer was well impressed.
5. For an AT tyre not much road noise
6. White lettering on the side walls helps beef up the look of the Forester :)

Don't hesitate, you'll be pleased with this choice..
Helpful 38 - tyre reviewed on November 2, 2018
Given 93% while driving a Mitsubishi shogun sport (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 600 average miles
Got 4 new for my shogun sport on the road and snow they are good but on mud they have let me down and i have been stuck, it was like I had slicks on with no grip
Helpful 53 - tyre reviewed on April 29, 2018
Given 89% while driving a Nissan Terrano II (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 4,000 average miles
Just brilliant tyres
Helpful 36 - tyre reviewed on January 6, 2018
Given 87% while driving a Mitsubishi shogun sport (255/60 R18 H) on a combination of roads for 3,000 average miles
On the road the feedback and grip is excellent both in the wet and dry, off road they were able to cope with thick mud no problem. Wear seems minimal and road noise is acceptable for such a tire. Will definitely be buying this brand in future. A good all round tire
Helpful 69 - tyre reviewed on September 17, 2016
Given 94% while driving a Nissan Pathfinder (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 40,000 spirited miles
Best AT tyres I've had they don't last as long as BFG but wet weather grip is day and night better than any other all terrain I've used with is most of them. Just past 40000 miles with them now and they'll be due for a change in the next 5k or so I'll be fitting the same again.
Helpful 40 - tyre reviewed on November 22, 2015
Given 84% while driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 2,000 spirited miles
Only had the AT771's for 2,000 miles on a WK Grand Cherokee but am well pleased a really great all round tyre very good on road in all conditions and good off road for what is a mild AT tyre will see what there like in the snow next winter if we get any.
Helpful 39 - tyre reviewed on May 22, 2015