Maxxis M35 Victra Asymmet

The Maxxis M35 Victra Asymmet is a High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 83%
Wet Grip 69%
Road Feedback 73%
Handling 67%
Wear 68%
Comfort 75%
Buy again 69%

Tyre review data from 13 tyre reviews averaging 72% over 102,516 miles driven.

The M35 Victra Asymmet is ranked 88th of 192 Summer High Performance tyres.

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Top 3 Maxxis M35 Victra Asymmet Reviews

Given 89% while driving a Mazda 6 (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 18,000 spirited miles
Amazing tyre, safe, predictable and incredibly capable! Car handles like its on rails. And guess what! Just to put paid to any knockers, and to confirm what we knew already, this tyre has just been voted the worlds best tyre by 'Choice' mag in Australia, and guess what else? 'Consumer' mag in NZ has arrived at the same conclusion, ahead of Yokohama Pirelli Conti Goodyear Bridgestone Toyo GT and a whole lot of others! see
Helpful 35 - tyre reviewed on November 13, 2014
Given 90% while driving a Fiat Bravo (225/50 R16 W) on mostly motorways for 500 spirited miles
My car has 16" wheels on it I wanted to increase cornering performance without increasing rim diameter thus I searched for stiff side walled tires. In a tire dealer I nearly checked 10-15 tires for side wall stiffness. I realized that maxxis tires are 3 to 4 times stiffer than Goodyear or Michelin's. I fitted m35 s to the car and my experience is unbelivable. Dry and wet is perfect. Noise is low. Comfort is good despite the stiff 50 sidewalls. Cornering stability is outstanding. My only critism is for straight line stability. The steering became a little null after these tires on straight line.

I bought this tire nearly half price than Continental sport contact and performs better. I dont know how long these tires last but I personally do not use tires more than 3years or 25-30k km.

Today if you search attentively you will see many cheap alternatives to reputable brands. Maxxis is no exceptiom from this aspect
Helpful 9 - tyre reviewed on November 11, 2017
Given 51% while driving a Skoda Octavia vRS (225/40 R18) on mostly town for 5,000 spirited miles
My Diesel Skoda isn't exactly standard, running a 6.6 second 0-100 however I have major struggles getting any grip out of these tyres at all. It will spin 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd once my car gets boost. I'm not sure how thick the side wall is but they seem to feel like they roll a lot when cornering fast. Personally, I wouldn't buy these tyres again.
One good point is they seem to handle water on the road fine.
Helpful 7 - tyre reviewed on July 29, 2015
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Latest Maxxis M35 Victra Asymmet Reviews

Given 83% while driving a Nissan R33 GTST 2.5 turbo RWD (245/40 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 15,000 spirited miles
235/40/18 and 245/40/18 (rear)

Bought these tyres 5yrs ago (due for renewal now though) after coming from using the Kuhmo ecta sport and falken FK451's.

They were the only brand avialable at the time. So i trusted them after seeing so much of the company sponsoring cars at drifting events.

The MA35 is a summer tyre which i was a little unsure about as i use the car all year round as a weekend blaster and it lives outside. During the warm months the tyre is planted offering plenty of grip, predictable, comfort- hard to tell on coilovers, road noise no more than previous brands mentioned. It's a loud car any way. During colder months i think it can become a hard tyre so needs a bit of heat in it to help it work...

In the wet they do fine aswell plenty of grooves to expel water. Until obviously getting down to the wear markers where im at now on the rear. They easliy spin up in 3rd when rolling and planting it reaching full boost. The roads do get greasy so no tyre will grip. Also operating temps will have an effect. Combination of everthing once worn makes them pretty useless, but when dry again still really good and grippy.

Note: The tyres are 5 yrs old the fronts have cracks on the outer tread pattern- rubbers going off. The rears are fine no cracks but are worn out, maybe they get to temp quicker and don't dry out?

I would buy again depending on price (£470 for four last time). Currently looking at cost of these, kuhmos and falkens again to do all four.

Used the Kuhmos on the Nurburgring a few years ago and once the pressures were adjusted t oallow for expansion it was a great tyre with plenty of grip-which makes me want to go back to that brand on past harsh use on track.

Car is @420bhp rwd only, no traction control or fancy stuff. Just raw driving.
Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on March 18, 2015
Given 93% while driving a Renault Megane RS250 CUP (235/35 R19) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
Please dont listen to a couple of berks reviews on here ! I have bought a lot of tyres in my life and changing from continentals to these has been fantastic, the conti's were lumpy noisey and wear rate was pretty fast, the maxxis m35's were a little more than half the price and twice as good ! I am using them on my renault megan sport which eats commodore v8's for breakfast and have timed it at 5.9 seconds to 100kmh....a true performance car, these tyres are excellent.
Helpful 6 - tyre reviewed on August 21, 2014
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Given 89% while driving a Mercedes Benz C220 Cdi Avantgarde Estate (225/45 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 16 spirited miles
Excellent tyre, cannot understand how others can find them so bad. I drive a quite a lot on motorways and dual carriageways for my work as a management consultant, but also as I live in a rural area have to travel on country roads. I have found the cornering in the dry is exceptional and compared to other premium brands (eg Michelin)the wear rate and road noise are lower, although they still wear quicker than I hoped. Admittedly, The grip in the wet around corners is not the best but it is fine unless you drive far too fast (and NO I am not talking about 20-30 mph as being too fast);straight line stopping is no problem at all.

Footnote to wet weather driving. I think we often forget just how greasy roads can get after the first falls of rain until the loose rubber and muck have been washed away. I have certainly spun on a nearby large roundabout at speeds that one can normally take quite happily in the dry, only to realize this is just after fresh rainfall.
Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on December 13, 2013
Given 34% while driving a Ford Falcon BFII XR6 (235/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 3,000 average miles
Loud, uncomfortable, lumpy, not good! Horrible acceleration/braking grip in the wet. No confidence in these at all.
Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on April 4, 2013
Given 43% while driving a Mazda 5 (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
Running 205/50/17's on a Mazda 5 Sport.
The good point - lasting ages, have done 10,000 miles and not half worn yet.
The Bad Points - Grip or lack of it. Slightest sign of a greasy road and these just give in and off you go sideways on normal cornering or she just understeers towards whatever obstacle in is direct line. As for dring in any sort of snow, forget it. My 5 was always good in the snow with the last set of tyres I had but with these you just sit there wheelspinning. So unless you live somewhere that has no adverse weather I would avoid at all costs
Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on March 26, 2013
Given 90% while driving a Subaru Impreza (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 5,000 average miles
225/45R17 280 AA A rating, in my experience is a good combination of high performance and comfort package. It gives ample grip wet & dry, reasonably low rolling resistance, and quiet. perfect fit for semi sport and my daily commute. Felt better response in braking time and stiff sidewall made my cornering more precise. Also love the fact that the rim can sit deeper and better protected. With price paid over all the goodies given, i would definitely buy again.
Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on September 23, 2011
Given 90% while driving a Audi A4 Avant 2.0T Quattro (235/40 R18 W) on a combination of roads for 1,000 average miles
good tyres, very comfortable, provides very good grip on wet and dry and overall im very satisfied. better than kumho's, nexens and even pirellis.
Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on June 5, 2011
Given 79% while driving a Volvo S40 Sport Lux (195/60 R15 V) on a combination of roads for 10,000 average miles
Great tires, better than goodyear or firestone. They have good grip specially for wet grip and are comfortable. I recomend them. On par with perhaps Dunlop or Bridgestone.
Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on August 6, 2010
Given 89% while driving a Volkswagen (215/55 R16 W) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
It is an incredible tire. Just write this because of the bad reviews that made the first review. It's a very quiet and comfortable tire at a time despite being deported. UNDERSTAND THE SPORT TIRES ARE NOT TO LAST 100,000 MILES
Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on July 25, 2010
Given 20% while driving a Volvo S80 D5 (225/55 R17 V) on a combination of roads for 15,000 easy going miles
Don't buy these -awful ride
Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on April 30, 2010