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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Gripmax Status Pro Winter (3) 93% 90% 83% 83% 90% 87%
Achilles Winter 101 X (3) 93% 80% 83% 87% 90% 90%
Toyo Open Country WT (3) 87% 93% 87% 87% 90% 87%
Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow (6) 78% 83% 82% 78% 90% 92%
Cooper Discoverer MS (9) 89% 87% 77% 77% 80% 71%
Lassa Competus Winter 2 (5) 78% 84% 76% 80% 83% 84%
Pirelli Scorpion ICE plus SNOW (14) 82% 82% 75% 69% 87% 79%
Maxxis MA SW Victra Snow SUV (3) 87% 77% 80% 77% 90% 70%
General GRABBER SNOW (3) 75% 80% 70% 30% 80% 90%
Petlas Explero W671 (4) 80% 73% 78% 80% 80% 75%
Nexen WinGuard SUV (4) 80% 70% 65% 55% 75% 63%
Gripmax Stature MS (3) 75% 35% 45% 30% 60% 60%

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Apollo Apterra Winter, Barum Polaris3 4x4, Cooper Discoverer M S2, Davanti Wintoura SUV, Debica Frigo SUV2, Event Snowdrive SUV, Fulda Kristall 4X4, Fulda Kristall Control SUV, Interstate Winter SUV IWT 3D, Kenda Klever WT KR37, Kumho WinterCraft WS71, Lassa Competus Winter, Linglong Green Max Winter Ice I 15 SUV, Marangoni Meteo HP SUV, Mastercraft GLACIER GRIP 2, Momo SUV Pole W4, Nankang Activa SV 55, Nankang Ice Activa IA I, Nankang Winter Activa WA1, Rotalla S220, Sava eskimo suv, Sava Eskimo SUV 2, Star Performer SPTV Winter SUV, Tigar SUV Ice, Tigar SUV Winter, Tomket Snowroad SUV 3, Toyo Snowprox S954 SUV, Tristar Snowpower UHP, Zeetex WQ1000

SUV and 4x4 Winter Touring Tyres Tyre Review Highlights

Petlas Explero W671 rated 74% while driving a Hyundai Tucson
Driving on a combination of roads for 15 average miles
Low price and costeffective tyre. Half the price of premium brands. Very good performance in snowy conditions, good in dry conditions. wet road performance is average. Wear is mediocre. The noise level is at medium levels, but it gets louder as it ages. I think this tire has two major weak points; The first is avaragr wet handling, and the second is that it belongs to an unknown and unknown brand. But just because it's not recognized doesn't mean it's a garbage tire. Because this brand is a brand that can produce tires for heavy military vehicles and planes... I have been using Petlas winter tires on my vehicles of different brands since 2010. I bought my first petlas winter tire on the recommendation of my mechanic. I had my doubts at first. After a cold and snowy winter, I changed my mind, I was satisfied. After that, I started to prefer tires of this brand. So I've had a lot of experience with this brand. I have used it in many vehicles such as Ford mondeo, Renault clio, skoda octavia. I used it carefully in wet conditions and had no problems. I highly recommend it to those who do not want to spend double the money on premium brands.
tyre reviewed on 2022-06-27 22:56:17
Lassa Competus Winter 2 rated 83% while driving a Kia Motors Sportage
Driving on mostly motorways for 1000 average miles
Very good tyre on snow.
tyre reviewed on 2021-12-06 21:46:46
Momo SUV Pole W4 rated 84% while driving a Land Rover Freelander 2
Driving on mostly country roads for 20000 average miles
Great tyre, great price, great value!
tyre reviewed on 2021-11-19 10:58:12
Cooper Discoverer MS rated 100% while driving a Nissan Terrano II
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 average miles
I have this tyres on my R20 and I'm very happy with them. Used on/off road this is is best "winter all terrain" tyres ever made.
tyre reviewed on 2020-11-29 22:03:46
Lassa Competus Winter 2 rated 89% while driving a SEAT Leon FR 2.0 tdi 170
Driving on a combination of roads for 15000 spirited miles
This tyres wet grip is amazing! My tyres third season now. First season perfect, second season nice, third season nice. I will buy again
tyre reviewed on 2020-11-20 18:07:31
Davanti Wintoura SUV rated 82% while driving a Nissan X Trail 2.2 DCi Sport
Driving on mostly country roads for 500 average miles
Just got these on a 2.2 Di 2003 X-Trail Sport 4x4 for Winter use, no snow or ice as yet and have only 500miles or so on them so early days. Grip very well in wet and dry with little road noise. Will be interested to see how the perform when/if we get snow and ice.
tyre reviewed on 2020-11-17 02:01:40
Achilles Winter 101 X rated 88% while driving a BMW 218d Active Tourer
Driving on mostly town for 3000 average miles
Last winter i bought a new car and i was a bit late for buying winter tires. I had ordered premium tires online, which never arrived. Not knowing if I would get the money back, I decided to buy cheap tires and the choice was simple. I bought again the Achilles Winter 101x that I had already been able to appreciate on my Golf, this time in the XL version. I am very satisfied with my purchase, the XL version makes driving more precise and sporty. On the snow the traction is really good, and even in the wet the sense of safety is constant. The noise level is low, but the fuel consumption increases a bit, as can be expected.
tyre reviewed on 2020-10-20 09:00:54
Cooper Discoverer MS rated NAN% while driving a Jeep
Driving on a combination of roads for 43000 easy going miles
The Cooper Discoverer M+S where mounted on the car (Jeep Grand Cherokee 1997 4.0 I6) when I bought it second hand. It had about 196000km on the clock at the time, unsure how long the previous owner had used them, and I sold the car at 266000km. During the time, I used the tyres all year around in the middle to southern parts of Sweden. Mid ownership, I had to replace a pair due to an unfortunate puncture on a rear tyre, which was caused by a very sharp piece of steel perforating the rubber and lining. I got a new pair for the rear axle and trucked on for another year or so. They performed excellent in snow and ice as well as in the colder months of spring and fall. The grip was excellent on all surfaces: asphalt, gravel, dirt roads, packed snow, ice, sand, grass and mud. I cannot however speak to the performance on offroad trails as I never did that stuff. Especially the grip performance on packed and loose snow on highway roads was outstanding, even when putting on the gas and blazing on at 100km/h. I could really feel that I could trust the tyres doing an excellent job at keeping the car on the road, even when plowing through slush and strings of snow on the road, only keeping the car pointing in the direction you want to go. The downsides with the tyre from my experience, was the softness of the rubber during the summer. The grip was good on dry and wet roads even around 30 degrees C, but the car felt a lot like a boat on high seas. The road feedback and especially the handling was mediocre, perhaps decent at best as quick turnings of the wheel doesn't equate to sharp turnings. Road noice was nothing really to get upset about, but I figure that summer tyres would be significantly more quite. The ride comfort was excellent though. After using the tyres for 70000km or 43000miles, the tread was shoing signs of wear on the front axle (as I got new ones on the rear), but had at least one, or perhaps two seasons left. In my opinion, if you are looking for a reliable, dependable, comfortable allround truck/4x4 tyre for daily on- and light offroad use and are not concerned with looks and handling, I would highly recommend the Cooper Discoverer M+S. As a winter tyre for your 4x4, this is excellent.
tyre reviewed on 2020-10-18 16:59:47
General GRABBER SNOW rated 80% while driving a Nissan X Trail
Driving on mostly country roads for 4000 spirited miles
Feel obliged to leave a review for these as I was very impressed. I ran them on my xtrail in a scottish highland winter and they were excellent. Snow grip was phenomenal. I took the jeep into the woods near mine and off road on steep hills and muddy snow covered roads it didn't stick anywhere. I did numerous hill starts to push them and it just took off no problem. This is in an suv with no diff locks or such just a basic 4wd system. Really really impressed. They are soft so would recommend having a 2nd set of wheels like I do for summer. Wet grip in the mild, was OK but not the best, but when the temperature gets lower the performance is felt greater. Would Defo buy again for winter tyres.
tyre reviewed on 2020-10-07 08:37:22
Lassa Competus Winter 2 rated 86% while driving a Peugeot 3008
Driving on mostly town for 3000 average miles
I have used these tyres on my Peugeot 3008 for a winter season. They performed really well on dry and wet surfaces and did not disappoint me at all on snow and ice. You feel like the tyres are holding to the road strongly and I have never had a problem with any slope. The city I live in has lots of them and many drivers are facing problems with slopes even it rains. These Lassa winter tyres are a very good and affordable choice for Peugeot 3008 owners.
tyre reviewed on 2020-09-21 20:40:30
Petlas Explero W671 rated 96% while driving a BMW X5 3.0d Sport
Driving on mostly country roads for 60000 average miles
Petlas is a Turkish brand and manufacture tire, petlas mainly equips aviation tires for the Turkish army, so basically Turkish petlas = French Michelin, it's clear Petlas is not a tire known in Europe for this. is a not too expensive tire which does not mean bad tires
tyre reviewed on 2020-07-02 08:57:21
Pirelli Scorpion ICE plus SNOW rated 47% while driving a Honda CRV
Driving on a combination of roads for 16000 spirited miles
Had tyres on Honda CRV for 3 Scottish winters now , but sadly I'm underwhelmed.
I'd have expected more from a Premium brand like Pirelli.
Progressive grip l is non existent , wear on dry roads is rapid & unfortunatemy noisy.
Had next to no snow here in 3 years so didn't score them on that (nor ice.)
I had a set of Winter Yokohamea is200 that were much better ..
Won't be buying again & will be switching to Cross Climates all round asap - can't go wrong - Colin
tyre reviewed on 2020-01-11 05:18:36
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