Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3

The Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3 is a Ultra High Performance Winter tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

This tyre replaced the Dunlop SP Winter Sport M2.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 84%
Wet Grip 91%
Road Feedback 86%
Handling 85%
Wear 88%
Comfort 83%
Buy again 93%

Tyre review data from 12 tyre reviews averaging 87% over 115,000 miles driven.

The SP Winter Sport M3 is ranked 10th of 39 Winter Ultra High Performance tyres.

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Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
175/80 R14 88T   E E 67 7.64kgs
205/55 R16 91H XL *RSC F C 68 11.74kgs
225/50 R17 94H XL *RSC F E 67 13.05kgs
265/60 R18 110H XL MO E E 72 17.20kgs
265/60 R18 110H XL MO E E 72 17.20kgs
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Top 3 Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3 Reviews

Given 83% while driving a Saab Automobile 2.0T (210bhp) (225/45 R17) on mostly motorways for 0 spirited miles
Great tyre.

Bought them second hand with 5mm of tread on them, used them for 20,000 miles through summer where it was regularly 25 degrees Celsius with no issues at all. Awesome in the snow, great in the wet and brilliant in the dry. Can't fault them at all even in summer.

Can't believe how well they lasted on a remapped 260bhp front wheel drive car.

Replaced them with Dunlop Winter Sport 3D and can't believe how bad the 3D's are in comparison.
16 - tyre reviewed on February 28, 2015   
Given 86% while driving a Volkswagen golf 2.0 gt tdi (205/55 R16 V) on a combination of roads for 6,000 spirited miles
The Dunlop M3 Winter Sport may be a winter tyre, however it is more feels "sporty" than many summer high performance tyres. This includes offerings from Bridgestone, Continetial, Goodyear and Michelin.

Even with spirited cross country driving the limit of these tyres has yet to found. They keep on gripping and conering progressively, with no suddenly breaking away. Just a slight reduction in grip when pressed hard through a corner.

They are very good in the dry and no deterioration in wet weather, including heavy rain.
When it is cold and frosty these tyres live up to their name, of Winter Sport. Sensible progress can be made during winter weather with being reckless.

These are the winter tyres recommended by Volkswagen for the Mk5 Golf. Volkswagen appear to have it right, as the M3 Winter Sport cope extremely well with the Golf's high torque and heavy weight.

The slight drawback of the purposeful directional tread pattern is that it is nosy for the initial few hundred miles, until the tyres are run in. These are stiff tyres so show up how British road surfaces may be considered to be not quiet as good as some of those in mainland Europe. However, this is a minor inconvenience for the very good feedback form these tyres.

The wear rate is very good, and after around 6000 miles have only worn through about 1.5mm of tread. This can be regarded as good for a heavy and high torque car like the Golf.

When the M3's eventually reach the replacement tread level, they will be among the replacement considerations. The other choices are to be the Dunlop 3D and Vredestein Wintrac, both of which are considered to be very good.
1 - tyre reviewed on June 2, 2009   
Given 100% while driving a Jeep Patriot (215/60 R17 R) on mostly town for 3,000 average miles
Back in October I was unable to locate a set of Vredstein's excellent Wintrac Xtreme tyres for my new car, so I looked around & had my local Tyre Fitter source these Dunlops for Winter period use instead.

Now at the back end of January I can confirm, (despite my reservations) in cold weather conditions these are as good as the Xtreme !

In the dry I can put power down from a standing start, without wheel spin; & in real wet weather downpours, the tyres road grip under breaking is nothing short of superb !

In the snow & ice you get really positive feedback from the tyres; whilst everybody elses tyres are spinning, you are making safe & surefooted progress !

The Dunlop's SP Winter Sport M3 is SO much a better tyre than the vehicle's factory fit Contipremium Contact2 tyres.
1 - tyre reviewed on January 25, 2013   
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Latest Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3 Reviews

Given 87% while driving a Fiat Multipla (195/60 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 2,000 average miles
Has been really heavy snow over the past week. These tyres are amazing. When everybody else is slipping and sliding everywhere, these tyres just cut through the snow like it's a sunny normal day. No drama. Wet and dry handling is also superb. Brilliant tyres. Highly recommended.
0 - tyre reviewed on January 23, 2013   
Given 87% while driving a Peugeot 307 (205/55 R16 V) on a combination of roads for 30,000 spirited miles
It is a very good tire
0 - tyre reviewed on March 27, 2012   
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Given 86% while driving a Audi A3 TDi quattro sport (205/55 R16) on mostly country roads for 3,000 average miles
I have these tyres fitted on a spare set of wheels for the last 2 winters.
So long as you remember that these tyres are designed for colder temperatures I found the wear excellent, but as soon as the temp gets warmer you must swap them or they will wear. Grip in fresh deep snow was faultless, grip in compacted snow and ice was equally impressive. These tyres moved my car up slopes where I could not stand up.
On normal driving conditions I expected winter tyres would be noisy and vague. Not at all with the M3s, you can see why they are a premium brand. I felt no noticeable difference under normal driving than my summer tyre set.
0 - tyre reviewed on January 16, 2012   
Given 93% while driving a SEAT Leon FR tdi (205/50 R17 H) on a combination of roads for 11,000 spirited miles
Excelent tyre and very good price/performance weight!
Super grip on high snow, it saved me for lot of times every time when i was on narrow streets, where the snow is soft and in large quantities.
Also very, very good on wet, with minimum aquaplaning.
On dry roads is more like a performance summer tyre, because it enters in temperature pretty hard, therefore its a bit slippery at brakes (strong, all the way brakes), but when its heated enough, it has an aextremely accurate grip, with no signs of understeer even i pushed the car pretty much onto the limits, despite the diesel engine on my Leon FR, that is heavier that benzines.
0 - tyre reviewed on November 11, 2010   
Given 83% while driving a Alfa Romeo 156 JTD (195/60 R15) on a combination of roads for 5,000 average miles
Amazing winter tire! Grips perfectly on ice, snow, deep snow, and....vrey deep snow! the only time my car stuck was when i pushed the so hard in such deep snow that my front tires were suspended in the air because was so much snow under the car!!!
0 - tyre reviewed on September 8, 2010