Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde

The Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Dry Grip 83%
Wet Grip 75%
Road Feedback 79%
Handling 74%
Wear 84%
Comfort 80%
Buy again 78%

Tyre review data from 45 tyre reviews averaging 79% over 517,290 miles driven.

The Cinturato P1 Verde is ranked 51st of 146 Summer Premium Touring tyres.

Latest Tyre Test Results

2022 ADAC Summer Tyre Test - 15 Inch - 4th of 16 tyres

  • Positive - Very balanced and top marks in the dry, good in the wet.
  • Overall - The Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde achieves the best result on dry roads, and is clearly rated good in the wet and still good in terms of wear. All in all, the tire is clearly highly recommended.
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2021 Sport Auto Summer Tyre Test - 10th of 11 tyres

  • Positive - Good aquaplaning resistance, stable dry balance.
  • Negative - Long braking distances in the dry and wet, high rolling resistance.
  • Overall - Satisfactory.
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2019 ADAC Summer Tyre Test - 185/65 R15 - 15th of 16 tyres

  • Positive - None mentioned.
  • Negative - Relatively weak in the wet.
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    2022-07-29 - in 2019 ADAC test, it was ranked 15th, and in 2022, same tire is ranked as 4th. how come?

    Different test sizes can affect results when the group is close, or it might have had a midlife update.

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    Size Price Range  
    175/65 R14 £62.99 - £87.28 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    185/60 R15 £72.97 - £108.71 (5 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    195/55 R15 £97.99 - £118.36 (2 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    195/65 R15 £61.18 - £71.99 (3 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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    Top 3 Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde Reviews

    Given 87% while driving a Opel Corsa C (185/55 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 0 easy going miles
    Good tire. Very comfortable and good on the brakes. I recommend to anyone who walks in various road types.
    Helpful 174 - tyre reviewed on June 27, 2016
    Given 81% while driving a Toyota Vios (185/60 R14) on a combination of roads for 15,000 average miles
    This is my second set of Pirelli P1s. It got good handling compared to other eco-grade tires. The sidewall is thick, it feels stable and solid while cornering. But this also comes with some bumpy feelings when driving on uneven roads. It is recommended to lower the cold tire pressure to 33-35 PSI, it would bring a more comfortable ride.

    The wet grip is also excellent and feels safe in heavy rain conditions compare to Continetals' eco-grade tires. However, the road noise is relatively louder compared to its Japanese competitors (like Yokohama's ES32), this would be easily noticeable during highway driving conditions.

    Since I don't care much about tire noise and will focus more on handling performance, I will still buy it on my next tire change.
    If you are looking for a tire in the subcompact category that is sportier and has good wet performance. I think it would be a good choice.

    Advantages: Good dry/wet grip and excellent handling
    Disadvantages: Loud noise at high speed, a little bumpy on the uneven surface
    Helpful 19 - tyre reviewed on August 6, 2023
    Given 80% while driving a Fiat 500 (175/65 R14) on a combination of roads for 800 spirited miles
    Very comfortable drive, though a little louder than my previous Goodyear tyres. The grip when cornering in wet and dry conditions is great, and so far the ABS hasn't kicked in at any point. Driving in ice has so far been fine, and I've had no problems with wheel spin as I have previously in deep mud with the Goodyear's. For a city car these tyres are brilliant, and keep up with the Fiat 500's sporty little engine. I can rather spiritedly whip around corners and keep absolute control of the vehicle in no small part due to these tyres. I haven't really noticed a difference in fuel economy as of yet. Driving on main roads, I feel I have a much smoother ride than I had previously. I can't say for long term use as of yet, but I'd definitely buy again if they stand the test of time. It's a tyre that feels like it's made for the Fiat 500.
    Helpful 27 - tyre reviewed on December 10, 2022
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    Latest Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde Reviews

    Given 74% while driving a MINI Cooper (175/65 R15) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
    Good for an eco tyre The dry grip was as expected, a mini has fairly balanced handling and the tyre performed well. The longitudinal grip wasn't as strong as I expected with the car having no difficulty in getting a little whee spin. However the lateral cornering grip far exceeded my expectations, the tyre grips very well for an eco tyre, under high load the tread blocks feel firm, the sidewall squish is predictable and road feedback is good. Same under wet conditional, longitudinal grip isn't as good as I expected however lateral grip is far better. Under very wet (heavy stormy) conditions, the tyre shows it isn't a PS4 or a Quatrac 5. Road noise is good as well, not EV foam filled tyre good, but still good. The tyre is lasting well and as comfortable as expected. For an eco tyre, the tyre performed well.
    Helpful 29 - tyre reviewed on October 6, 2021
    Given 84% while driving a Hyundai Getz (155/65 R14) on a combination of roads for 1,000 spirited miles
    Fit a couple of used ones in the front and i must say these tires was a pleasant surprise. Never had driven Pirelli tyres before and i was a bit hesitant about them. Even-though they were used (but in decent condition) the dry grip was very good and the dry braking was absolutely astonishing, despite the small size i used the car was braking in very short distances! Fuel efficiency improved too as i expected. Solid rubber that will do the job just fine. I recommend them!
    Helpful 27 - tyre reviewed on April 19, 2021
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    Given 80% while driving a Volvo S40 1.9D (195/65 R15) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
    Far better grip on both dry and wet roads than the previous Hankooks and Barums I had. Better in the dry than the wet, but still far superior to budget and mid range at a reasonable price. Slightly noisy but not terrible.
    Helpful 21 - tyre reviewed on October 23, 2020
    Given 59% while driving a Citroën xsara picasso (185/65 R15 H) on mostly motorways for 20 average miles
    Gripped very well in all conditions when new........ after 20,000 miles dry grip is very poor with screeching on roundabouts etc wet grip seemed fine until last night when it just would not stop aquaplaining they have 4mm on tread on the fronts and 7mm on the rears, however i will be replacing them this month as i have lost faith and will be going for Michelin CrossClimate+
    Helpful 27 - tyre reviewed on September 3, 2020
    Given 36% while driving a Citroën Xsara (195/55 R15 H) on for 20 miles
    Very slippery tires.I have car accident on wet road. Tires go in garbage after 20.000 miles. Never buy again.
    Helpful 37 - tyre reviewed on April 8, 2020
    Given 84% while driving a Fiat 500 (185/55 R15 H) on mostly town for 3 average miles
    Great city driving, easy going tire. For a small work commuter as Fiat 500, even with its revy engine it performs splendidly. Great stability and grip on highways, low-noise, low-rolling resistance. It's definitely worth trying. In comparison to Michelin Energy Saver, Pirelli offers more grip and confidence with literally no drawbacks for a much better price. Even pushed hard in corners it loses grip in a predictable manner which is surprising having in mind it is ordinary touring tire. I’m simply stunned they remain so unknown, with so few OEM approvals but even better for a user, maybe that is why Pirelli can offer it with a much better price than the premium competitors.
    Helpful 29 - tyre reviewed on April 3, 2020
    Given 45% while driving a Toyota Yaris (175/65 R15 H) on mostly motorways for 21,500 spirited miles
    They fitted those tyres in my company car, as a replacement of the Dunlop StreetResponse 2. Overall this is an average tyre. Grip on dry is average and on wet is bad. Handling in general is not for spirited use. I found them very bad in comfort too. In big bumps they were very hard. Not recommended.
    Helpful 31 - tyre reviewed on November 4, 2019
    Given 90% while driving a Citroën xsara picasso (185/65 R15) on mostly motorways for 4 average miles
    Very good wet grip, almost no wheel spin on hard acceleration, and difficult to get abs to kick in during hard braking. Comfort is good as is noise
    Handling is very good especially in wet conditions and the tyres look nice.
    Helpful 30 - tyre reviewed on October 2, 2019
    Given 80% while driving a Suzuki SX4 1.6 LITRE PETROL (195/65 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 50 average miles
    changed after 70.000 KM, very good value for money, offers a good balance between comfort and grip , so it's suitable for both city and highway driving , good braking as well, the only bad thing is that after about 20K KM it becomes harder and louder but, however, it has low wear and long life.
    overall, excellent tires , recommended for normal everyday use, very good value for money.
    i didn't buy them again because mine were made in Italy but now only made in Turkey is in the market and i'm not sure if it would be the same quality.
    Helpful 42 - tyre reviewed on November 10, 2018
    Volkswagen (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 45,000 average miles
    I went for these tyres because they had a great review and I didn't get any disappointment from them. They have served me very well for 3 years and 6 month. These tyres were used to their maximum and they still have life left in them. I travel a lot around Europe and my car is vw Touran 2.0 tdi se with 140 bhp. On German motorway I hit 185 km/h and they responded very well. This year on August to be more precise I hit 160km/h with the roof box and at one point I had to brake quite hard, the grip was still preforming well.
    They are soft tyres so on the Cerne ring you will notice a bit bit side ways. In wet thy preform amazing. Fuel consumption, didn't notice major difference. In all they are not loud tyres.
    The tyres have a very good value for the money.
    My next tyres should be Michelin primacy 4, just to compare them to Pirelli.
    Helpful 37 - tyre reviewed on September 6, 2018
    Given 90% while driving a Renault 12 (195/65 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 4,000 spirited miles
    I was ammazed by this tyres performance, especially on the wet surfaces. Excelent grip but most important amazing on braking, no matter if you brake hard on wet or dry surface.
    Helpful 15 - tyre reviewed on June 11, 2018
    Given 74% while driving a Renault Megane (175/65 R14) on a combination of roads for 15,000 average miles
    A decent tyre , very durable and quite safe .BUT with very hard sidewalls that ,as time went by, tranformed my French family berline into a truly firm car . And this not only my opinion . A friend mechanic who drove it had the same impression. Nevertheless , the tyre seemed to last forever even under the hot Mediterranian sun (almost 5 years old, though the mileage was low) . I changed to E250 Bridgestone and I am more than glad. . It doesnt feel as sporty , but finally I reinvented my comfy car !
    Helpful 15 - tyre reviewed on April 2, 2018