Nokian WeatherProof

The Nokian WeatherProof is a Premium Touring All Season tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

This tyre replaced the Nokian All Weather Plus and this tyre has been replaced by the Nokian SeasonProof.

Tyre Reviews

Dry Grip 79%
Wet Grip 85%
Road Feedback 79%
Handling 79%
Wear 73%
Comfort 86%
Buy again 75%
Snow Grip 67%
Ice Grip 67%

Tyre review data from 30 tyre reviews averaging 77% over 258,614 miles driven.

The WeatherProof is ranked 27th of 47 All Season Premium Touring tyres.


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  • Size Fuel Wet Noise Weight
    185/65 R14 86T   C B 68  
    175/70 R14 84T   C B 68  
    185/55 R15 82H   C B 68  
    175/65 R15 84T   C B 68  
    195/70 R15 104R   C E 73  
    205/60 R16 92H   C B 69  
    215/65 R16 109T   C E 73  
    205/75 R16 113R   C C 73  
    225/45 R17 94V   C A 69  
    225/50 R17 98V   C A 69  
    215/55 R17 98V   C B 69  
    225/55 R17 97V   C A 69  
    225/40 R18 92V   C A 69  
    225/45 R18 95V   C A 69  
    235/45 R18 98V   C B 70  
    245/45 R18 100V   C B 72  
    245/40 R19 98V   C B 72  

    Questions and Answers for the Nokian WeatherProof

    2016-05-05 - Is there a good 195/50 R16 84V ALL WEATHER TYRE for a Toyota Yaris ? I think I've checked all the reviews and can't find one listed. Thanks

    The Kleber Quadraxer is the best reviewed all season tyre we have listed in 195/50 R16

    2016-08-09 - Wanting to replace with all season on VXL Meriva without the premium price tag 185-65 R15. Would this tyre be recommended?

    Yes, the Nokian WeatherProof is an excellent all season tyre and should be better priced than The Michelin and Goodyear options, however we currently have it listed just £2 cheaper than the Michelin CrossClimate in 185/65 R15

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    175/65 R14 £55.89 - £98.00 (4 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    195/65 R15 £55.89 - £106.10 (4 Prices) Compare Prices >>
    205/55 R16 £69.89 - £119.70 (4 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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    Top 3 Nokian WeatherProof Reviews

    Given 78% while driving a Volkswagen 1.8 20vT Sport (215/50 R16) on mostly country roads for 5,000 spirited miles
    So far run 5000k miles and found them to be as good as Wintracs for winter conditions with excellent cold dry grip, cold wet grip and frosty conditions, and hard packed snow. More recently with warmer dry roads I've found their limit rather more easily than I'd expected, considering these are touted as 'all season' tyres. They are quiet compared to the summer tyres I changed from but that's no surprise considering those are Bridgestone Potenzas with a 40% profile. Straight line stability at high speed is not as good as I would expect from a good 'all season' tyre - not as good as the Vredestein Quatrac, for example.
    Helpful 153 - tyre reviewed on April 3, 2016
    Given 83% while driving a Renault Megane (205/60 R16 H) on mostly motorways for 6,000 average miles
    I live in Ankara (Turkey). Both summer (35-40 celsius) and winter(subzero degrees and icy roads) driving conditions are extreme here. When i was buying my car, i directly replaced OEM Bridgestone B250s with these in order to avoid an additional set of winter tyres. Tyres are just perfect in winter, like a descent set of premium winter tyres. In summer, even in the direct sun (40 degrees), they do not create any itchy sound while hard braking or accelerating but they just offer average performance and lower limits comparison to premium summer tyres.

    Overall, Nokians are winter-biased (not-suprisingly) four season tyres that can also survive in summers. They are just opposite of summer-biased Michelin CrossClimates. I think my next choice will be Goodyear Vector Gen 2s which, I believe, offer more balanced performance between summer and winter.
    Helpful 56 - tyre reviewed on July 14, 2016
    Given 60% while driving a (215/60 R17) on a combination of roads for 25,000 average miles
    Although thesr tyres are excellent in terms of grip (dry/wet/snow), I definitely do not recommend them aa they wear REALLY fast. Had these (date of production 44/16) fitted on my Nisaan Qashqai J11 and lasted less than 2 years with some 40K km.
    Helpful 29 - tyre reviewed on October 22, 2018
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    Latest Nokian WeatherProof Reviews

    Given 88% while driving a Fiat 500 Abarth (205/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 3,200 spirited miles
    I use Nokian Weatherproof tyres at late autumn and early spring in southern Finland. I have them going on for second year now. In summer I use 215/40 ZR 17 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and in winter 205/45R17 Nokian Hakkapelitta 8. I have had PS4's about 3 years now and Hakkapelitta 8's are 7 years old now. In my opinion those Weatherproof's are not so far off in dry as PS4's at under 5 C and wet grip is also quite good in them. Also those are not far off in grip with those old studded tyres at ice and snow. I think my driving style is a bit sporty and I drive mostly in country roads and motorways.
    Helpful 0 - tyre reviewed on November 16, 2022
    Given 17% while driving a Volvo XC60 D5 AWD Auto (235/55 R18) on mostly country roads for 5,000 easy going miles
    Poor performance coupled with even poorer quality. After two years of winer use only tires showed very fine cracking on the surface of the thread. At first Nokian declined to consider even looking at them (in Germany) however later they realised that it was a problem and some customers were compensated. Too late for me as I disposed of them already at the loss. Same happened with a Z-Line tires. Both models were made in Russia. Never I will even look at Nokian again.
    Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on November 6, 2022
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    Given 64% while driving a Honda Civic 1.8 (205/55 R16) on a combination of roads for 18,000 average miles
    Despite very bad first impressions, the overall evaluation is not that bad. First impression: Within the first week one tyre became punctured. Somehow, somewhere, mysteriously. It was during that craze at the end of 2020 when everyone's tyres were seemingly mysteriously punctured and there were no police reports about it (plot twists: maybe someone caught those perpetrators and beat them up without involving police). The interaction with the manufacturer/seller left a bad impression. They advertise that they can refund the bad tyre, but with a super mighty big asterisk. You must buy the fifth tyre, then send them the bad one, where they will inspect (abroad). If they decide it's their fault, they will refund the shipping and the fifth tyre costs. But if not, then you're done screwed. The bad tyre was fixed, and I have decided not to risk it, and just not buy the fifth crappy tyre for the car with 4 wheels, like an extra leg for a dog. The dry grip is ok. Nothing super exciting. Don't push it though. The wet or not super dry grip - not overjoying. It does the job - it grips. But the stability controls lights will flash occasionally. It is wearing ok. No complaints. Not sure how long it will last. I will not buy a Nokian again though. Bad first start, and horrible customer terms are repelling me from ever wishing to deal with a Nokian again.
    Helpful 4 - tyre reviewed on April 7, 2022
    Given 72% while driving a Volkswagen Golf 7 GTD (225/40 R18) on a combination of roads for 12,000 spirited miles
    Bought the car with these Tyres on the vehicle and was a bit skeptical of them at first sight, driven over 12k miles (A/B Roads) before i had to change them (not sure how long they where on the car before purchase) Drives superbly in wet, can sit on motorway at high speeds and not even a slight tug on the wheel, was also pleasantly surprised by the good quality in the dry, grips around corners as well as any mid range summer tyre. My GTD Golf is remapped to 235bhp & 470nm of Torque. The tyres dont brake traction when fully accelerating in either wet or the dry. Maybe coming around some bends and applying full acceleration theres a bit of wheel spin/traction control but nothing unexpected. Coming to end of life and i have noticed the outside of the tyres are bald while good tred left in middle, maybe just incorrectly balanced or air pressure in them when fitted.
    Helpful 4 - tyre reviewed on February 2, 2022
    Given 91% while driving a Renault Scenic (215/55 R15) on a combination of roads for 42,000 easy going miles

    Mounted on a scenic xmod ( front wheel drive, bit more ground clearance and a snazzier traction control ) I wanted to access the mountains in the snow but not the expense of 4 wheel drive.
    These tyres have been remarkable, I've had them on for just over two years and 42 thousand miles. Current tread depth is 4/5mm. I rotated them in January.
    Dry grip has been fine, wet grip excellent. Comfort and noise also excellent. I do get 2 or 3 mpg less than the summers they replaced though.
    The most impressive aspect though must be their snow and ice performance, I love to get out into the mountains in winter and these tyres have pulled me up steep snow filled roads in the Cairngorms with ease. Most gloatingly past a Range rover sport who was stuck spinning all four of his daft 22s.
    No regrets at all and I will definitely buy again.
    Helpful 15 - tyre reviewed on April 6, 2019
    Given 89% while driving a Hyundai Tucson (225/65 R17) on a combination of roads for 22,000 spirited miles
    Replacing Hankook Ventus Prime 2 that lasted just over a year and 11000 miles
    Fitted two of these Nokian Weatherproof SUV on the front in February 2017 - Garage was surprised at my choice telling me it was a winter tyre for driving in snow. Well that wasn't going to stop me, I'd done my research and was happy with my choice.
    Instantly transformed the ride of our car. Smooth and quiet, and pretty good feedback through the wheel too.
    They've seen me through wet winters, the beast from the east with 6 or so inches of snow and two long summer drives across France.
    I can't fault them in any way, but if I was pushed, I would say it was the signs of wall cracking at around 3.5/4mm.
    They are now at 2.5/3mm and I can still push them hard on wet roads and feel confident they're going to put me where I want to be.
    20 months and 22000 miles of solid secure driving - I'm happy with that.
    Only downside is trying to find them in my size to replace all four. No online retailers seem to do them.
    Helpful 14 - tyre reviewed on November 6, 2018
    Given 41% while driving a Volvo XC60 (235/65 R17 H) on a combination of roads for 1,000 easy going miles
    Had great faith in these tyres although this proved to be unfounded. Fitted to an XC60 terrible wear/short life, wore done within one year I will no longer buy this brand.on the fronts at 12k miles. Rears lasted a little longer although also wore out within the second year at approx 22k. I would not recommend these tyres if you after longevity.
    Helpful 22 - tyre reviewed on July 30, 2018
    Given 88% while driving a BMW X1 2.0 Xdrive (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 5,000 average miles
    I was in a situation where I needed to replace both my winter tyre set and my summer tyre set. I came across these Nokian Weatherproofs and realised I would only have to buy one set, a considerable saving. I am really pleased with the tyres, not much difference from the previous Pirelli runflats in the dry, but better grip in the wet but more comfortable. The beast from the East gave me a chance to evaluate their performance in snowy conditions and I was again pleased with the grip and braking properties, as good as the dedicated winter tyres that I had previously. When in for servicing, the mechanic at the local garage said 'Those are good tyres, all vehicles like yours should have them as standard'. With the weather that we have in the UK, it seems like a no-brainer for everyone to use decent all weather tyres like these Nokians. If they continue to impress, I will fit them again in the future.
    Helpful 14 - tyre reviewed on May 13, 2018
    Given 83% while driving a Subaru Subaru forester 2.0 (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 20,000 average miles
    Just been through the so called ‘beast from the east’ in Devon with our Subaru Forester driving through 6” of fresh powder snow/slush/ice and through 2 to 3 foot snow drifts, country lanes, up hill down dale. Preformed brilliantly with tread thats a couple millimetres from the bar. Never felt them struggling even with hill starts.
    As you would expect with a winter bias all season tyre they do not perform as well as summer tyres in the on dry roads, but are perfectly adequate as long as you expect the forthcoming understeer. Superb in wet weather and inspires confidence with no noticeable aquaplaning.
    Getting rather noisy now as they are at end of life and need to be replaced within the next couple of months. No noticeable road noise whilst had decent depth.
    Excellent tyre, will be buying again, in combination with our Scooby they felt unstoppable in snow!
    Helpful 10 - tyre reviewed on March 6, 2018
    Given 92% while driving a Peugeot Partner combi (185/65 R15) on mostly country roads for 1,000 spirited miles
    Brilliant ! I used to put winter tyres on November to March. This is my first set of Nokian Weatherproof's and they performed Brilliantly uphill downhill 6" of fresh snow / Hard pack snow / ice No problem. The only problem 'The Beast from The East' caused was '4x4's getting in the way !.
    The rolling resistance is low (B) so will have no problem keeping these excellent tyres on all year.
    Common sense would have these tyres as standard on all Vehichles.......and make learning to drive part of getting a licence.......!.
    When you purchase a set of these excellent tyres just be aware that when its icy and you are going downhill and slowing for a junction/obstacle that car behind is likley to rear end you unless they have fitted NOKIAN WEATHERPROOF'S
    Helpful 7 - tyre reviewed on March 6, 2018
    Given 82% while driving a Ford Focus MK3 (215/55 R16 H) on for 3,000 miles
    Bought them out of economical reasons.
    They feel good on the road, not as quiet as I was hoping for.
    First snow and ice this year have showed no problem at all, I have yet too see the Electronic Stability Control light.
    The summer has been good but the tires felt a little too soft with some corner handling small surprises. Very nice handling on the Austrian roads.
    Simply put they are the best All Season Tyre I ever experienced.
    I wish they were a little more quiet and no sogginess on the side wall.
    They also look very good.
    Helpful 2 - tyre reviewed on December 25, 2017
    Given 90% while driving a Subaru Forester (225/45 R17) on mostly country roads for 20,000 average miles
    We are on our third Forester and have always been happy with the all season tyres that came with the car unbtil this latest one. We drive over the North Yorkshire moors which can get snowy at times. The first time we hit snow with Geolander tyres I was horrified with the poor grip. I then discovered they were a different design to the ones Subaru used to fit and were in fact a semi offf road tyre for dirt tracks. They were rubbish in snow. Researched and came up with the Nokian weatherproof. The Forester now behaves itself in snow with good grip and exceptionally so in really wet conditions. I have not noticed grip being poor in summer. They are wearing reasonably well although the front tyres wore more on one side but that is probably tracking. I will be buying replacement weatherproofs soon.
    Helpful 4 - tyre reviewed on December 20, 2017