Linglong Green Max HP010

The Linglong Green Max HP010 is a High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tyre review data from 14 tyre reviews averaging 80% over 152,677 miles driven, and 1 tests with an average result of 16th.

Dry Grip 80%
Wet Grip 76%
Road Feedback 80%
Handling 82%
Wear 82%
Comfort 78%
Buy again 85%

First On MarketSeptember 2011
Wheel Size14 - 17"
Width165 - 255mm
Profile40 - 70
Rolling ResistanceC - D
Wet GripB - D
Noise (dB)66 - 72
Winter RatingNot Winter Rated

The Green Max HP010 is ranked 32nd of 201 Summer High Performance tyres.

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Latest Tyre Test Results

2019 ADAC Summer Tyre Test - 185/65 R15
16th of 16 tyres
  • None mentioned.
  • Relatively weak on dry roads, high wear.
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2019 Tyre Tests

14 inch
175/65R14 82 HCD68
185/60R14 82 HDB70
175/65R14 82 HCB70
15 inch
195/65R15 91 HCB71
195/65R15 91 VCB71
195/55R15 85 VCB71
185/65R15 88 HCB70
16 inch
215/60R16 99 V XLCB72
205/55R16 91 VCC71
205/55R16 94 V XLCC71
215/60R16 99 H XLCC71
215/60R16 99 H XLCB72
215/60R16 95 HCB71
205/60R16 92 VCB71
205/60R16 92 HCB71
205/55R16 91 VCB71
205/55R16 91 HCB71
17 inch
205/50R17 93 V XLCC71
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Top 3 Linglong Green Max HP010 Reviews

Given 61% while driving a Peugeot 206 GTI 180 (205/40 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 16,777 average miles
One year use tire!
Helpful 212 - tyre reviewed on April 16, 2016
Given 84% while driving a Toyota Corolla (195/45 R15) on mostly town for 0 average miles
Good Quality in this Price
Helpful 13 - tyre reviewed on November 7, 2023
Given 70% while driving a Skoda (225/45 R16 V) on mostly motorways for 22,000 average miles
The tires have run 34000km in a year. No problem for this year, but now it is time to change it. Very good performance in dry surface, descent in wet surface. Cost 225euros for 4 of there is fair enough. No problem at fast driving (160km/hr) for 2-3 hours. Over 20min to catch temprature.
Helpful 32 - tyre reviewed on February 22, 2021
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Latest Linglong Green Max HP010 Reviews

Given 99% while driving a Toyota RAV4 (225/65 R17) on a combination of roads for 1,500 average miles
So far these tires have behaved themselves for fifteen hundred miles. They have served me very well. Overall, there is nothing to complain about. I find them to be quieter than other tires. And seemingly more comfortable, too. My dad's CRV has had these same tires for about a year and a half. We recently had those tires rotated after noticing a decent amount of wear. I estimate that his tires will last him for at least three to four years. Highly recommend.
Helpful 19 - tyre reviewed on June 24, 2022
Given 76% while driving a Toyota Corolla Altis (195/65 R15) on a combination of roads for 0 miles
Bought recently. So far so good.
Helpful 27 - tyre reviewed on December 25, 2020
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Given 70% while driving a Mazda 3 2005 (205/55 R16) on mostly town for 25,000 average miles
That is my first time using budget tyres and I can say that I am totally happy. Had them on my 3 after using a set of Bridgestone Turanzas and two sets of Michelin Energy due to their price as I was going to use the car only for town driving.I can say that they are a decent all rounder that can do everything at 7 out of 10 more or less and they price at half the price of the tyres mentioned above. Would buy again totally.
Helpful 34 - tyre reviewed on May 13, 2020
Given 82% while driving a Mazda mx 5 (205/45 R17 W) on a combination of roads for 5,000 spirited miles
These tyres came with the car, a MX5 mklll 2.0 litre. To date I have driven some 5000 miles in typical spirited manner and the tyres give excellent grip in the dry and good grip in the wet, the latter in keeping with the cars known wet problems. Quiet, comfort ,well as best as they can be in this type of car, and cheap ,yes I will replace the set so I know their history. I can fully recommend these tyres.
Helpful 36 - tyre reviewed on July 22, 2018
Given 96% while driving a Land Rover Range Rover P38 (255/65 R16 H) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
Excellent tyre on my 1996 2.5 DSE Range Rover, will buy again definately.
Helpful 34 - tyre reviewed on October 11, 2017
Toyota (225/45 R17) on a combination of roads for 4,000 average miles
Too soon to report on wear but everything else is comparable to the OE Dunlops they replaced, wet and dry.
Helpful 27 - tyre reviewed on May 28, 2017
Given 79% while driving a Mitsubishi Spacestar (195/55 R15 V) on mostly motorways for 35,400 average miles
I had this tyres until they did 57000km in front axis ,and i think that it was good tyres for the price. They perform well in dry roads and wet roads with Masterclass safely.
Helpful 43 - tyre reviewed on July 21, 2016
Given 86% while driving a BMW 520i (205/65 R15 H) on mostly motorways for 30,000 average miles
Great budget tyres. Very good grip bot dry, wet and mud. Cant comment on snow but these are summer tyres.. Excellent for the price, these give good economy also. Highly reccomended.
Helpful 25 - tyre reviewed on March 28, 2016
Given 82% while driving a Toyota corolla (195/60 R15 V) on track for 0 easy going miles
Great ... very comfortable and dry grip tire up to the first mark. In wet fulfill their function whenever we go to normal and no extreme speeds. It is a very comfortable and little noisy tire and above all very economical for its quality. Definitely would return to them.
Helpful 21 - tyre reviewed on February 26, 2015
Given 77% while driving a Saab Automobile 9000 Turbo (195/65 R15 H) on a combination of roads for 3,000 average miles
Drove these tyres last summer. I got these symmetric Greenmax HP010 tyres due to an confusing website from which i thought i was ordering asymmetric Greenmax UHP -tyres. These two are completely different style of tyres, and not to be confused together. This HP010 is comfortable touring style tyre, as opposed to UHP which is supposed to be the sporty one. HP010 is not a "High Performance tyre" as it is described in "Tyre reviews" description of the tyre.

Anyways, this fact doesn't make this tire a bad one, not at all. It is a very comfortable and quiet, plain and symmetric passenger car tyre. Although it is not a crisp handling sporty tyre, it's straight line keeping ability is good and steering response is sufficient to daily drive and occasional country road trips for fun. Steering response is rather soft, but still logical and stiffening towards ends without surprising behaviour.

As to grip in wet roads, even relatively cold ones (Finland), i could not get these tyres to slip on wet asphalt, even as i was deliberately punishing the car and the tyres in winding country roads. Of course they will slip, but at that point the speed is mindless anyway. Chinese are catching up in this area, obviously.

These tyres could perhaps be best described as "Old Man Style" -tyres, without negative connoitations. They are comfortable (civilized even on rotten roads full of potholes around here), quiet and dirt cheap, and seem to be lasting rather well by their tread. Also due to being a symmetric tyre, this ensures easy seasonal cross-rotations.

Helpful 33 - tyre reviewed on January 7, 2014
Given 83% while driving a Ford c max (205/55 R16 V) on mostly town for 0 average miles
Having read all previous reviews about Linglong AFTER I had bought them yesterday which I realise was not particularly clever I was about to take the car back to the garage and change them. It was raining outside so I took my car for a severe test in the rain. I could NOT make it skid in the wet. I seriously braked on all the wet roads and the tyres were great. I also did not notice any poor handlin at speed round corners or skidding when pulling away. These tyres seem great. But I have only had them 1 day !!!
Helpful 27 - tyre reviewed on January 4, 2014